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AX Loyalty Management

Dynamics AX Loyalty Management

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Loyalty Management System

Become Customer Centric with
Folio3’s Dynamics AX Loyalty
Management System

Dynamics AX Loyalty Management system offered by Folio3 connects you to your customers on a deeper level, helping you strengthen your relationship with them. Based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, our Loyalty Management solution is tailored to suit all your business needs, giving you the ability to become customer centric by focusing on people who matter the most to your business.

Supported by AX 2012 R3, the Dynamics AX Loyalty Management solution by Folio3 gives your business the flexibility to configure loyalty tiers, complex earnings and redemption rules successfully, minus the hassle. No matter which industry you are from or what kind of company you run, the Microsoft Dynamics Loyalty Management platform supports a number of businesses. From retail to finance, sports, warehouse management, production, sales & marketing, banking and entertainment, the Dynamic AX 2012 R3 platform is giving businesses the ability to build stronger relations with their customer base by providing them with value added services and creating a marketing strategy with a deeper focus on brand advocacy.

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Dynamics AX 2012 R3

Dynamics AX 2012 R3 – Change the way you run your

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 is an integrated business solution that will give your company the confidence boost it needs. Setting up a Dynamics AX Loyalty Management program to identify various loyalty opportunities that your business offers to allow customer participation and offer basic rewards. To offer a loyalty program to your customers and to apply points to loyalty transactions in AX 2012 R3, your loyalty feature will require the following components:

  • Discounts that you want to offer to customers
  • Group prices and discounts to apply them to products
  • Channels to identify participation of store outlets
  • Loyalty cards to redeem loyalty reward points
  • Date intervals to apply to loyalty tiers
  • Reward points that you want to offer to customers
  • Loyalty schemes that include earning and redemption rules

Loyalty programs are at the heart of Dynamics AX 2012 R3 loyalty feature which can be used to connect various components like loyalty tiers, price groups, loyalty schemes, loyalty cards and retail channels, to set up a loyalty program for your company. You can also set up more complex loyalty programs with multiple levels that applies across your legal entities in any channel to reward your customers based on different loyalty schemes.

Real Time Fulfillment

Real Time Fulfillment

Set up Loyalty Management on Dynamics AX 2012 R3 to provide more business value with industry specific solutions. The Microsoft Dynamics Loyalty Management solution by Folio3 provides marketers with the much needed functionality to manage data by turning it into logical analytics and helping them develop broader loyalty programs that will make their customers feel more connected to their services. Companies using Dynamics AX Loyalty Management solutions have reported a more enthusiastic and dedicated customer base.

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Now you can easily set up your brand’s loyalty scheme with Folio3’s Dynamics AX Loyalty Management App to efficiently connect and reward your customers. It’s easy to set up, all you have to do is get a customized Dynamics AX Loyalty Management App enabled through Folio3, ask your customers to download the app and start enjoying the perks of your loyalty rewards right away.

Harness the power of Folio3’s Microsoft Dynamics Loyalty Management system to create your own Business Loyalty Program with a Dynamics AX app that’s built for increased productivity, enhanced customer engagement and improved business loyalty.

Loyalty Management App

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