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Dynamics AX CRM App for iPhone

AX App for iOS

Microsoft Dynamics
AX App for iOS

Get Instant Access of your Dynamics AX CRM data on iPhone & iPad

With our free Dynamics AX CRM app for iOS ‘DynAX’ you get real-time, secure connectivity to your Dynamics AX CRM, anytime, anywhere.

Business KPI Tracking Made Easy

With Dynamics AX CRM iPhone App - DynAX you can keep track of all your business prospects whether its a lead, opportunity, prospect or customer.

Strengthen your Customer Relations

DynAX automates the customer relationship management process to help you build strong relationships with your customers.

It Just Works!

DynAX provides an experience you’ve never had with
any other enterprise mobility app. Just download the app and see for yourself.


  • Through app we are connected to Dynamics AX contacts, leads, prospects, opportunities, activities and customers every time.
  • General details, addresses and contact info for all entities can easily access & update.
  • Actions, Appointments, Events and Tasks all the activities you need can done anywhere any time.
  • Customer, account holder can view all recent activities also like: sales orders, sales lines, activities, contacts and opportunities.
  • The device’s calendar is consolidated with the app.
  • The app offers creation or editing process of data while customer is offline.
  • By one-touch calling its combinations with contacts in device.
  • Mapping app(s) are very easy to use.
  • Filtration of data in each module is updated and continuous.

Some of our AX Mobility Customers

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