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    Agriculture software products have opened up new possibilities for farmers to adopt smarter and efficient farm management solutions. The recent development in agriculture software products is enabling farmers to practice reliable, confident, and predictable precision agriculture.

    What are Agriculture Software Products?

    Farm management of agriculture software products assist farmers in solving various tasks related to agriculture practices. The products come up with various tools and features that deliver real-time information to farmers, enabling them to make well-informed decisions promptly. The software products used in agriculture not only fastens the workflow processes involved in the practice but also increasing the precision, as well as, improve the production of the crop.

    Some of the areas where software products using in the agriculture industry have already make an impact includes;

    • Record keeping
    • Yield prognosis
    • Crop rotation
    • Seed harvesting
    • Pest control
    • Fertilizer
    • Track farming
    • Soil moisture
    • Crop health monitoring
    • Weather monitoring
    • Risk assessment
    • Loss prevention.

    Folio3 Dynamics is your Custom Agriculture Software Products Partner

    The pressing need for technological breakthroughs in the agriculture industry has attracted various tech companies to invest in the development of innovative agriculture software products. Folio3 is one of the leading names among the various tech businesses making an impact in the agriculture industry with its robust, integrated, and comprehensive tech solutions for farm management. The company brings in powerful Agriculture ERP Software and solutions to automate farm management processes; optimizing the traditional practices to save time and cost; subsequently leading to more yield and higher profitability.

    The Folio3 powerful ERP solutions bring in the latest features and tools to meet all the requirements of farmers and offer to enable them to get better control over their farms.

    Features of the Folio3 Agriculture ERP Software 

    Some of the features of Folio3 Agriculture Software includes;

    1. Real-Time Remote Data Access

    The company has partnered with Microsoft Dynamics, to enable farmers to get real-time data access remotely. The ERP software can be accessed from mobile devices; enabling farmers to keep monitoring and surveillance of farms at all times.

    1. Geographic Information System (GIS)

    The ERP software enables farmers to geotag the farms using Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution. Now farmers can access real-time information of farms and properties through GIS enabled features to improve operational efficiency and increase productivity.

    1. Business Performance Analytics 

    The business intelligence suite from Microsoft Dynamics enables farmers to access interactive and detailed reports. The reports bring in insightful information on a different aspect of your agribusiness performance, enabling you to make well-informed decisions promptly.

    1. Work Flow Management 

    With the powerful and integrated ERP solution for agribusinesses, it’s now possible to track workflow processes and employees’ performance vigilantly.

    1. Crop Management 

    The agriculture of the future needs powerful analytics tools that may enable farmers to keep track of crop health and take any precautionary step in time. With powerful remote management tools and analytical features, Folio3 agriculture software products enable farmers to keep track of crop health, as well as, various other parameters like soil moisture and chlorophyll content to ensure healthy crops and higher yields.

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    13 Best Agriculture Software Products

    Here are some of the best agriculture management software products used in the agriculture industry

    1. Microsoft Dynamics

    To keep up with today’s dynamic agriculture industry, it’s important for farmers to adopt scalable practices that may ensure business growth. And when you are looking for integrated farm management software products that may enable you to automate all tasks related to the agriculture industry, there is no better contender than Microsoft Dynamics 365 agriculture ERP. It’s a robust system that enables farmers to manage end-to-end farm management operations efficiently; allowing them to automate various tasks and streamlines procedures to improve efficiency.

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    Some of the features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes;

    • Advanced analytics tools
    • Interactive reporting
    • Efficient CRM engagement
    • Efficient raw material sourcing
    • Better cost controls
    • Improved quality management
    • Data-driven personalization
    • 24/7 customer service

    FarmLogs is a pioneering farm management software product introduced back in 2011. The software product powers over 50,000 agriculture enterprises today, offering them an interactive and user-friendly approach towards farm management.

