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    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a system used to enhance the communications and interactions of businesses with current and future potential customers. To put it simply, CRM automates various tasks and important business functions like sales, customer service, marketing, technical support, and others to improve the quality of services offered, reduce the cost of these functions and increase business profitability.

    What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a powerful and comprehensive CRM suite development and managed by Microsoft. The CRM offers businesses the opportunity to improve their relations with customers, automate various functions for enhanced efficiency and increased profitability.

    What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionalities?

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM comes with various features and functionalities, covering all areas of business functions including; sales, marketing, customer support, finance, technical support, and others. The CRM functionalities come in different packages which can easily be integrated with the existing systems and processes of businesses to increase sales and create more effective marketing tactics. It offers businesses with crucial social insights and business intelligence with interactive reporting to enable executives to make well-informed business decisions. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM also completely support mobiles and tablets, for even better productivity and business efficiency.

    What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM used for?

    In today’s technology-driven world, data is the most precious asset for businesses, who are increasingly integrating into the latest technology that can help them squeeze valuable insights from their data.

    That’s why when we talk about what is Microsoft dynamics CRM used for, then it’s all about analyzing the data and unveiling key trends from the data to help businesses make well-informed decisions. The powerful Microsoft Dynamics CRM is used by millions of small, SMBs, and large businesses to streamline their marketing, sales, and customer servicing functionalities.

    Apart from its latest features and functionalities, Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers easy integration with existing business systems and processes, which is one reason why many businesses are attracted to the system. The state-of-the-art business intelligence feature offered by the Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps businesses to improve their overall decision-making functionalities, whereas, it also easily integrates with other range of business management products like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERO), and marketing apps, making it the top choice for businesses looking to optimized business processes across the board with a single digital platform.

    What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM used for startups?

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM is ideally suited for startups and small businesses looking to optimize their business functions at affordable prices. It’s a dynamic, affordable, and high-utility platform that’s scalable to meet the growing needs of startups. Some of the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for startups include:

    1. Higher Customer Retention

    The Dynamics CRM from Microsoft comes with various features and functionalities that not only help startups to acquire new customers but also improve customer retention; a key aspect for sustainability and growth of startups. Customer retention is a crucial part of startup growth because retaining existing clients is much less costly as compared to acquiring new customers, also retaining customers give startups a stable foundation to build their businesses.

    1. Improve Sales Efficiency 

    Startups are almost always cash stripped and they have to depend upon a lean team of talented and passionate professionals to acquire new leads and procure sales. The state-of-the-art features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM enable lean teams to reach out to more leads by automating various tasks and delivering key insights into the data. Also, features like social selling, opportunity management, and others greatly improve the sales efficiency of the team, which directly translates into more revenue for the startups.

    1. Integrated Software Solutions

    The success of any startup depends on its ability to create seamless functions that operate smoothly. For this reason, they can’t take chances by integrated different proprietary systems into their business processes. Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers startups an ideal opportunity to integrate almost every part of their business through one platform. The CRM naturally integrated with various other business systems like Office 365, SharePoint, Outlook, and various other important solutions from the company; thus creating a synchronize and smooth integration of all important business functions.

    What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM used for small-medium enterprises?

    Apart from enabling smooth growth and sustainability for startups, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM also offers various features and support for small-medium enterprises. Some of the features that make Dynamics CRM the best solution for small-medium enterprises include:

    Pay for what you need

    Just like startups, small-medium businesses often find themselves cash strapped, looking for the most affordable solutions for business sustainability and growth. The Microsoft CRM offers small-medium enterprises with an ideal opportunity to choose only systems which they really need. For instance, they can opt for only sales automation solutions to increase their sales and profitability. Principally, all components included in Dynamics CRM are available as standalone as well, which enables small-medium enterprises to scale as they grow in a more cost-efficient manner.

    Adapt to your needs

    The range of functionalities and features offered by Dynamics CRM covers almost all aspects of business functions. However, even in the case, there is a unique business demand may need customization of functionalities to adapt to the needs. This is where Microsoft’s powerful AppSource (Apps marketplace) comes into effect with hundreds of customized solutions like ProMX for project management and others to help businesses adapt to their needs and ensure smooth operations all along.

    What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM used for enterprise and conglomerate?

    Some of the benefits of Dynamics CRM for enterprise and conglomerate includes:

    Integration capabilities

    The Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrates naturally with the entire business ecosystem products from Microsoft like Azure, SharePoint, and others, making it easier for enterprises and conglomerates to design seamless and smooth operations across the business functions.


    Large businesses often have to deal with a massive volume of data and its security. Microsoft data centers offer a backed 99.9% SLA with monthly measurements is surely the best way for enterprises and conglomerates to safely store their data without having to invest in its security, as per the compliance requirement.

    Folio3 is your best Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner

    Folio3 is a leading Microsoft Dynamics Partner offer clients with top-of-the-line technology solutions and services across the world. Over the years, Folio3 Dynamics CRM solutions have successfully delivered hundreds of technology solutions to businesses across all sectors, helping them in designing smooth and synchronize technology integration solutions. We employ the latest technologies and methodologies to drive the digital transformation for our clients with uncompromised quality. Check out our amazon, channel advisor integration connectors.

    What is Microsoft dynamics BI is used for?

    The Microsoft BI is a suite of powerful business analytics tools that enable businesses to analyze, process, and share insights from the data. The BI tool delivers businesses key insights from the data to help them make well-informed business decisions.

    Does Microsoft have a CRM Integration on the cloud?

    Yes, Microsoft CRM integration can be done either on-premises or on cloud.

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