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Microsoft Dynamics AX
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Dynamics AX Mobile Apps

Folio3 provides a complete suite of powerful, easy to use Microsoft dynamics AX mobile solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP on Mobile that support various business functions. These Dynamics AX mobile solutions include:

DynAX Sales – Android App for Sales Order Entry

A mobile app for Android smartphones that facilitates field sales or counter sales with on the spot order placement in the Dynamics AX ERP on Mobile, via Android smartphones.

DynAX – iPhone/Android App for Dynamics AX CRM

A dynamics AX mobile solution for iPhones and Android smartphones that provides real time and offline access to Dynamics AX CRM data such as customers, prospects, leads, contacts, opportunities and activities.

Future versions of the app will also provide the ability to edit Dynamics AX CRM data as well as Dynamics AX Calendar integration.


The Folio3 Microsoft Dynamics AX mobile solutions offer several benefits over competitor offerings such as:

Complete Integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX

Our mobile solutions and completely integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX, ensuring that our Microsoft Dynamics AX mobile solutions work perfectly with your current Microsoft Dynamics AX setup.

Extremely Flexible

Each of our mobile Dynamics AX app can be customized to your specific needs, with a range of available configurations in Dynamics AX. We can also modify our apps based on changes in your Dynamics AX processes; by simply adding or changing the business process reasoning in Dynamics itself.

Completely based on Cross-platform technology

Our mobile CRM Dynamics apps are compatible with Microsoft products like Windows Web server and IIS, making them very easy to implement and support.

Productivity Boost

All workers that are not behind a desk get real-time, anywhere accessibility to the Microsoft Dynamics ERP, allowing them to respond quickly and more effectively to potential opportunities.

Device Independent

The Folio3 Microsoft Dynamics AX mobile solution can run on virtually any device with a web browser, such as tablets and and mobile phones, providing you with freedom of choice as well as greater mobility.


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