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Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Partner

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Folio3 Dynamics 365 supply chain management partner

To keep up with the problem of ever evolving digital age of Supply Chain Management and providing the clients, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management integrated Supply Chain Management campaigns proves to be a key solution. As the gold Microsoft D365 SCM partner, we offer our clients with a robust ERP and accounting solution for businesses with excellent functionality, reporting capabilities whether they are in the cloud or on-premises.


Integrate D365 Supply Chain Management in your business to streamline your processes


Customize Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management according to your business needs to efficiently manage your business.

App Development

Folio3 custom Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management apps can help you keep track of your business.

Support & Maintenance

Remain hassle-free and let us handle the expected and unexpected software issues that your business might face.


Implement Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and take your business forward.


Our expert's consultancy can help you make informed decision regarding Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.


Our Microsoft certified experts help you in migrating to Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management swiftly.

Why Choose Folio3 as the Dynamics 365
Supply Chain Management Partner

Assess and Develop Strategy

Assess and Develop Strategy

Our experts at Folio3 first assess the
business problems and then develop
a robust strategy accordingly.

End to End Migration

End to End

Folio3 uses industrialized framework
for migration making migration from
previous CRM to D365 SCM more efficient.

Defined Delivery Process

Team of Experts

Folio3 proud itself over having a
team of 200+ Microsoft certified
to assist their clients.

Capabilities of a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply
Chain Management Partner

• Product Quality Enhancement

With our centralized approach, you can reduce the time it takes to develop and launch your products by organizing product definition in a way that limits delays.

• Optimizing the Production

Simplify your inventory management with D365 Supply Chain. Gain complete visibility of your inventory across multiple locations in real-time and streamline your production and reduce cost

• Boost your Inventory

With the ability to monitor your inventory at any location, you will be able to reduce costs and streamline production and gain complete visibility of your inventory.

• Automate Warehousing

With the in-built warehouse management in D365 Supply Chain Management, your business can run continuously. Improve workforce efficiency and support all core inventory functions with our mobile app for manufacturers!

• Asset Uptime Maximization

Asset Management is a powerful add-in in the Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management that can be used to reduce the burden of maintenance on your company. It's ability to optimize these assets will help you maximize their life, while also increasing profitability!

• Manufacturing Smartly

Use IoT sensors to automate the data collection and transform your manufacturing floor with digital insights. Harnessing this new technology will provide you more information than ever before, maximizing efficiency in every aspect of production.

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Benefits of using Folio3 as the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Partner

Works as a System Integrator

Folio3 serves as a system integrator for the client and manages the project for Microsoft Dynamics Implementation.

Project Updates & Management

As the partner, Folio3 will take responsibility for all the scheduling, developing, testing, executing and delivering of the project.

Training & Optimizing

Folio3 will help in optimizing business processes and making use of the reporting tools by providing functional tools and will also help you in using the features included in the subscription.

Managing responsibilities

Folio3 will be responsible for a successful Go Live and will also be responsible for identifying potential issues even before they will occur, and downtime will be prevented.

End to End Support

Folio3 as the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Partner will provide an end to end solution for the client by identifying, buying, building, implementing, and providing servicing and support for the solution.

Industries we have Served

Trusted Microsoft Dynamics Partner

Gold Microsoft Dynamics partner with solid foundations and experienced professionals.




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Make informed decisions by choosing
Folio3, the Gold Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Partner.

Microsoft Folio3 Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Partner FAQs

What is Microsoft D365 supply chain management?

The Microsoft Dynamic 365 Supply Chain Management, otherwise known as the Microsoft D365 SCM, is a supply chain solution developed to evolve the trade, manufacturing as well as supply chain processes. The solution allows users to make their business resilient to stocks by improving on distribution, production ad logistics processes.

This solution is primarily focused on increasing the operational efficiency of your business, and ultimately, the end service or product. Moreover, you will experience reduced asset downtime as well as end-to-end visibility.

What is a Microsoft Dynamics partner?

A Microsoft partner takes on a central role when it comes to enabling businesses by helping them transform their current processes and systems and move towards the Dynamic Platform.

Collaborating with an experienced Microsoft dynamics partner means you can expect your partner to identify, design, develop, execute and support dynamic solutions that meet the unique needs and requirements of the business.

What are the goals of supply chain management of dynamics 365 for finance andoperations?

The main goal of supply chain management for planning is to balance supply and demand in order to ensure that potential sales revenue opportunities are explored in a timely manner. Many describe supply chain planning as a forward-looking process of coordinating assets to optimize the finance and operations department of the company.

What are the modules included in Dynamics 365 supply chain management?

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management consists of quite a few modules. Each module is approximately 5 minutes long.

  • Introduction
  • Benefits of SCM
  • Overview of Supply Chain Management
  • Cost Accounting
  • Cost Management
  • Inventory Management and Warehouse Management
  • Master Planning
  • Procurement and Sourcing
  • Vendor Collaboration
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Customer Portal
  • Product Information Management
  • Production Control
  • Intercompany Trade
  • Warehouse Management
  • Transportation Management
  • Lab– Explore Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management
  • Check Your Knowledge
  • Summary

What is the role of a supply chain partner in Dynamics 365?

A supply chain partner in Dynamics 365 plays a crucial role in optimizing the flow of goods and services. They assist in managing inventory, streamlining operations, and enhancing communication across the supply chain. This integration ensures efficient coordination from production to delivery, helping businesses respond swiftly to market demands and maintain customer satisfaction.

What are the different types of supply partners in Dynamics 365?

In Dynamics 365, several types of supply partners exist, including manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and logistics providers. Each type plays a specific role, from producing goods to managing wholesale operations, distributing products, and overseeing transportation and logistics. These partnerships are essential for a seamless supply chain operation, ensuring efficient production, distribution, and delivery of products.

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