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    Farming is an essential profession, that doesn’t just contribute massively to the economy, rather it vital to the survival of humans on earth. With the rapid increase in the population, farmers around the world are under severe stress to keep up with the increasing demand for food supply by maximizing the output of the crop yield.

    Fortunately, technological advancement has opened up new possibilities for farmers to adopt precision agriculture, which enables them to make efficient farming processes and better manage the overall farm operations to maximize productivity. Precision agriculture gives farmers the tools they need to be aware of the ideal planting conditions, easy management, and better decision-making based on the past yield data, as well as, other environmental factors. The advanced precision agriculture software solution also enables farmers to stay updated with the state of the soil, as well as, crop health using the latest technologies like drones & image processing software. All of this leads to precision agriculture practice for modern farms, ensuring higher crop yield and food security for the ever-growing global population.

    Folio3 is Your Custom Precision Agriculture Software Partner

    Folio3 is a well-recognized name in the precision agriculture development industry. The USA based tech giant is credited for the development of multiple customized agriculture ERP software solutions for farms of all sizes.

    With deep expertise in machine learning, computer vision, artificial technology, and other powerful data analytics technologies, Folio3 works in close collaboration with farmers, developing powerful software solutions with the right tools and features required for efficient and effective management of farms. The TrueTrac by Folio3 is one of the award-winning precision agriculture software that enables farmers to take control of all operational and financial aspects of the business. TrueTrac is a Turnkey solution for farmers that completely automate the various farming processes, as well as, offer greater transparency, tracking, and traceability for farmers. Some of the other traceability tools developed by Folio3 for precision agriculture includes;

    • HarvestTrac
    • Labortrac
    • CropTrac, and
    • others

    What are the Precision Agriculture Software?

    Precision agriculture software solution is a cloud-based farm management tool that enables farmers to adapt to best agriculture practices, automate various work processes, and maximize crop yield for higher revenues while preserving the resources. The precision agriculture software offers powerful predictive analytical tools that give farmers a precise forecast of the expected yield size, and other key aspects by analyzing the past data. It also enables farmers to better track the crop health, as well as, monitor the soil condition to avoid any infestation or loss of crop.

    Here are some features offered by precision agriculture software:

    Real-time insights

    Precision agriculture software brings real-time insights to farmers for various farming aspects including labor reports, crop production charts, weather predictions, and others. The powerful analytical sensors enable farmers to consistently monitor any parameters and access real-time data to remain updated with all the important insights of the farm

    Yield monitoring

    Estimating crop yield has remained a key challenge for farmers, with serious consequences on the revenues. Today, precision agriculture software are enabling farmers to get a precise estimate for the crop yield, by consistent monitoring of the crop health, as well as, by performing in-depth analysis for the past trends.

    Built-in Accounting

    Accounting isn’t the easiest of the task for farmers, however, it’s an important aspect to ensure the profitability of the business. Now, precision agriculture software offers automated tools and features that enable farmers to keep accounting records for the crop yields with ease using cloud-based solutions.

    Field Management

    The precision agriculture software enables farmers to monitor the soil test results, crop rotations, irrigation, manure, and other aspects for better field management.

    Weather Records

    Modern precision agriculture software enables farmers to integrate farming calendars with the weather conditions, thus enabling them to schedule field operations in synchronization with the prediction weather conditions.

    7 Best Precision Agriculture Software

    Microsoft Dynamics

    Microsoft Dynamics is rapidly changing the face of traditional farming, equipping farmers with the advanced tools to modernize the farming processes. The integration of farms with the powerful suite of Dynamics 365, enables farmers to better manage the operational and business aspects of farming, as well as, keep up with the stakeholders via a unified source. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution for precision agriculture and agriculture software products brings insightful real-time data from the field in form of interactive reports, so that farmers stay updated with the performance of the farm and take data-backed timely decisions. Folio3 Microsoft Dynamics integration solution for precision agriculture are meant for easy integration and synchronization of a powerful suite of Dynamics 365 with the food and agricultural businesses; equipping them with the right tools they need to future-proof their farm business.


    The farm works is a dedicated farm management software that is developed for livestock management. The software offers flexible tools for easy identification of animals while keeping detailed records for breeding, animal movement, treatments, and other historical information. With farm works, it’s easy for farmers to access historical data for an individual animal, and take timely steps for livestock management. The software also enables farmers to add notes in a structured way, which can be customized for viewing different performance indicators of animals.


    SMS is the world’s leading precision agriculture software that gives farmers the right information they need to better manage their farms. The industrialized agriculture software is developed by Ag Leader’s, with a vision to offer farmers a high-utility decision-making tool with an interactive interface, enabling them to maximize their productivity of every acre. It’s a desktop software, which retrieves the data from the field and process it to product smart reports for better farm management.


    MapShots is one of the most feature-packed precision agriculture software that is meant to process large data for analysis and present it in interactive reports for farmers. The software automates various farming processes, as well as, track real-time data to bring insightful information directly to the farmers for better plans and field management.


    AgDNA is a modular cloud-based application that is meant to enable farmers to choose the right tools they need to manage their farms. By harnessing the power of cloud computing, IoT, and wireless data transfers, AdDNA brings farmers automated agronomics insights of the farms for efficient and productive farm management.


    Sentera provides remote sensing and IoT based solution for precision agriculture practices. The software comes with powerful analytical features and complex sensor products that deliver precise farm information for better, and more efficient farm management. Sentera enables farms to consistently monitory the crop health using advanced multispectral image-based solutions like NDVI, and other Red Eagle products to avoid infestation and maximize the crop yield.


    AgroSense is a reliable and precise solution that comprises a network of small meteorological stations. The solution enables farmers to access high-resolution satellite data for consistent monitoring of fields including soil mapping, crop health estimation, and identification of infestation.


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