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Dynamics NAV Magento Connector

Dynamics NAV Magento Integration by

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Magento connector enables customer information, sales orders, inventory levels, payments and shipment integration between the systems. Ease and flexibility to manage multi-channel operations in a single place helps streamline business processes and lead to greater customer satisfaction. By utilizing Magento Dynamics NAV, companies can reduce their operational costs and improve profitability.

Single data entry with our Magento Navision Connector
Changes the Way you do Business

Folio3 is a proven technology partner, with a large international base of customers. Our Magento Dynamics NAV integration enables you to expand your business by making your Microsoft Dynamics NAV fully ready to support ecommerce functions. Allowing you to maintain your store data within Microsoft Dynamics NAV. We also provide support for add-ons. As a standard solution, the Magento Dynamics NAV connector we provide, does not require any changes to be made to Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Magento ecommerce functionality. We ensure timely completion of projects, where our support team is available around the clock to help resolve your queries.

Key Integration Touch Points to Transform your Business

Item/Product Integration

From simple to configurable and from images to discount vouchers, get all your data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Magento estore.

Order/Customer Integration

Once the order is placed on Magento, the connector will automatically categorize it between new and returning customers and save them under their respective card in Microsoft Dynamics Navision.

Inventory Management

Real-time inventory levels and product availability updates.

Order Status Integration

A two-way sync to successfully complete orders, thereby shortening the sales cycle and hence improved customer satisfaction.

Payment Integration

Smoothly sync payment information from Magento to Microsoft Dynamics Navision system.

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Key Features of Dynamics NAV Magento Connector by

  • Automatic synchronization of orders, customers & billing data
  • Automatic sync of inventory levels and billing info
  • Automatic export of fulfillment and shipping info from Dynamics NAV to Magento
  • Sync of product information from Dynamics NAV to Magento (Description, pricing etc.)
  • Support for matrix items, multiple pricing levels/tiers & multiple warehouses (in Dynamics NAV)
  • Support for Recurring Orders, Order Cancellations & Refunds
  • Supports Magento 2.0 CE and EE versions

Benefits of Magento Dynamics Navision Integration by


By streamlining and automating your order fulfillment process, more orders can be processed with the same amount of resources. There is incremental effort required to adopt new sales channels for information exchange.


Customization of the connector according to business needs enables faster adoption, which saves time and empowers employees.

Sales Cycle

By automating order movement and eliminating manual intervention, orders are fulfilled correctly and without delay.

Time & Money

A standard solution, customized to your needs, saves you money. And the efficient system saves you a lot of time.

Inventory Management

Manage inventory levels without going out of stock or receiving orders you can not fulfill.


You can view and monitor historical and real-time updates within Microsoft Dynamics Navision.

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Overview of our NAV Magento Integration connector by

Some of our Integration Customers

Dynamics Nav FAQs

What’s the difference between Magento Navision extension and Magento NAV connector?

There is no real difference between the two and is simply a matter of preference. Some people prefer the term Magento Navision extension whereas others prefer to call it the Magento NAV connector. Both are essentially the same software and therefore serve the same functions.

What’s the best possible way to connect Microsoft Dynamic NAV and Magento without any integration?

At this point, there is no system for connecting Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Magento without using a connector. You need to integrate the connector with both platforms to enjoy all the benefits, especially when it comes to the automatic synchronisation of customer, sales, inventory, shipping and product data.

Shall I integrate Microsoft Dynamics GP with Magento using the same dynamics NAV Magento connector?

No, each software has a different framework; therefore, using the same connector is not a good idea. The Magento Navision extension or Magento NAV connector is designed to work with Dynamics NAV (an ERP) and therefore will not connect with Dynamics GP (a financial app)

What type of APIs is available for integrating Product Data from Magento and Microsoft Dynamics Navision?

There are two primary types of APIs available for integrating product data. The system offers both standard APIs for the more common scenarios as well as custom APIs for situations that demand greater flexibility. In short, you can make the API do what you need it to do.

Do we need to update Magento version before Dynamics NAV Magento integration?

Yes. To make the integration successful, you will need to update to Magento 2.0. Most features that the connector offers will not sync effectively with Magento1.x, and therefore you will have to reconfigure customisation and APIs once you update to Magento 2.

Which is the most recommended Microsoft Dynamic Navision to Magento CRM connector?

Folio3’s Microsoft dynamic Navision to Magento CRM connector is definitely one of the most highly recommended technology solutions for Magento Dynamics NAV integration requirements. Our integration connector enables businesses to easily connect with the Magento ecommerce platform, helping them leverage the Power of Dynamics NAV to gain the competitive edge. The Folio3 Dynamics NAV Magento connector doesn’t require any changes to your ecommerce platform or Dynamics NAV functionality, ensuring a seamless integration solution with minimum business disruption.

What is the difference between Dynamics NAV and Business Central?

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is the evolution from the Dynamics NAV, which has remained Microsoft’s most prolific software packages, implemented by hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide. The transition from Dynamics NAV to Business Central is Microsoft’s effort to assist businesses through their digital transformation requirements. The new Business Central platform helps businesses retain and expand the customer base while beefing up the platform’s scalability with the cloud application. Some of the differences between dynamics NAV and Business Central includes;

-  Business central offer better and tighter integration with Microsoft apps with higher efficiency by removing the traditional silos
-  Business Central enables businesses to get a 360-degree view of their business performances using real-time data and powerful analytics tools through embedded

Power BI

-  Business Central offers automated Bi-annual updates for the platform
-  Business Central makes it convenient for businesses to create and automate workflows using “Microsoft Flow”
-  Business Central allows companies to share data amongst various platforms, including Microsoft CRM, Dynamics 365 for sales, and others

What Benefits Dynamics NAV add-ons can offer for the business process?

The flexible nature of Dynamics NAV add-ons enables businesses to integrate third-party specialized add-ons to fill any performance gap and improve the solution’s overall functionality. For instance, Dynamics NAV add-ons can be integrated to enable more efficient data monitoring and collection for quality management purposes. Some third-party add-ons also allows businesses to improve forecasting and replenishment management. Similarly, with Dynamics NAV add-ons, businesses can improve inventory management, enhance customer service, streamline procurement and planning processes, enable demand collaboration, and enhance the store’s overall profitability with robust supply chain inventory management.

How to Integrate Magento 2.1 with MS Dynamics GP?

Using a middleware integration platform is one of the most common approaches to integrate Magento 2.1 with MS Dynamics GP. This approach includes a “hub” (middleware) at the center of Magento and Dynamics GP and is responsible for automating the data flow between the two systems. Folio3 MS Dynamics GP Magento 2.1 pre-built connectors conveniently connect with Magento 2.1 ecommerce stores, offering seamless bi-directional data exchange between the systems and automating all data entry requirements. This improves the efficiency of the business processes and saves businesses valuable time and resources to allocate to other core business issues.

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