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Dynamics 365 for E-Commerce

Dynamics 365 for Ecommerce

Your Shortcut to Powerful Dynamics 365 Ecommerce Solution for Finance & Operations

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Dynamics 365 for E-Commerce

Whether your customers are B2B buyers or B2C consumers, both look for an ecommerce experience that makes it easier and simpler for them to do business with you. However, there are unfortunately many companies that are struggling hard to deliver this due to the challenges of integrating their back-office ERP solutions into an efficient ecommerce platform.
With Dynamics 365 for Ecommerce, you can now deliver unique, consistent and memorable shopping experience across multiple channels and for multiple devices. Our enterprise ready ecommerce solution for Dynamics 365 operations is tailored to cover large ecommerce deployments for B2C, B2B, as well as self-service portals for customers.
Folio3 has a mastery in delivering a state-of-the-art ecommerce platform for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, HR & Payroll that helps in reaching new markets, boosting online sales and driving self-service channels.

Key Functionalities of Dynamics 365 for Ecommerce

Grow at a pace that suits you and your business needs with Dynamics 365 for your ecommerce operations that speed up your day-to-day business operations with digital intelligence and global reach.

Greater Customer Experience

Greater Customer

  • Nonstop real-time self-service across all digital channels
  • Distinct pricing, terms and conditions and catalogs for specific customers
  • Augmented cross selling, as well as up selling through data-driven personalization
Better Growth Factors

Better Growth

  • Several B2C and B2B stores can be managed and operated from one platform
  • Multiple languages, currency, taxes and payment options are available
  • Significant increase in revenue with cross selling and up selling
Optimized Business Processes & Operations

Optimized Business
Processes & Operations

  • Easy integration to Dynamics 365 (AX) on premise or cloud
  • Presence of self-service for areas including order history, reorder, and returns
  • Display of prices and discounts from Dynamics 365 for specific customer

The Benefits of D365 Integrated Ecommerce

Greater than just a Connector
or Shopping Cart

Implementing Dynamics 365 for ecommerce operations is the best choice for any online business as it provides a robust platform that helps significantly in abandoned shopping cart reminders, global selling, segmentation, B2C, B2B, and content customization.

Enhance ERP & Leverage
Dynamics 365 Data

You can enrich product data across several languages, product fields and types of media with Dynamic web's Product Information Management. Share this enriched version of content with your sales team and customers like never before. You can segment customers by combining ERP customer information and onsite behavior to develop a highly targeted list. These customers in the targeted list can be then emailed automatically with built-in Dynamics 365 features.

Extensible Integration

Dynamics 365 works wonder for e-commerce store. The shoppers at your ecommerce store will enjoy real time access to inventory, historical orders and account management at the same time your office staff has the access to their ERP system, Dynamics 365 without any lags.

No Additional Coding

We make sure that there are no additional coding added to your solution, hence we can provide bi-directional access to Dynamics 365 with live and batch mode connectivity.

Nonstop Real time Self Service

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, your customers can easily make transactions, place RMA requests, see historic orders and do online payments at any time of the day.

Gain Operational Efficiency

By integrating your ecommerce store with Dynamics 365 operations you can gain operational efficiency and grow revenue manifolds.

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