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Dynamics AX Salesforce Connector (ComAX)

Reduce overhead, eliminate data entry errors and streamline lead to cash processes with automated, real-time, two way integration between Dynamics AX and Salesforce.

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Dynamics AX integration with Salesforce allows you to have enhanced insights for developing better customer relationships, streamline sales channels and manage inventory in an efficient and productive manner.

Real Time Synchronization
& Update

Ensure timely synchronization of customer accounts, contacts, products and pricing between Salesforce and Dynamics AX. With two way data synchronization, any records created or updated in either system are automatically reflected in the corresponding system.

One Click Sales Orders &

Create sales orders and quotes in Dynamics AX from closed/won opportunities in Salesforce in real time with a single click, and have all the related account/customer, product and contact details automatically synced between the two systems.

Back-Office Visibility

Track the progress of any sales order as it moves through fulfillment and billing. Monitor related
customer financial transactions like credits and refunds in real time or access the latest account
financials. Get better insight into customer relationships with complete visibility into your AX back-office from Salesforce.

Hassle Free Management

The Folio3 Dynamics AX Salesforce Connector is deployed within your AX ERP, so you can manage
the integration from within Dynamics AX, with complete visibility into all aspects of the integration
including record and field-level mappings.

dynamics features

Key Features of Dynamics AX Salesforce Connector

  • Reduction in data entry errors
  • Real-time automation for streamlining lead to cash processes
  • Reduction in overhead expenses
  • Two-way integration between Dynamics AX and Salesforce

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dynamics benefits

Benefits of Dynamics AX Salesforce Connector (ComAX)

  • Allows creation of sales orders and quotes in Salesforce in real time with a single click.
  • Enhanced insight for better customer relationships.
  • Allows better visibility into AX back-office from Salesforce.
  • Complete visibility into all integration aspects.
  • Ensures real time synchronization of customer accounts, contacts, products and pricing between Salesforce and Dynamics AX.
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ComAX Integration Solution

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