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Why Choose Folio3 for Dynamics 365 Marketing
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Assess and Develop Strategy

Assess and Develop Strategy

Our Microsoft certified experts at Folio3
first assess your organization need and
develop strategies to cater to them.

End to End Migration

End to End

We migrate your organization's whole
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industrialized framework for migration.

Defined Delivery Process

Defined Delivery Process

To create an effective migration
experience, we provide our clientele
with clear milestones and metrics.

Folio3 Dynamics 365 Marketing Consulting Services

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing integrated Marketing campaigns are constantly evolving to keep up with the digital age of marketing and meet customer demands. In a world where everyone is so busy, it’s important to find ways of staying in contact with your potential customers and clients. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing allows your organization to interact with customers and prospects on a targeted basis. At Folio3, we provide Dynamics 365 Marketing Consulting Services with deep expertise in the Manufacturing, Distribution and Financial Services verticals as well as Professional Service industries.


Integrate D365 Marketing into your business workflow.


Get D365 Marketing customized to your business needs.

App Development

Folio3 D365 Marketing apps, monitor your business on the go.

Support & Maintenance

Let us cater to expected and unexpected software issues.


Get Folio3 experts consultancy on D365 Marketing implementation.


Consult us to get D365 Marketing customized according to your business needs.


Our experts can guide and help you in performing a hassle free migration to D365 Marketing.

Benefits of D365 Marketing

Generate and Nurture Leads

Attract the right customers by activating multi channel campaigns and drive email campaigns through marketing automation capabilities.

Align your sales and Marketing

Creating a single view of the customer can help marketing and sales enhance the share of customer data in between.

Making Smarter Decision

The prebuilt dashboard of D365 Marketing can help you gain better understanding of market insights and increase ROI.

Simplify Event Management

Manage registrations, sessions, speakers, and venue-logistics with the built in event portal.

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Trusted Microsoft Dynamics Partner

Gold Microsoft Dynamics partner with solid foundations and experienced professionals.




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Make informed decisions with
Folio3 Dynamics 365 Marketing Consulting Services.

Capabilities of Dynamics 365 Marketing

Conducting an in-depth analysis of your unique needs and goals and matching it with the capabilities of the Dynamics 365 Marketing can provide you with a clear understanding as to whether or not the solution will work for what is going on at this point.

Create professional, eye-catching graphical email messages

Nurture leads by creating a personalized experience for the customers

Share information across team and organize and publicize events

Easy access to Linkedin business prospects will help you in knowing your leads better.

Keep track of the marketing returns on investment through analysis and dashboards.

Complete support for effective strategic planning

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Microsoft Folio3 Dynamics 365 Marketing Consulting Services FAQs

Does Microsoft Dynamics also have a Marketing feature?

Dynamics 365 marketing is structured to further enhance the customer experience. Dynamics 365 marketing works with different modules such as Sales, Customer service, Supply chain and other insights. The Microsoft dynamics marketing feature consists of two components: real-time marketing and outbound marketing. Both the components are tailored to encourage marketing initiatives and better design.

Real-time marketing focuses on tweaking the customers’ future reactions and purchases by picking up on their preferences via real-time monitoring. The real-time marketing tools include SMS, push notifications, and triggering of customer journey through a thorough analysis of the customer. This can be carried out by customizing the messages to customers and segmenting customers according to their tastes, and lastly quickly responding to any customer queries.

Outbound marketing, as the name suggests, is a form of external marketing through social media, marketing pages, and emails. Dynamics 365 can be used to host webinars on Microsoft Teams and the marketing segment of Dynamics 365 allows for event planning. Webinars and events enable them to stay in touch with their customers and thus establish strong customer relationships. Moreover, posting on social media such as Facebook and Twitter are also another feature of outbound marketing. Dynamics 365 can also aid in creating online surveys for customer feedback.

What are the capabilities included in dynamics 365 marketing?

