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Dynamics AX Shopify Connector

Dynamics Shopify Integration with 365, AX & NAV Connector

Shopify Connector for Dynamics 365, AX & Business Central that allows you to easily manage your e-store and automate business processes

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Enhance operational efficiency by automating transactions between your Dynamics ERP and Shopify web store with Folio3’s Shopify Dynamics 365, AX, Business Central and NAV Integration solutions.

Sync all data from your Shopify Store to Microsoft Dynamics ERP. With Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV and Dynamics 365 Shopify Connector you can deliver orders accurately and on-time, every time!

Real-Time Syncronization
Of Orders, Customers &
Billing Data

Automatically export and synchronize sales order and customer data from your web store to Dynamics 365, AX, and Business Central Shopify in real-time with our Shopify Dynamics integration solution. Our Shopify Dynamics Connector helps you keep your front and back office data consistent.

order management

Automated Inventory

Export product information and pricing from Microsoft Dynamics AX, Dynamics 365, Dynamics NAV and Dynamics Business Central to Shopify Plus in real-time with support for multiple pricing tiers and currencies. Automatically update inventory levels between your NAV, AX and D365 back-office and Shopify Plus with every transaction.

inventory management

Sync Order Fulfillments In
Real Time

Automatically export fulfilled sales order statuses along with their shipping details with AX and Shopify integration with dynamics 365, in real-time. Also supports partial fulfillment of sales orders. The Shopify Dynamics 365, NAV and AX Connector also supports order cancellation, recurring orders, chargebacks & refunds.

order fulfillment


The Shopify connector has a one-time installation fee after which you are only liable to pay a minimal annual licensing fee. You can have unlimited transactions and will not be billed on the basis of transactions/orders.

dynamics features

Key Features of our Dynamics Shopify Connector

  • Automatic synchronization of orders, refunds, customers & billing data
  • Automatic sync of inventory levels and billing info
  • Automatic export of fulfillment and shipping info from Dynamics 365, AX Shopify Dynamics to Shopify and Shopify Plus.
  • Real-Time Sync of product information from AX, NAV, Business Central and Dynamics 365 to Shopify and Shopify Plus (Description, pricing etc.)
  • Support for matrix items, multiple pricing levels/tiers & multiple warehouses (in Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365)
  • Support for recurring Orders, Order Cancellations & Refunds.
dynamics benefits

Benefits of Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 Shopify & Shopify Plus Connector (ComAX)

  • Integrate multiple Shopify web stores with Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365
  • Unify stock levels across Shopify and Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365
  • Eliminate data entry errors and manual data entry
  • Streamline fulfillment and customer service with rapid order placement and delivery
  • Fully customizable
  • No per feed charges
  • Easy to manage – runs within your Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 account so you can manage the integration from within AX itself
  • Maintain a complete log of all tasks performed through our ComAX dashboard.
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Watch the Video Below for an Overview of Our Shopify Microsoft Dynamics Integration Solution

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Some of our Integration Customers

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Is Shopify and Dynamics integration is safe and legit?

Shopify and Dynamics integration makes managing your ecommerce business easier. While Shopify handles business processes such as marketing, secure checkout and payments; the connector enables integration of back-end systems offered by Dynamics such as shipping, order picking and invoicing. The Connector allows you to synchronize data, automate tasks while bringing consistency to your processes. This helps you focus on more important activities involved in growing your business.

How much does it cost to integrate Dynamics and Shopify?

For the Shopify Connector you have to pay a one-time installation fee and a minimal annual fee thereafter. And there are no transaction based charges involved.

What exactly does Folio3 Shopify Dynamics Connector do?

The Shopify Connector offered by Folio3 for Dynamics allows your business to automate mundane tasks. A simple merger of the two systems enables you to handle business operations such as orders, customer details, vendor and inventory management. For instance, you will always be aware of your orders, inventory levels, transactions and returns. This allows you to make accurate and timely deliveries and decisions.

Does Shopify integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365?

A Shopify store can be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. This allows automation and data management in real-time. Through the connection between the two, synchronization is created between business processes and the Shopify store. Thanks to Folio3’s Shopify connector, you will always stay updated with your orders, returns, customer details, and your inventory. Whenever a transaction takes place, the integrated system automatically updates inventory levels. Moreover, integrating Shopify with Microsoft Dynamics 365 brings several benefits to the user. Since all orders are synced between Shopify Microsoft Dynamics, the need for manual data entry is eliminated, which means the risk of human errors is minimized. Plus, the other platform automatically updates any changes made in the ERP or the Shopify store. Multi-tier pricing structures can also be fed into ERP through a set of rules for each customer type. The best part is the connector can be customized to cater to your needs. Whether you want to record more data or you need to pass more parameters, you can adjust the connector according to your requirements.

What are the technical system requirements to integrate the Shopify dynamics 365 connectors?

Integrating the Shopify dynamics 365 connectors can be pretty complicated, but the hard work is worth it! Running a business is all about customer satisfaction. Thanks to this synchronization between Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics 365, companies can now streamline the order placement and delivery processes to maximize customer satisfaction. Integrating Shopify with Microsoft Dynamics 365 makes business management easier through automation, allowing managers to stay updated with their orders, customer details, and any changes made to the ERP. To take full advantage of integrating the Shopify dynamics 365 connectors, here are some technical requirements that you must consider:• Deciding your budget:When selecting the proper Shopify dynamics 365 connectors or evaluating your customization options, the most critical aspect you must consider is your budget. Your customizability will depend on how much you are willing and able to spend. • Assessing your business requirements:Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a highly customizable system that is excellent because every business has its specific requirements. But before you even begin with the customization, you need to evaluate what your business needs. This will help you take full advantage of the Shopify dynamics 365 connectors. • Identifying and understanding your business goals:What are your aims for the future? Where do you see yourself in the next five years? Are the steps that now you’re taking the right way to meet your goals? You must ask yourself such questions to understand your business goals to improve business processes with Dynamics Nav and Shopify integration.

Are Shopify and Dynamics 365 both CMS?

Shopify has one of the most advanced CMS functionalities on the market. The eCommerce platform provides a wide range of customizable responsive templates which allow the user to create a stunning and professional-looking shopfront. The best feature of this platform is that it can be operated without prior technical experience. However, with basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, you can customize your store further. With an app store of 2000 plus extensions, the platform’s functionality can be extended and integrated with other popular applications. Consistent branding and unique content are required for excellent marketing campaigns. This is why many businesses are already using content management systems (CMS) to assist them with the management and hosting of their content online. You can still take advantage of the insights and capabilities of Dynamics 365 for Marketing even if you integrate with any third-party content management system. With Dynamics 365 for Marketing, any external content management system can be selected to manage Dynamics 365 for Marketing forms and the content. Contrarily, the previous version required Dynamics 365 portals to benefit from features such as the portal or subscription center. But this does not stop you from collecting interaction data. This includes registrations, submissions, and visits.

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