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Agriculture ERP

Agriculture ERP Apps, Modules and functions to help you manage your Farm, Crop and Agri business.

Integrated Business

Integrated Business Process

Using industry best practices and supported by key process of modern ERP systems, Microsoft Dynamics enables you to improve the efficiency and accuracy on an operational level while still managing cost effective allocation of resources in core business activities.

Integrated Business Process
Task / Work Flow Management
Work Flow

Task / Work Flow Management

Microsoft Dynamics effectively simplifies the task management process. Our agriculture ERP establishes a sequences of tasks and assignments which can be manually delegated relevant members of your organization (members of your organization). For automation, these activities can be assigned automatically according to parameters defined by you.

Real Time Data

Real Time Data Access

Microsoft Dynamics, offers access to data anytime and from anywhere on the go. The agriculture ERP can effectively be accessed from most mobile / hand held devices thereby enabling tracking of sales, field attendance etc. The mobile applications also offer analytical functions using various types of data input (financial data, employee performance).

Real Time Data Access
Hand Held and Mobile Device Integration
Mobile Device

Hand Held and Mobile Device Integration

Microsoft Dynamics’s easy integration with hand held / mobile devices also works just as well with data input. You can tack and capture details from the field such as attendance for the labor, crop harvest yields and consumption of material throughout the process.

Business Performance

Business Performance Analytics

The Business Intelligence Suite offered within Microsoft Dynamics agriculture ERP allows users of all levels to quickly generate relevant reports in various templates depending upon the specific need of the user making the report as well the end user of said report. The interface available is rich and well organized displaying multiple dashboard formats in order to tailor to the needs of specific users the kind of at-a-glance information required by the user.

Business Performance Analytics
Geographic Information System (GIS)
Geographic Information

Geographic Information System (GIS)

Microsoft Dynamics GIS enables you to gather real time information from your business thereby improving operational efficiency and productivity in terms of time, effort and costs incurred in the course of doing business. You can geo tag all your properties and quickly determine the overall layout of your operations along with distances and temperature differences. Heat maps show you the approximate temperature ranges experienced in the regions occupied by your properties.

Featured Modules

Featured Modules and Applications

Some of the more prominent features of Microsoft Dynamics offer a unique experience in terms of functionalities. The software enables greater transparency and therefore visibility in the activities occurring at your estate, field, administrative units etc. This includes post-harvest processing and storage, material management, marketing and distribution. Should you have need of it, Microsoft Dynamics also supports finance and accounting, HR and payroll, logistics, budget and MIS all bundled into one amazing software.

Crop Management

Crop Management

Most crops have a standard process that needs to followed in order to achieve a successful crop cycle and subsequently a high crop yield. Therefore, use Microsoft Dynamics agriculture ERP to plan your crop cycles according to the standard processes linked to each crop and keep track of all associated tasks. The agriculture ERP helps you keep plans and processes linked to a crop and track its history.

Folio3’s Agricultural ERP Customers – TrueTrac

Folio3 originally developed TrueTrac as award winning mobile solutions suite for Growers Express which was then later turned into a standalone product by the name of TrueTrac. Through the use of this agriculture ERP, we offer:

1. Food safety and produce traceability
2. Inventory management
3. Label printing in the field
4. Payroll information capture in the field
5. Crop planning
6. Mobile surveys

In simple terms TRUETRAC ( was born out of a need faced by farmers and shippers the need was to take control of operational costs by automating the value chain as much as possible. The solutions offered by TrueTrac significantly remove the need for manual paper-based processes. In short, Folio3 provides a comprehensive suite of ‘turnkey’ web and mobile solutions for agricultural businesses that include automation of process along with transparency, traceability and tracking.
Folio3’s team also developed the following traceability solutions suite for TRUETRAC:



Expand your horizons and empower your agriculture business with the Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Folio3's Agriculture ERP Software Delivery Model

Here at Folio3, we follow Agile practices and support Hybrid (Onshore / Offshore) delivery models. The actual delivery process is outlined below:


Requirements defined by Client

Requirements are received from the client in the form of text and wire frames.


Folio3 analyzes, designs and plans releases

Requirements are analyzed, often wire-framed where needed and a release plan is created and shared with the client’s team.


Folio3 develops and tests the ERP

The solutions are developed in bursts where functionality is tested by the Quality Assurance (QA) team. The QA team does functional, regression and exploratory testing.


Testing of the ERP Client side

The client, in this you, will perform your own series of tests and report any issues faced in VSTS DevOps.


Acceptance and sign-off by the client

After you have reviewed the changes and complete any further testing required, you will sign off on the delivered product whereby items will be approved for the next cycle.

Satisfied Agriculture ERP Customers using Microsoft Dynamics

Some of our Happy Customers

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    Agriculture ERP Software FAQs

    How can modern erp technologies influence agriculture?

    Fertilizers, insecticides, seed technology, and other aspects of agriculture are all affected by technology. Pest resistance and greater crop yields have been achieved thanks to biotechnology and genetic engineering. Robotics, precision agriculture, artificial intelligence, block chain technology, and other new-age technologies are among them. Agriculture has benefited from technical improvements such as:● Agricultural mechanization has increased production.
    ● Artificial intelligence-based climate/weather forecasting
    ● Biotechnology was used to make resilient crops.
    ● Big Data is used to improve farm productivity and supply chain management.

    ERP Agriculture SaaS vs Folio3 Solution?

    TrueTrac was created by Folio3 as an award-winning mobile solutions package for Growers Express, which was eventually turned into a separate application called TrueTrac. We provide the following services through the use of this farm ERP:1. Product traceability and food safety2. Inventory management3. Printing labels in the field4. Payroll data collection in the field6. Mobile surveys 5. Crop planningWhereas,In agriculture, software as a service (or SaaS) can not only perfectly suit unique business demands, but it can also be more cost-effective than administering an in-house solution. SaaS-based agriculture can assist in the collection of relevant farm data and the provision of actionable insights to ensure that all of your farm resources are properly managed.

    Does Folio3 provide Agriculture erp software free demo?

    Yes they do, so hurry up and book a free demo to grow your business with the biggest and most popular agriculture ERP software. Increase your business performance by automating business operations and saving time and resources.