Dynamics 365 marketing can help focus on the business objectives and create a link between sales and marketing to grow demand for the products and services offered by the business. It tracks the activities of the customers and thus the business owners can target the specific areas of interest of the customers. This leads to growth of their business and thus it becomes scalable. Activities that are tracked by Dynamics 365 include event signups and opening emails. Integrated information on the platform also makes it easy to track sales progress and the performance of certain goods and services.

Moreover, it aids in focusing the main efforts of the business towards raising customer awareness on product launches or improvements in existing products. It can also lead to targeted campaigns on certain aspects of the business that can eventually help the business expand. It also enables digital events to take place and automates product launches for businesses. A unique feature of Dynamics 365 marketing is that it interlinks the data of the people attending a digitalized event and the operations of the events which allows for thorough analyzing on the platform. Marketing specialists here also hold customer surveys and thus they further enrich the customer data as well as better tailor the businesses to customer expectations. It also provides improved linkage between content and the customers so that they can pick and choose the content they want to see.

Can a marketing email be created in dynamics 365? If so, how?

Marketing emails can be constructed on Dynamics 365. However, before jumping right into the process it is essential that the purpose of the email and a suitable design for it is predetermined. The design should be according to the targeted segment of customers. So, how exactly is a marketing email created on Microsoft Dynamics 365?

  1. You need to access the marketing list first to see who the emails must be sent out to. This can be done through the following channel: Marketing -> Marketing Execution -> Marketing Emails.
  2. Click on “New” to start constructing your email.
  3. Choose an appropriate template that suits the taste of your targeted customer segment. Then, design the message using HTML editor and any other tools that are available.
    Note: Do add a subject to the email as it briefly defines the purpose of the email.
  4. Preview the messages from the “Preview” tab before sending it out. Then, carry out an ‘error check’ that will help identify any errors in coding in the drafted email.
  5. Once the message is ready according to you, click “Go live”. This enables the message to be ready to be sent out, however, to finally send it to the receiver, you must choose the customer journey you want to send it to.
  6. Email results on Dynamics 365 provide insights on the performance of your message among the receivers.

What are the steps of creating a customer journey in dynamics 365 marketing?

A customer journey starts with potential customers viewing your product, analyzing it, and then deciding to make the purchase. First and foremost, the customer segments should be identified. Once the segment is identified then the message must be designed that suits the tastes of the chosen customer segment. Therefore, prior to designing a message it is required to have a list of the customer emails and a valid marketing email that will send the message out to the concerned parties.

To create a customer journey in Dynamics 365 marketing, the following steps need to be carried out:

  1. To access the list of existing customer journeys: Marketing -> Marketing Execution -> Customer Journeys. Click “New” to create add a new customer journey to the list.
  2. This will open a templates page that will ask you to choose an appropriate template via browsing and searching according to the customer journey. You can skip this option to create a journey from scratch.
  3. This will open a customer journey designer page. First you will have to select the audience which will be the customers from that segment. Click “Set audience” and then select the customer segment.
  4. Then, select “Send an email” from the dropdown menu of the selected audience.
  5. This will then lead to the page of creating an email on Dynamics 365 Marketing.

What are the requirements for the first-time setup of Dynamics 365 Marketing?

What are the requirements for the first-time setup of Dynamics 365 Marketing?The first-time setup of Dynamics 365 Marketing consists of certain pre-requisites and requirements that need to be fulfilled prior to its initiation.

  • - You are required to have a Microsoft 365 tenant.
  • - A Dynamics 365 Marketing app should be on your tenant; however, it is also required to be unconfigured.
  • - A pre-condition states that you can only have one marketing app on the Dynamics 365 Marketing domain hence make sure this condition is fulfilled.
  • - You should be signed into your tenant with an account. The account also has pre-requisites:
    • Security role (for example a service support admin).
    • Dynamics 365 license along with an assigned security role.
    • Granted permission to register applications on Azure.
    • Location matters. You must be situated in a country that supports the use of Dynamics 365 marketing.
    • Lastly, clear browser tabs, cache, and windows before executing the setup.

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