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Channel Advisor

Channeladvisor Integration with

Microsoft Dynamics ERP by

Folio3’s Channeladvisor Dynamics Connector lets you automate your ecommerce functions and accounting systems.

How can Folio3’s Channeladvisor Connector Help you?

Folio3 can facilitate you in linking your existing Microsoft Dynamics ERP & CRM systems with your ChannelAdvisor platform. This means that all your eCommerce stores can be integrated with your back-office system, which lets you automate orders, shipping, inventory, and much more. Eliminate the mundane manual data entry tasks from your back-office accounting system today… our connector makes it ultra-simple!

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CHANNELADVISOR INTEGRATION WITH DYNAMICS ERP & CRM by Folio3 provides a powerful Microsoft Dynamics ChannelAdvisor integration solution that works with all Microsoft ERPs, CRMs, and Apps by Folio3 ChannelAdvisor Connector Features

Our Microsoft Dynamics ChannelAdvisor Connector by is made up of the following best-in-class features.


Automated data synchronization to and from your ChannelAdvisor platform and your connected accounting system or ERP


We offer technical support across multiple platforms such as eCommerce marketplaces, EDIs, CRMs, and multiple stores


A state-of-the-art cloud-managed solution with connectivity, compliance, and data translation all managed in the cloud

Manual Entry

Synchronized business rules that eliminate the need for data mapping and minimize the cost of ownership


Push and pull catalog and product data, such as price and quantity, between ChannelAdvisor and your ERP


Pull performance data from multiple marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc., and push it into Microsoft Dynamics

Benefits of using our ChannelAdvisor integration solution by

Our Dynamics ChannelAdvisor connector by benefits your organization in numerous ways

  • Avoid inevitable costly errors by doing away with manual data entry tasks
  • Improve customer service efficiency by maximizing the speed of data exchange
  • Reduce time taken in deployment by utilizing our turnkey integration solution
  • Upgrade your existing ERP and/or add connections to your eCommerce Marketplaces, CRM, and EDI with ease
  • Focus more on your business with the resulting spare time and resources
  • Improved management of shipping, inventory, and orders
  • Elimination of monotonous data entry and its associated errors
  • Enhanced strategic decision-making through improved visibility of critical data
  • Streamlined business management and processes



Everything you need to know so you can use our services like a pro

Does Folio3 have experienced ChannelAdvisor developers?

As a certified Microsoft Partner, Folio3 has a highly skilled and experienced team of developers who work on ChannelAdvisor development projects. We have dedicated developers for the ChannelAdvisor platform, just like other platforms, who have been trained by the best and are experts in their field. We also have a team of Quality Assurance and Testing resources to back them up and make sure you end up with a perfect bug-free solution.

Folio3 has over fifteen years of development experience with companies of all sizes and across all industries. If you entrust your project to us, you can rest assured that you will receive a flawless solution and a lifelong relationship based on trust and shared success.

How much does the ChannelAdvisor connector for Dynamics Cost?

Our experience and our commitment to providing the most value for our customers at an affordable rate is something starkly reflected in our price. Channel Advisor is a platform as a service where you can manage multiple marketplaces or platforms simultaneously. Folio3 provides direct connectivity - integration of Channel Advisor with your Standard ERP(MS Dynamics AX, D365 F&O or D365 BC). Therefore, number of stores in Channel Advisor would be 1 aspect, number of items to-be synced would be another aspect (for e.g, inventories, sales orders, invoices etc.). Connection with Multiple ERP environments or legal entities would be another aspect. We also consider EDI Integrations while creating a quote.

Customizations required (in the case of not available with standard connector) is also a factor to consider while quoting the price of the connector. Hence, the price of the connector can not be specified. We, however, do not charge on the number of transactions.

Please do contact us to learn more about our pricing or to book a free demo.

How does the Channeladvisor Dynamics connector work?

The Dynamics ChannelAdvisor connector is a pre-built turn-key integration solution, which facilitates continuous seamless transmission of data to and from your existing ERP and CRM systems, and your ChannelAdvisor platform.

It works by synchronizing all your eCommerce stores with your back-office accounting and management system. This enables you to save time and automate tasks such as order management, shipping tracking, inventory management, and a lot more.

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