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Troubled Implementation

We Can Help You Make the Most Out of Your Dynamics AX Implementation

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Microsoft Dynamics AX is a very powerful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that can bring huge benefits to an organization implementing it. However, all too often the implementation process is fraught with difficulties with potentially disastrous and costly consequences. In all cases, the lack of awareness, skills and expertise coupled with poor project management is the root cause.

A PwC study conducted a few years ago focused on the challenges of implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX presented the following findings:

  • Over 85% of Dynamics AX implementation projects failed to achieve their core objectives
  • 30% had significant issues leading to unforeseen impact on the P&L
  • Over 70% of implementations were over customized resulting in high cost of ownership and upgrade complexities with future product releases
  • Over 40% had inadequate business process documentation
  • 100% had no formal mechanism for on-going monitoring of system utilization and process controls
  • Over 60% had training from an AX perspective rather than from a business process perspective
  • 75% had reporting issues due to poor data migration or not enough reporting focus early on in the project

It is safe to conclude that all of the above contribute to poor optimization of investment in a robust technology. A common theme that has emerged in our experience confirms that the technology is seldom an issue and the problems can always be associated with mismanagement and a lack of planning.

If you are too struggling with a troubled Dynamics AX implementation you have come to the right place, here’s a few ways that Folio3 Dynamics can help you turn it around: