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FastTrack HR Payroll

Dynamics 365 FastTrack Payroll & HR

Accelerated & Simplified HR & Payroll Solution for Dynamics 365 ERP

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solution for Payroll & HR

Microsoft Dynamics 365 FastTrack solution for Payroll & HR has been designed to enable organizations deliver business value faster and expand their capabilities. It helps create a high performance culture by empowering your HR team to customize its hiring process with collaborative recruiting, improve employee onboarding, accelerate impactful priorities, establish key connections, align performance assessments, fast track development and drive operational excellence. The human resource and payroll capabilities in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR module enables companies to manage the full ‘hire to retire’ cycle for each resource effectively. As an intuitive and user-friendly solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Payroll simplifies payroll processing and reconciliations with core human resource operations and talent management features.

Dynamics 365 HR & Payroll Implementation Timeline

TasksEstimated Time
Create employees and roles-TBD – # of employees
Create payroll set ups40-80 hours
Create commission models40-80 hours
Create skills and assign to employees40-80 hours
Create benefits plans40-80 hours +
Create Performance Review models40-80 hours
Create Jobs /Positions40-80 hours
Set Up time and attendance – Salary/ Hourly80+ hours
Set up Tax Tables and models – per country80-120+

Why FastTrack for Payroll / HR

The FastTrack Payroll & HR solution is a pre configuration of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations ERP Platform which is intended as an accelerator for businesses looking to deploy HR and payroll services to their company and employees. It gives your human resource team the core administrative capabilities by enabling them to effectively streamline the recruitment and payroll processes with strategic tools.

Dynamics 365 FastTrack for Payroll & HR offers:

  • Rapid implementation
  • Initiation services
  • Pre-configuration
  • End-to-end solution
  • Data migration services
  • Performance optimization
  • Extremely cost effective
  • Application lifecycle management (ALM) services
  • Regional Policies support (EMEA, AP)

What Dynamics 365 FastTrack Payroll / HR offers

Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR module bundles human resource and payroll capabilities in a single cost-effective solution which empowers HR and payroll administrators to save cost and time. The Microsoft Dynamics HR module is flexible enough to cater to regional requirements and powerful enough to comply with full company regulations, specifically in terms of a complete workforce. The Dynamics 365 FastTrack solution offered by Folio3 supports the following processes:

  • Employee recruitment, approvals, performance & appraisals
  • Employee hiring to termination processes and reporting
  • Employee compensation models, promotions and increases
  • Employee skills & certification tracking and reporting
  • Employee portal for documents, contact and skills
  • Employee time & attendance tracking and approvals
  • W2, W4, 1099 Maintenance
  • Timesheet entry and approvals for non-clock in employees
  • Process payroll by batch, legal entity, department and employee
  • Report for tax
FastTrack Payroll / HR offers

Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR & Payroll Features

Dynamics 365 is an advance offering by Folio3 which is based on the adaptable Dynamics 365 for Payroll/HR. What we are offering is a FastTrack Payroll & HR solution which provides a very cost effective way for an organization to utilize the Payroll and HR capabilities of Dynamics 365 to its full potential in a matter of just 3-4 weeks. By effectively using the Dynamics 365 HR module capabilities through our FastTrack solution, companies can become capable of managing human resource and payroll issues across the organization. The FastTrack Dynamics 365 Payroll/ HR solution will support your organization’s core day to day business operations in the following configurations and modules:


  • Manage compensation plans and increases
  • Create and Manage Commission templates and apply to employees or teams
  • Manage employee benefits plans and features and assign to opt in employees
  • Manage deductions, benefits, garnishments, additional paytoo’s


  • Create & Manage Tax Authorities
  • Create and Manage Tax Tables by Authority
  • Create Tax Reports for Submission

