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Manufacturing ERP Software

Manufacturing ERP & CRM Software Solutions

Streamline and automate processes with Dynamics 365, AX or NAV ERP Sytems - the best ERP solution for manufacturing organizations

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Automate & Integrate processes with Microsoft Dynamics ERP for Manufacturing

Optimize your business processes and financial performance with a reliable manufacturing ERP software like Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, which lets you incorporate a data-driven approach to empower your workforce, and streamline your products.

With the manufacturing industry going through the biggest transformation to date, any current problems faced by your business will only multiply as more issues arise. The Microsoft Dynamics suite of top of the line products and services enable you to stay ahead of emerging technologies and competition, and address these issues before they even arise. 

We, at Folio3, can help you by leveraging the best open-source manufacturing ERP software, Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, and adding our expertise to deliver you one of the most reliable manufacturing ERP systems.

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Industry-Specific Solutions to Manufacturers’ Biggest Challenges

Food & Agriculture





We empower manufacturers to:

Meet safety, quality and compliance requirements

Meet regulatory standards and requirements of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) by properly documenting processes and tracking your operations. Track your workflow from recipe and production to packaging and implement recall procedures with full confidence when the need arises.

Track and manage

Track your inventory and manage it in real-time, from recipe to the finished product. Make timely adjustments according to changes in the market and commodity prices. Manage all the products used in your formulas and recipes under a single dashboard. 

Control production

Closely monitor and control your operations, including material usage, yields, and labor. Plan your production workflow and shifts to minimize costs and maximize capacity. Keep in mind and address the high perishability factor for raw food ingredients from the beginning to minimize short runs and overruns.

Align sales and

Drive productivity and increase visibility across divisions like sales, marketing, and customer service. Accelerate sales and control your spending by using incentives like rebates and trade promotions. Eliminate waste with the help of shelf-life planning and tracking, and adjusting production as and when the need arises.

Plan transport and control credit

Enable better credit control, more efficient transport planning, and optimized order status management with a reliable food manufacturing ERP software like Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX and NAV. This cloud-based manufacturing ERP software is designed for improved quality, traceability, and management of goods.

Augment sales with

Help us create data-driven system customizations in order to engage in improved up-selling and cross-selling, largely helping your sales and marketing in the process. Easily track the performance of your customers and your sales teams in real-time.

Solutions Provided by Folio3
for the Manufacturing Industry


Our dedicated Dynamics 365 teams can help you leverage the maximum potential of your Dynamics 365 implementation. We offer you the full package when it comes to ERP software for manufacturing, whether you need to customize your Dynamics manufacturing ERP workflow, or need help with training and implementation.

Dynamics 365

As integration experts for AX and Dynamics 365, our team can enable you to integrate your Dynamics AX installation with on-premise and also cloud-based applications. We also help you in integrating your intuitive ERP manufacturing software, Dynamics AX and D365, with third-party platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and Amazon.

Dynamics Mobility

We offer turnkey as well as customized Dynamics 365 and AX solutions. From workflow approvals and CRM to expenses and timesheet, Microsoft Dynamics Manufacturing Solutions have you covered for all your mobility solutions and manufacturing ERP needs.


We offer a full data migration from your ERP system to the most reliable ERP software for the manufacturing industry, Dynamics AX and D365. Our team of experts can help you with the most difficult migrations, which also involve mapping and processing the data, before moving it without any loss of information.


Explore the advantages of one of the best manufacturing ERP systems as you let us customize your Dynamics 365 solution, and make it fit all your requirements. We offer the most detailed customizations that cover all your needs and hand you your idea of a perfect manufacturing ERP software.


Driven by emerging technologies, we combine business intelligence with Dynamics 365, making the best even better. This allows us to build for you, a user-centric dashboard, where you can automatically monitor your business KPIs with built-in business intelligence. This helps you predict trends and make informed decisions.

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