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Dynamics AX Magento Connector

B2B & B2C

Automate manual tasks with our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Magento integration

Magic makes integration with Dynamics 365 easy

Increase efficiency and productivity with a single solution that integrates your Magento 2 store with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our Magneto 2 Dynamics 365 Integration automates workflows using prebuilt integration flows for synchronizing orders between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Magento. You don’t have to do any manual entry or upload any sheets to your ERP.

Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 integration with Magento Solution by Folio3 provides fully automated data synchronization between Magento 2 and Dynamics ERP, enabling sellers to focus on managing fulfillment and increasing sales, without needing to worry about keeping their D365 ERP and Magento accounts in sync.

Everything including orders, inventory, customer info, product listing and more is synced in real-time via our Magento 2 Dynamics 365 integration. No need to spend hours on uploading sheets manually now!

Dynamics 365 Magento integration capabilities

Magneto 2 CE and Enterprise Integration solution provided by Folio3 works with all Microsoft CRMs, ERPs and Apps

Order Management Made Easy

All new sales orders and associated customer and billing details are automatically synced from Magento to Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365, greatly reducing order processing time and enabling rapid fulfillment. Any updates to an order in Magento Microsoft Dynamics Integration is also synced over to the corresponding system.

Order Management Made Easy
Automated Product Synchronization Across System
Automated Product Synchronization Across System

Automated Product Synchronization
Across System

Any product created or updated in Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365, is automatically reflected in Magento along with related details such as product category, product name, description, pricing, etc.

Streamline Inventory

Replenishing stocks and managing inventory has never been easier. Folio3 Dynamics AX and Magento Dynamics 365 Connector facilitates real time inventory update from Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 to Magento, allowing for up-to-the-minute accuracy in inventory management.

Streamline Inventory Management
Real Time Fulfillment
Automated Product Synchronization Across System

Real Time Fulfillment

Fulfill an order in Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 and see it immediately reflected in Magento, along with its shipping and tracking information.

Fully Customizable

Our Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 integration with Magento is fully customizable, so you can add any functionality you need to it’s out of the box feature set.

Fully Customizable

Magento Dynamics 365 Pricing

The Magento connector has a one-time installation fee, after which you are only liable to pay a minimal annual fee. You can have unlimited transactions and will not be billed on the basis of transactions/orders.

Key Features of Dynamics AX & 365
Magento Integration

  • Automatic synchronization of orders, customers &
    billing data
  • Automatic sync of inventory levels and billing info
  • Automatic export of fulfillment and shipping info
    from Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 to Magento
  • Sync of product information from AX and
    Dynamics 365 to Magento (Description, pricing
  • Customization available for gift cards, promo codes, tier pricing, store credits and much more
  • Support for matrix items, multiple pricing levels/tiers &
    multiple warehouses (in Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365)
  • Support for Recurring Orders, Order Cancellations &
  • Supports Magento 2.0 CE and EE versions
  • Trade agreements and special pricing for B2B retail and wholesale customers
  • Track returned orders and cancellations

Benefits of our Dynamics 365
Magento 2 Integration

  • Integrate multiple Magento web stores with your
    Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365
  • Eliminate potential data entry errors and order mix-ups with
    automated data synchronization
  • Streamline fulfillment and enhance customer satisfaction,
    with rapid order placement and delivery
  • Fully customizable
  • Easy to manage – runs within your Dynamics AX account so
    you can manage the integration from within AX itself
  • Maintain a complete log of all tasks performed through our
    ComAX dashboard.
  • Streamlines inventory management through real-time
    update of inventory from Dynamics AX to Magento
  • Is fully supported on Magento 2.0 CE and EE versions

Save precious time and reduce manual work with our Magento 2 Dynamics Integration

Why Choose Our

Magento Dynamics 365 Integration Solution

Proven Platform

With our success rate at 99%, we’re the market leaders in client order processing. We’ve processed over a billion dollars’ worth of transactions and have a Magento-Dynamics 365 sync history that’s nearly unbeatable!

Affordable Pricing

One time installation cost and a nominal licensing fee paid yearly. No monthly recurring charges or additional costs for orders processed.

Proven Platform
Customizable & Scalable
Affordable Pricing
Software updates

Customizable & Scalable

A solution configured to your specific requirements, it works seamlessly with your processes and evolves with your business needs.

Software updates & Support

Client feedback is incorporated into Agile development, keeping pace with your business. Priority support for keeping your Magento & D365 ERP synced, always!