Human Resources

  • Create New Employees
  • Create and Assign Roles
  • Create and Manage Skills & Certificates & Assign to Employees
  • Create Performance Plans for Employees
  • Create and Manage Employee Benefit Plans
  • Employee Portal
  • Manage Payroll Entry & Payment
  • Core Reports & Charts/ Graphs

Optimize your Business Processes with FastTrack Payroll / HR Solution

The FastTrack solution by Folio3 will prepare your organization for driving success. Our Dynamics 365 HR and Dynamics 365 Payroll solutions will enable your HR team to effectively manage and align your organization’s workforce to achieve their business goals. We ensure that the FastTrack Payroll and HR solution offers your organization integrated, real time data for all your payroll, training and recruitment campaigns. Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR & Payroll will offer your organization core administration, payroll and human resource management capabilities which includes:

  • Employee time & attendance tracking and approvals
  • Requisition creation for new hiring & management of approval workflow
  • Complete hire to terminate processes including documentation, management and reporting
  • Performance management with templates for teams or individuals and actions
  • Employee skill development, performance, goal and review management
  • Documentation of employee feedback (positive or negative), required actions and notes
  • Management of compensation plans and increases and commission templates
  • Manage employee benefits plans and features and assign to opt in employees
  • Manage deductions, benefits, garnishments, additional paytoo’s
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Some of our Dynamics 365 Implementation Customers

What HR metrics does Microsoft use?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR offers a ready-to-use, scalable and secure solution with important human resources capabilities. It automates and lets you manage a good amount of administrative activities for your people whether they are contractors or permanent employees.It has the ability to show jobs that match your worker’s interests and skills by mapping and defining education, competencies, abilities, and development. Employees can enjoy better work opportunities to fulfill their goals.

Personnel Management

An easy and quick search of employees in the organization.Verification of existing and formers employees’ employment.The hiring of new workers and initiating the onboarding process.Employee promotion.Dealing with all the processes of employee separation and termination and initiating the off-boarding process.Filling open positions and reassigning employees to new positions.Monitor reporting relationships of any employee based on his position.Working with employees on leave.Approval of requests submitted through the workflow.Obtain insights into your workers’ metrics through an analytics dashboard.

Employee and Manager Self-Service

Employee self-service:
Input personal information such as emergency contacts, address, image, phone numbers.Registration of new training programs and updates of upcoming training classes.Alerts of certificate expiration.Tracking and updating of performance goals.View of benefits that are currently enrolled.Sending praises to co-workers.Scheduling of reviews of any of the upcoming reviews.

Manager self-service:

  • 1. Shows you information relating to your skip level reports or direct reports.
  • 2. Lets you take actions such as:
  • a) Requesting a new employee
  • b) Requesting a new position.
  • c) Requesting a worker reassignment.
  • d) Requesting a termination.
  • e) Requesting change in positions or its details.
  • 3. Perform a team skill assessments
  • 4. Understand where skill gaps may exist on your team
Compensation Management
Employee Benefits
Competencies and Development
Employee Performance
Health and Safety
Organization Management
Course Management
Onboarding and Business Processes

What is d365 talent and its different from Microsoft hr dynamics?

Starting from February 1, 2020, Microsoft’s core HR capabilities have been renamed as ‘Dynamics 365 Human Resources’. The name is a reflection of Microsoft's commitment to helping professionals of HR in creating programs that are data-driven in order to improve the experiences of employees.In October, it was announced that investments have been made in better HR solutions from Elevare HR and FourVision to improve the operations of HR. Innovation within absence and leave, attendnece and time, and benefits administrations have been made.Dynamics 365 Human Resources promises to help business improve their relationship with their employees and connect with them in a etter way by proving improved HR solutions such as performance feedback, payroll integrations, compliance, absence and leave, training and certification etc.Providing LinkedIn solutions to hire, attract, and develop talent and to optimize HR programs and enabling insights of workforce with Dynamic 365 Human Resources, Microsoft continues to help businesses boost their growth processes and improve HR practices.

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