    Some of the features of FarmLogs include;

    • Soil mapping
    • Plant growth monitoring
    • Field monitoring through satellite imagery or scouting
    • Notifications for price fluctuations in local markets through zip codes
    • Profit and loss calculation
    • Email notifications
    • Much more
    1. Climate FieldView 

    Climate FieldView is another apt agriculture software product that enables farmers and agribusinesses to efficiently manage data in one place. As can be taken by name, the software offers real-time predictions for weather and rainfall data. Some of the other features offered by the software include;

    • Real-time maps access
    • Historical maps access
    • Real-time data visualization for harvesting, spraying, and seeding
    • Crop health monitoring
    • Crop performance evaluation
    1. Farmers Edge 

    Founded in 2005, Farmers Edge brings in a lot of focus on precision agriculture practice. Some of its features include;

    • Multilingual
    • Data interpretation
    • Private satellites for real-time data access and monitoring
    • Dedicated hardware solution including; weather station, soil moisture sensors, and telematics equipment
    1. AGRIAN

    Developed in 2004, the Agrian is primarily focused to improve the quality and efficiency of farm management for farmers, food processing companies, and agronomic advisors. Some of its core focus areas include;

    • Precision agriculture
    • Data analytics
    • Sustainable agriculture practices
    • Agronomic planning
    • Food safety compliance
    1. TRIMBLE

    Trimble is a USA-based giant tech giant that brings in powerful agriculture software products for all stakeholders involved with the industry including; farmers, agribusinesses, retailers, and food companies. Some of the features offered by Trimble include;

    • Weather data access
    • Farm fleet management
    • Seed monitoring
    • Field monitoring
    • Price tracking
    • Profit mapping
    • Historical data accessibility
    1. AGRIVI

    Agrivi is a UK based platforms meant to facilitate agrarians to run efficient enterprises across the world. Some of the features offered by the software include;

    • Soil cultivation
    • Quality control
    • Compliance checks
    • Pest detection
    • Planting
    • Harvesting
    • Fertilization
    • Spraying, and
    • Others

    Headquartered in San Francisco, USA, the company offers powerful agriculture software products to farmers across North-America and Australia. Some of the features offered by the software include;

    • Corp health analysis
    • Inventory utilization
    • Soil fertility mapping
    • Agronomical support

    FarmShots software product brings in various applications for the agriculture industry and can be integrated with high-resolution satellite or drone imagery. Some of its features include;

    • Crop health monitoring
    • Data analytics
    • Pest invasions
    • Weather conditions
    • Crop growth monitoring
    • Fertilization
    1. STRIDER

    Strider is one of the largest Brazilian based agriculture software product that is actively used to manage thousands of thousands of hectors of farms in the country. The software enables farmers and agribusinesses with;

    • Pest control
    • Year-round monitoring of farms
    • Crop health monitoring
    • Machinery tracking

    Proagrica is an advanced analytical agriculture software product that is able to extract critical farm information through satellite images or drone imagery. Some of its features include;

    • Data analytics
    • Automated algorithms for crop health monitoring
    • Record keeping
    • Trading operations

    Developed by Syngenta, AgriEdge is currently being used in over 90 countries across the world. The software brings in some of the most advanced technological solutions for farm management. The main areas of focus for the software product includes;

    • Technology
    • Agronomy
    • Service
    • Economy
    • Stewardship
    1. Crop Monitoring by EOS

    Crop Monitoring software product is a cloud-based technological solution by the Earth Observation System. The software is able to collect, process, analyze, and interpret data from satellite images to enable farmers to make intelligent decisions. Some of the features of the system include;

    • Field monitoring
    • Field mapping
    • Vegetation indices
    • Crop maps
    • Soil moisture
    • Chlorophyll content monitoring
    • Scouting
    • Weather data
    • Real-time data comparison with archive data
    • Alerts and notifications

    Benefits and Advantages/Purposes of Software Products Used in Agriculture

    Some of the benefits of software products used in the agriculture industry include;

    • Customized software products and integration with agriculture drones for precision agriculture
    • Weather forecasting
    • Improved efficiency for farm management
    • Access to expert advice and best practices for farm management & agribusinesses
    • Showcasing agriculture products
    • Maintaining Calendars

    What is Soil Sampling Using Precision Agriculture Software Products?

    Soil sampling using precision agriculture products is meant to determine the nutrient content, composition, acidity, and other characteristics of the soil. This is an important step for precision agriculture and a mandatory step to meet government regulatory requirements.

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