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Farm Accounting Software – 10 Best QuickBooks for Farmers

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Farm management isn’t an easy task by any means. After a hectic all-day work routine out on the farm, the last thing farmers would worry about is managing the accounts. However, as with all businesses, farmers need to maintain accurate and neat accounting records to keep up with the financial management and productivity of the farm. This also means that like all other businesses, farmers need effective and efficient farm accounting software that may ease the management of their accounts burden.

The key to good farm accounting software is its easy operations and effective management of bookkeeping. However, with so many software and ERP systems, choosing the best farm accounting software is definitely a tricky task in industrialized agriculture.

Well, in this blog, we will be looking at some key aspects of farm accounting software, as well as, review some of the best software/platforms including farm accounting software free tools that may help you choose the right software/system for your needs.

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Folio3 Is Your Custom Farm Management Partner

Folio3 is a recognized name in the tech industry, offering businesses customized and effective software solutions to meet unique business requirements. The company has been working with farmers from across the United States, offering farmers bespoke and completely personalized Agriculture ERP software solutions for farm management and accounting needs. Unlike standalone accounting software for farmers, the powerful ERP solution for enterprise offers integrated farm management solutions that give farmers the control they need to effectively manage all operations of their farms, as well as, effectively scale the ERP features as their business grows.

Some of the advance features of Folio3 custom ERP for farm management features include;

Integrated Business Process

Using state-of-the-art Microsoft Dynamics ERP system, Folio3 ERP solution for farms enable farmers to improve the accuracy and efficiency of operations for all farm-related activities.

Task / Work Flow Management

With the integrated ERP solution for agriculture, farmers are in control to create sequential tasks to delegate to relevant workers/members or the business. Automate the delegation and monitoring of tasks to further improve the efficiency of business operations.

Real-Time Data Access

Get access to data anytime and from anywhere. The powerful ERP system can be accessed remotely through mobile devices or handheld devices, so you are always in control of your business.

Business Performance Analytics

Use powerful Business Intelligence Suite from Microsoft Dynamics to enable employees/workers at all levels of the organization to generate interactive and relevant reports in pre-defined templates.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

Get access to real-time information using Microsoft Dynamics 35 GIS features to improve operational efficiency and increase productivity.

Featured Modules and Applications

Bring in greater transparency in your business operations with advanced Microsoft Dynamics features and applications including post-harvest processing, material management, marketing, and others. The Folio3 Dynamics ERP solution also supports all financial aspects of the business including payroll, accounting, budgeting, and others.


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7 Best Farm Accounting Software

FastTrack Dynamics Finance and Operations

When it comes to the best accounting software for farmers, folio3’s FastTrack Dynamics Finance and operations are right at the top. The intelligent software solution brings various advance and out-of-the-box features including interactive charts, timely alerts, and other functionalities to ensure comprehensive business performance evaluation and optimization of organizational processes.  

The FastTrack Dynamics Finance and Operations solution is the most comprehensive and complete management and farm accounting solution built on dynamics ax, 365, and Business Central.


  • Easy and interactive interface
  • Customized solution to meet unique business needs
  • Pre-configured instances for greater accuracy and efficiency
  • Configurable with advanced warehouse capabilities


  • May need initial training to get used to all the features and functionalities


Pricing may vary depending on the needs. Contact the sales representative for a free quotation. 

2) QuickBooks Desktop Pro

QuickBooks for farmers has remained one of the top farm accounting software choice for farmers across the world. The QuickBooks Desktop Pro takes it to another level with its affordable and robust accounting solutions. As you may expect from QuickBooks for farmers, the Desktop Pro version brings in a lot of customization to farming operations, as well as, a massive network of expert guidance. The QuickBooks Desktop Pro is definitely one of the best small farm accounting software that enables farmers to get control of all their farm accounting needs.


  • Roust network of Advisors and Expert Guidance
  • Affordable
  • Highly customizable
  • Customized chart of accountants


  • No mobile app
  • Additional charges for payroll feature
  • Complex interface


The QuickBooks for farmers offers different packages ranging from a $299.95 onetime fee for the QuickBooks Desktop Pro to $499.5 per year for QuickBooks Desktop Premier Plus.

3) EasyFarm

EasyFarm is another great farm accounting software for farmers looking for an easy accounting solution. The platform enables farmers to easily manage personal and farm funds without mixing the two. This is especially helpful for small farmers who tend to mix both funds in one account. EasyFarm is an excellent small farm accounting software with an easy interface and use of farming terms, instead of accounting terms.


