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Warehouse Management App

Dynamics AX & Dynamics 365 Warehouse Management App

Warehouse Inventory Management Simplified

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Optimizing Your Business
Processes with AX and Dynamics 365 Warehouse
Management Solution

The AX and Dynamics 365 Warehouse Management Mobile solution enables manufacturing, retail and distribution companies to effectively manage their warehouse processes. The AX and Dynamics 365 Warehouse Management solutions offer an extensive variety of features, covering all aspects of a warehouse facility. Warehouse Management smoothly integrates with other business processes such as transportation, manufacturing and returns.

The Need for a Mobile Warehouse Management
Solution to Boost Productivity

In comparison to that, earlier version of the Warehouse App supported mobile devices through the Warehouse Mobile Device Portal (WMDP). This had to be installed on an on-premise warehouse server. Warehouse errands were then performed utilizing a handheld gadget that needed access to the locally hosted website. Moreover, this locally hosted website required an internet browser that was supportive of HTML 4 protocol (Hyper Text Markup Language) which is now outdated, and the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) to display contents on your gadget screen. Since the look and feel of the Warehouse App were static, the mobile resolution had to be satisfactory.


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Warehouse Management App Services
Simplified Setup

Simplified Setup

With the Warehouse Management App, there is no acquisition cost or the need to acquire additional infrastructure, plus setting up is simple.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

It allows for deeper integration with mobile devices, which means the features of the device such as storage and the camera can easily be used.

Real-Time Insights

Real-Time Insights

Warehouse Management App enables access to detailed historical data as well as real-time insights, allowing you to effectively monitor your KPIs.

Enhances Productivity

Enhances Productivity

The tailored interface allows for speedy warehouse scanning, equipped with features to boost productivity such as: a custom built on-screen numeric keypad, a simple calculator and adjustable font size & width of input fields.

Enhanced Visibility and Tracking

Enhanced Visibility and Tracking

Complete visibility and tracking of inventory and material.

Streamlines Task Management

Streamlines Task Management

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX brings consistency and eliminates task repetition: where Warehouse Management App interactions and updates automatically reflect in your Dynamics AX.

Warehouse Management
App Benifits

In simple terms your business will benefit
from the following:

  • Enhanced inventory management pages
  • Improved quality management
  • Trace items and raw materials in production, inventory and sales
  • Complete configurations or Item #’s and using Barcodes
  • Complete Lot tracking for items and their Barcode formatting
  • Barcode reference for direct scanning for setting up Purchase orders and Sales orders with
  • Set up reference on picking documents for Items and Lots
  • Efficiently handle inbounding of products that are not stocked
  • Identify conflicts and errors in transactions
  • Report framework for setting up inventory value reports
  • Add unique product dimensions
  • Introduce moving average inventory valuation method
  • Enable batch merging
  • Easy costing and inventory valuation
  • Make comparisons of item value and prices
  • Improved Bills of materials journal posting
  • Draw Inventory aging reports

Warehouse Management
App Features

Revolutionise the Way you do Business with AX 2009, 2012 and Dynamics 365 Warehouse Management App

Warehouse Management App Features

Location Layouts

Location layout maps in Dynamics AX can be defined and supported in the following ways:
Creation of bulk storage areas or zones in main warehouses and transfer between warehouses as needed or locations like BULK_RCVG (Receiving dock) to another area such as “SHIP_001” (Shipping dock).
A template may then be used to record and import the master locations by warehouse to update directly in Dynamics AX using Excel Import utility.

Inventory Counting

Configuration of Inventory counting and UI developed to support these functions. Simple counting would include:
1. Directed – by LOT, Item, or License plate
2. Location look up – what’s in a location
3. Item Look up – where are all the items in warehouse I am signed into
4. Transfer/ Movement


Defined receiving process, from a Purchase Order to a receipt generated at receiving doc to include:
1. Scan PO# to start
2. Scan the Item # Barcode
3. Scan the LOT# Barcode
4. Enter quantity to receive
5. Put away or Inspect
6. Receive and Put away or exception


System directed actions such as starting of a pick for a Sales Order and using the scanner to record the License Plate, Item and LOT Barcodes. Registration of the pick, Item, Lot#, License plate and Location along with quantity picked will all be supported. Support for the following shipping activities.

Materials Picking/
Registration & Travelers

Improved Bills of materials journal posting that includes material picking & registration, collected and staged for a production run consuming these items or services.

Movement & Transfers

Inventory movement is a simple transaction consisting of a movement of an item or License Plate from one location to another in the same warehouse. A Transfer is a movement between two separate warehouses of an item or License Plate.

Partnering with Folio3

Partnering with Folio3 for Powerful AX and Dynamics 365 Warehouse Management Solutions

Folio3 has successfully delivered an extensive variety of Dynamics AX 2009, 2012 and Dynamics 365 solutions, covering a wide range of industries across the globe. Our team of experts can effectively identify your warehouse management needs and engineer precision into your workflow with Microsoft Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 Warehouse Management solutions. A connected business network is a growing need for companies around the world - call us today and improve your chances of survival in this fast paced global market.

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