Trusted by Hundreds of Businesses

1 Million+ products and orders synced between Magento 2 and Dynamics 365 F&O, Business Central and AX




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What Our Client Says About Us

Mid-Continent Instruments
and Avionics

Tara Crain | IT Manager

Folio’s team gives our organization great support. They are knowledgeable, responsive, and thorough; and all this at an excellent value. Their DynAX product fills a gap in the ISV market, was usable out of the box, and customizable to meet our needs. I would not hesitate to look at other products in the Folio offering if they met a business need.

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    Dynamics Magento Integration FAQs

    Is Dynamics Magento integration free or paid?

    Dynamics Magento integration services offered by Folio3 is not free. The setup fee consists of a one-time installation cost and a nominal yearly maintenance and support cost. This is separate from what you pay for CRM/ERP per year/user.

    Does Folio3's Magento 2 Dynamics Integration solution comes with a free trial?

    We, at Folio3, believe in complete transparency and this is the sole reason behind our 100% client retention rate. We do not offer a free trial, rather we'll walk you though our live environment so that you can see our connector in action before making any decision. We also offer pilot programs in case of multiple stores and integrations.

    Are Magento and Dynamics both CMS?

    No. While Magento is an Open source CMS solution, Dynamics is a line of ERP and CRM software applications.

    What are the best practices for Dynamics and Magento integration?

    For Dynamics and Magento integration best practices to consider to help you choose your ideal technology partner are listed below:

    Choosing the right solution:

    Data collected internally should be utilized to perform gap analysis to formulate a requirement list, in order to identify specific operational needs. This can help decide which solution will suit your specific needs. Plus, Magento can be customized to facilitate integration with almost any ERP solution.

    Identify core functionalities:

    ERP solutions come packed with numerous features, most of these may not contribute to mission-critical processes and therefore it is important to focus on modules that will add to your cause when paired with Magento.

    Finding a partner:

    Connecting Magento’s delicate mission-critical code to another powerful enterprise solution requires expert help. Luckily, Magento has a huge community with certified contributors and implementation partners. Even though this makes the task easy, it still requires you to do background checks and establish clear communication lines with potential partners; in order to ensure you make the right decision.

    What are the technical system requirement to integrate the Magento dynamics connector?

    The integration of the Dynamics Magento connector may sound intimidating to businesses; especially given their in-house team don’t have much technical experience. That’s one reason why businesses choose a Magento Solution Partner to help them integrate the Magento Dynamics Connector. There are over 350 Magento Solution Partners that can help you choose the right connector for the integration.

    Some of the technical requirements you need to consider includes:

         -    Understanding the business goals
         -    Documenting the workflow
         -    Evaluating the data
         -    Evaluating the infrastructure requirements
         -    Considering the online payment models
         -    Identifying the right stakeholders
         -    Setting the System Budget
         -    Picking the right Solution Partner
         -    Define the SLAs for the integration

    Do I need an additional developer to integrate the connector?

    Yes, it is recommended to hire professional and experienced developers for connection integration. The Dynamics Magento integration is a tricky task with lots of technical considerations included for seamless connector integration.

    There are certified Magento Solution Partners, that can take you through the integration process and ensure the best possible results for your business needs. An experienced and professional Magento Solution partner can help you with:

         -    Defining the digital strategy
         -    Customization development
         -    Configuration
         -    Integration and deployment

    Do I need other third-party applications to have the connector work?

    You may need third-party applications to have the Magento Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 integration connector. The need for third-party applications is optional and dependent on the business needs and requirements.

    How to Integrate Magento with Microsoft Dynamics 365?

    Folio3’s Magento Microsoft Dynamics 365 finance and operations pre-built connector is the easiest and most convenient way to integrate the two systems. The pre-built e-commerce integration solution from Folio3 is explicitly developed to assist Magento stores get the most value out of your Dynamics ERP by automating the back and front office data synchronization to save valuable time, resources and eliminate the hassle of erroneous data entry errors.

    How to integrate the ecommerce Magento website with dynamics for finance and operations?

    You can integrate the ecommerce Magento website with dynamics for finance and operations using Folio’3 pre-built connector.

    How to Sync Magento with Dynamics AX ERP?

    You can sync Magento with Dynamics AX ERP using Folio3’s Dynamics AX Magento connection. The integration supports bi-directional communication between systems, automates data integration, and can also be customized to meet business requirements.

    What are Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connectors?

    The Microsoft Dynamics 365 connectors are meant to integrate Dynamics 365 solutions with other platforms like Magento, Amazon AWS, and other global marketplaces. The connectors support seamless data sharing between two systems while improving the overall efficiency of the business processes.