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Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail

Microsoft Dynamics AX For Retail

Dynamics AX For Retail

Dynamics AX for Retail POS and Campaign Management

Microsoft Dynamics AX for retail Point of Sale (POS) industry is a comprehensive solution that enables you to optimize product promotion using flexible configuration tools, streamline production processes by providing access to integrated information, and connect POS and back office systems. With Dynamics AX for retail services by Folio3 real-time accessibility to critical information, you can control inventory levels, make more informed decisions, and rapidly spot evolving customer trends.


Point of Sales (POS)

Point of Sales (POS)

Control cash registers up from one location to track purchases, prepayments, cash payments and receipts
Integrate Microsoft Dynamics AX for retail and third-party POS solutions, and connect master data and product pricing details

Shop management

Shop management

Link all revenue details on the transaction level from POS to the individual salesman
Manage store closure and cash counting approval procedures

Critical details reporting

Critical details reporting

Access data from across your retail operation
Improved visibility into your business and profit margins
Get vital business intelligence, such as store, revenue, and sales source performance reports

Price Control

Price Control

Set up and control flexible prices and reductions
Assign a range of discounts and sales prices to any product, product category, store or retail chain
Manage price by Microsoft Dynamics AX for retail store group and store
Print labels and tags using customized store layouts

Campaign Management

Campaign Management

Optimize stock levels at stores and distribution facilities
Use flexible pricing structures, percentage, and developments
Manage campaigns and marketing expenseswith integrated supply chain services

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