  • Interactive and easy to use input screen
  • Great for crops and livestock
  • Customized chart of accounts
  • Training manual included


  • Use of farming terminologies may make it difficult for bookkeepers to understand
  • Additional charges for issuance and tracking of invoices
  • No support to track unpaid bills
  • No support to transfer inter-account transactions


  • EasyFarm 8.3 Lite: $509 one-time fee
  • EasyFarm 8.3 Plus: $595 one-time fee
  • EasyFarm 8.3 Pro Corps: $800 one-time fee
  • EasyFarm 8.3 Pro Livestock: $800 one-time fee
  • EasyFarm 8.3 Premier: $1,100 one-time fee

4) FarmBooks

FarmBooks is the perfect farm accounting software for farmers who are on a tight budget and looking for specialized account management solutions. The software is dedicatedly built to manage accounts and bookkeeping needs of farms, with an easy to use interface that makes it super easy for farmers to get started with minimal setup.


  • Affordable
  • 30 days free trial
  • Supports invoice issuance
  • Support Bill tracking
  • Easy to use interface


  • No mobile app
  • Only to be used for single farm
  • Don’t support import transactions


  • $395 per farm

5) QuickBook Online Plus

The QuickBooks Online Plus is yet another great farm accounting solution specifically meant for farmers who are after remote access to the data without having to sit at a desk. The platform enables farmers to access all relevant farm data through mobile devices.


  • Easy to share data with QuickBooks ProAdvisors
  • Remote access through mobile devices
  • Support transactions from bank accounts


  • Need to subscribe to each farm separately
  • Not so friendly to customize the chart of accounts
  • Additional charges to integrate payroll feature


  • Plus: $70/month
  • Essentials: $40/month

6) Wave

If you are looking for farm accounting software free of charge, Wave is your best small farm accounting software indeed. The platform comes with a pretty interactive and easy to use interface, as well as, can be integrated into the bank accounts for import transactions periodically. While it doesn’t have advanced features like some of the other platforms, it’s a pretty useful free farm accounting software to manage small farm accounts.


  • Free
  • Can be integrated into bank accounts
  • Track bills
  • Remote access


  • No farm management features
  • Max One user allowed


  • Free

7) The Farmer’s Office

Lastly, we have a very specific farm accounting software that’s specially meant for farmers who don’t own their fields. The Farmer’s Office enables tracking direct expenses on the farm, as well as, enable allocation of overhead expenses for billing purpose to the landowner. It’s a pretty robust and comprehensive farm accounting and management platform enabling farmers without farms to keep up with their productivity and expenses.


  • Advance cost allocation features
  • AG payroll included
  • Overhead reporting
  • Chemical inventory tracking


  • No upfront pricing
  • Don’t support transactions from bank accounts


No upfront pricing. The quotation may be asked by contacting the sales department

QuickBooks for Farmers VS ERP

For most farmers, QuickBooks is the natural choice of selection at the beginning to manage the finance and accounting needs of the farms. The software does bring some handy and high-utility tools that make farm accounting management much easier and efficient. However, the problem with QuickBooks for farmers is that it’s a standalone solution and doesn’t take into account other farm management aspects.

The Agriculture Software like FastTrack ERP by Folio3 brings in an integrated approach to farm management including accounting needs. It’s a unified platform that can be used to manage the entire farm operations. Also, the Agriculture software products are much better suited for scalability. Farmers can always scale ERP solutions as their business grows, which may be difficult to achieve using QuickBooks for farmers.

3 Top farm accounting software free

  1. Granular

Granular brings in robust digital management tools for farmers which helps them to improve their operational efficiency and productivity. The farm management software enables farmers to bring the entire data into one system for better visibility and efficient decision making with integrated financial, agronomic, and operational data.

  1. Wave

Wave is another top farm accounting software free; specifically meant for efficient accounts management of small farms. The software comes with an interactive platform and enables farmers to easily track key accounts and financial data as compared to spreadsheets. Wave also enables farmers to integrate with bank accounts to keep up with the import of all transactions.

  1. Zipbooks

Zipbooks is an industry leader when it comes to free farm accounting and management software. The ERP Accounting software comes with robust farm management features that aren’t just restricted to the financial aspects of the farms but also enable easy and efficient management of farm operations including; crop management, field management, and livestock management. 

How to Choose Accounting Software for Farmers, SMEs, and Enterprises

Honestly, there isn’t anyone best farm accounting software. There is a variety of different accounting and management software available in the market, each offering specific features. So, the key to choosing the right accounting software lies in your understanding of your farm needs. Here are some key aspects which you may consider before committing to a specific farm accounting software;

  • Cost
  • Online vs Desktop
  • Ease of use
  • Integration with bank accounts
  • Tracking of unpaid bills
  • Job costing
  • Inventory management
  • Fixed assets management


As we said earlier, no one farm accounting software can be termed as the best solution or farm management and accounting. The key is to understand the needs of your farm and choosing the platform that is able to deliver you maximum value for your investment.

In general, if you are looking for small farm management software, you may go with independent and standalone accounting software that may help you in meeting the accounting needs of your farms. However, if you are looking for a small to large farm accounting solution it is recommended to go with the ERP solution for farm accounting and management as it offers an integrated solution to manage routine farm operations, as well as, the finance and accounting needs of the business. Not to forget the scalability offered by farm ERP systems are much better and comprehensive as compared to standalone farm accounting software.

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