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LOT Traceability
Eliminate your Business Pains with Microsoft Lot Traceability in Dynamics AX

Gain efficient traceability in inventory, production, purchasing and sales

Lot traceability, also known as Lot control or manufacturing traceability means a system which has the comprehensive functionality to track problems and provide full visibility of the exact make-up of consumer goods in real-time throughout its manufacturing process. Traceability can be challenging, especially because problems can occur at any point in regulated industries. Broken or slow procedures prove particularly costly for suppliers which is why businesses are now turning to full fledged ERP solutions like Lot traceability software to manage products, product data, quality improvement, returns and customer complaints.

Lot traceability is largely in-demand by the highly regulated industries that deal in making or distributing safety or health products. Compliance with lot traceability standards means a business has the capability to respond immediately to any hazard or defect, down to the very basic and core level. Today, lot traceability software is enabling businesses to gain a strong foothold in their relevant industries, offering them the much needed efficiency and synergy it requires in the manufacturing processes.

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Create a Winning Business Image with LOT Traceability in Dynamics AX

Lot traceability in Dynamics AX offers your business effective forward and back traceability, allowing you to track several units of stock items via batch numbers through assembly, from inventory receipts and out of specific consumer shipments. Microsoft lot traceability software will help you efficiently track a finished product and trace specific lots consumed in the product’s assembly process which can prove to be specifically effective for locating the source of product defects or executing product recall. Users of Lot traceability can determine which item requires to be purchased or sold, define statuses that allow further control over inventory and even trace stock items that have reached or passed their expiry dates by their serial number using lot traceability in Dynamics AX. Microsoft lot traceability in Dynamics AX offers:

  • Comprehensive traceability of tracking stock items by batch numbers
  • Bi-directional lot tracking to full recall & attributions between lots
  • Proactive management of product safety & protection of consumer brand
  • Multiple lot picking strategies to pick order shipment or production
  • Lot picking methods like LIFO, FIFO & FEFO selectable by item
  • Determine the amount of items or raw materials shipped
  • Determine the amount of customers who received the products
  • Identifying planned shipments & specific consumed lots
  • Locating production orders of items or raw materials
  • Tracing vendor from whom an item or raw material was purchased
  • Quarantine support & lot traceability based on expiration date

Intuitive Solutions with Microsoft Lot Traceability in Dynamics AX by Folio3

Folio3 specializes in providing integrated solutions for lot traceability in Dynamics AX. Our solutions are helping businesses worldwide improve their industrial efficiency and eliminate production problems with Microsoft Dynamics AX lot traceability. This new breed of technology is allowing users to quickly record and keep track of all information associated with a batch of products. Lot traceability software enables manufacturers to follow items throughout the assembly process to the finished good for both purchased and manufactured products. Our development team ensure that the lot traceability software integration offered for your company provides you complete visibility throughout the company and addresses the immediate requirement of tracing raw material from receipt, throughout production till the sale of end item.

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