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    This world has been converted into a digital community. And in this fast-paced world of digital media and platforms, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has played an extraordinary role in growth and expansion since 2017 till now.

    In the past few years, CRM has become the biggest and the most successful software market. The CRM market was predicted to flourish at 13.7% by 2021.


    While nominating the best CRM for a business can have countless positive outcomes, sometimes, despite your best efforts, a CRM you have been working on for years may be an insufficient fit.


    As a CRM and ERP, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the most promising solution for companies that want to thrust development through a customer-centric strategy. 

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the biggest platforms enforced, with a whopping 67% growth rate and a 47% revenue.

    These statistics should ideally convince you to migrate from any platform to Dynamics 365. 


    What is SugarCRM?


    SugarCRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that helps corporations formulate a highly-personalized experience for their users.

    With SugarCRM, businesses can enforce marketing schedules, maintain customers, expand sales, and develop business applications that are user-friendly and easy to use. These applications can be used in various ways, such as to strengthen sales teams, manage consumer information, and run customer support organizations.


    Why should you let go of SugarCRM? 

    • Not budget-friendly. 

    The SugarCRM system is quite expensive for the characteristics and features it offers, which makes it arduous for small companies and businesses or start-ups to use.


    • Compelled updates

    The automatic computerized updates reconfigure the plan and the whole system, making it time-consuming always to set up everything after every update.


    • Data reporting. 

    The system offers restricted data reporting functionalities.


    • Learning curve. 

    Learning and grasping SugarCRM will take a lot of time, particularly for users who are new to this and have never experienced anything like this before 


    If you currently use SugarCRM for your business, you need to upgrade to Dynamics 365, and here in this article, we will explain WHY? And HOW? 

    Why choose Dynamics 365?

    Let’s answer the first question: WHY should you migrate from SugarCRM to Dynamics 365? Here we explain the benefits of migrating to Dynamics 365 before the actual process of migrating data.


    The Benefits of Migrating to Dynamics 365:

    Dynamics 365 provides you with the following:

    • New factors, features, and functionality, like its availability on mobile devices in the form of user-friendly applications available on iOS, Android, or Windows, make it ideal for people who like to organize everything with a finger click. This allows them to control everything anywhere, but these user-friendly apps may also make it far easier for you to integrate your businesses with Cloud Implementation.


    • Using Dynamics 365, you can scrutinize your chats, posts, or other pertinent content through competent and smart social commerce applications allowing companies and corporations to get familiar with the target audience and assemble marketing tactics to enhance your client engagement.


    • You can compile, update, arrange, and even archive customers’  personal contact information, enabling its users to organize and regulate their essential CRM Data seamlessly.


    • Dynamics 365 helps you monitor and analyze the service prerequisites to predict prospective requirement trends to smartly complete due financial costs.


    • You can develop and grow at your speed with the flexibility of the cloud. The framework used in Dynamics 365 makes it exceptionally flexible and authorizes the software to be customizable to satisfy your dynamic business requirements.


    • You can get more tasks done by incorporating productivity tools and other cloud apps. You can simplify your finances, facilitate your supply chain, arrange your sales groups, and make confident conclusions that extend your business, not your budget.


    • You can eradicate hardware upgrade expenses


    • Dynamics 365 helps you to reduce customization.


    • It also helps you attain the stability and safety of Microsoft Azure.


    How to Migrate From SugarCRM to Dynamics 365? 


    Now comes the final part. Let’s talk about how to migrate from SugarCRM to Dynamics 365 because by now you would have already decided if you still want to stick to SugarCRM or switch to the more advanced tool like Dynamics 365. 


    Prepare Your Team For The Dynamics 365 Data Migration

    It is significant to specify who the data owners and the users are. You need to specify the hours the stakeholders will need to clarify their use cases, workflows, and business processes.


    Select Features

    It would be great if you worked with your dealer and key stakeholders to assign the characteristics you would like to use on the new platform. 


    Clean And Map The Data

    You may want to toss out old data from SugarCRM to Dynamics 365, but it is better to go through the quality of the data to avoid “garbage in/garbage out.” Any time you invest in this process will more than pay you back in the long run. 


    Select Your Migration Tool

    It isn’t generally advised to migrate data directly to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. The simplest way to switch is to use Microsoft’s Import Wizard, or any other migration tool, which will help you move the data more easily.


    Create Migration Integration Scripts

    You need to finish the migration integration scripting in a testing environment. If you know the data source type and format, it will improve the pace of the scripts. 


    Test The Data Transfer

    Test the migration scripting and the data transfer to confirm all the data is included and in the right format. A test migration will eliminate data quality issues like partially filled records or other potentially disastrous issues in a live environment.  


    Finalize And Deploy

    Once the test team has green-lighted the Dynamics 365 data migration, you’re ready to proceed to the go-live. We recommend the go-live happen on a night or weekend to allow extra time to fix any unforeseen issues. Once the go-live is set, establish which will lock end users out of the legacy platform if the migration will take time, to allow read-only access to the legacy platform still.


    To sum up, keeping in view the advantages of Dynamics 365 and the disadvantages of SugarCRM, you can consider migration from SugarCRM to Dynamics 365 carried out in the way mentioned above. These updates and migration to newer CRM tools are necessary if you want to compete with other companies using many more advanced tools.