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Dynamics 365 Commerce A Futuristic Retail Solution

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Dynamics 365 Commerce

Consultation and Implementation

Dynamics 365 for Commerce (Retail) is changing the retail industry by creating a one-stop solution that helps retailers create amazing customer experiences, support their employees and optimize operations. The platform takes products from the inception to fulfillment all while transforming them into something incredible!

Implementing business processes and systems that are seamless, cost effective, fast flexible with a 100% customer orientation is not only possible but also profitable with Dynamics 365 for Commerce (Retail). By unifying digital, in-store and back office operations with a modern platform that is adaptable, you can ensure an efficient shopping experience for all shoppers

Dynamics 365 Commerce Consultation and Implementation

Dynamics 365 Commerce Services

Whether you own a single store or 100s of them, Folio3 can help you Dynamics 365 Commerce is the world class Retail ERP solution for retailers by Microsoft.

D365 Commerce Implementation

Implement D365 Commerce that caters to all the areas whether it be POS, eCommerce store or Omi-Channel solution through our Microsoft certified experts.

HANDS-ON Consulting

Our Microsoft certified experts encourages you to discuss design options and explore choices.

Migration & Upgrade

Our Microsoft certified experts move your company data to  Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce through minimum disruption.

D365 Commerce Customization

Shape your ideas into reality with the help of Folio3 trained experts from Dynamics 365.


Providing medical on-demand and continuous support for D365 with fewer disorders.


We make D365 integration with other application a smooth process by providing immediate data flow without delay or error.

Speak to our Folio3 Microsoft Certified Experts today & get free consultation to kick starting your D365 Commerce journey!

With D365 Commerce get a unified commerce experience at scale.

Unify digital, in-store and back office operations with the modern and adaptable platform to ensure an efficient shopping experience for all shoppers.

Unified Commerce

  • Hijack the customer journey and turn them into loyal buyers by giving them an unforgettable experience from start to finish.
  • Let your customers enjoy hassle-free purchases with convenient options for in store pick up or home delivery– with optimized ordering and fulfilment tools.
  • Customers will be more likely to buy your products if they can earn points for every purchase and use them towards free gifts or discounts.
Unified Commerce
Flexible Platform

Flexible Platform

  • With the help of a no-code visual editor and tools to build apps, you can easily adapt your application for changing needs.
  • With the help of an extensible and flexible platform automate processes across Dynamics 365 applications and third-party systems.
  • Trusted Microsoft cloud platform state-of-the-art security and compliance can reduce the cost and complexity of operating a global infrastructure.

Effective Merchandising

  • Use your inventory to maximize sales and profits by allocating it based on season, market demand trends in the industry as well competitive pressures.
  • With central visibility, you can manage product demand across all channels and see central visibility into information such as categories or pricing.
  • Promotions can be built by category, season or loyalty level. The tool will help you design the promotion and define specific rules for who gets what reward when it’s time to stop promoting!
Effective Merchandising
Intelligent Stores

Intelligent Stores

  • With the new real-time product, customer and inventory visibility you can reduce costs while improving your utilization rate.
  • The time of key store closing activities is reduced with automated and streamlined workflows.
  • With advanced analytics, you can create a tailored product selection and recommendations for your customers.

Why choose Folio3 for
D365 Commerce Implementation

Certified Gold Partner

Certified Gold Partner

Reduce fulfilment costs and improve inventory utilization with real-time product, customer, inventory, and order visibility.

500+ Satisfied Customers

500+ Satisfied Customers

From Fortune 500 to SMEs, we have worked with more than 500 customers worldwide with 100% success rate.

1 Million

1 Million+ Products Synced

Hundreds of clients have synced their ecommerce stores with Microsoft Dynamics ERP enabling real-time data sharing.

Trusted Microsoft Dynamics Partner

Gold Microsoft Dynamics partner with solid foundations and experienced professionals.




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Speak to Folio3 Microsoft Certified experts today & get free D365 Commerce consultation!

Microsoft Folio3 Dynamics 365 Commerce FAQs

What is D365 Commerce? Does Microsoft Dynamics have ecommerce?

D365 Commerce is a business suite initiated by Microsoft. It is aimed to be the ‘one-stop solution’ for different types of businesses ranging from groceries to furniture to clothing and expanding into many other industries. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce is a form of eCommerce that connects the digital world with the physical stores and holistically improves the business as it carefully analyzes customer behavior and preferences, management through the different inner channels, and overlook the resource management. Therefore, this single platform provides overall insights into different aspects of the business through studying inventory levels and resource management. Hence, it accounts for the phrase “one-stop solution” as additional plugins and platforms are no longer needed to gain these insights. It also allows for quicker issue resolving and a better CRM system.

What is Dynamics 365 commerce (Retail)? ERP or CRM?

The retail segment on Dynamics 365 commerce is a one-stop solution for retailers as it caters to many different key operations and allows for app integrations to further interlink the processes on Dynamics 365 retail commerce. The activities it caters to are as follows:

  1. Point of Sale (POS): The platform provides a mobile efficient PoS through sales, delivery, pickup, returns, and other management capabilities.
  2. Store management: This inculcates all the performance reporting and its management along with a thorough analysis on the worker shifts and their subsequent productivity rates.
  3. Loyalty management: This revolves around customers mainly. It includes the awards and membership points as well as event-based promotions targeted to a certain customer segment.
  4. Merchandizing and Promotion management: The different up-scaling and cross-selling offers, miscellaneous discounts, quantity and card-based discounts, BOGO offers, and assortments.
  5. Gift cards: The credit load on the card, balance on the new and old cards, redemption of the balance, and connecting it to the mobile app.
  6. Returns: Return and exchange handling.
  7. Ecommerce: The integration between the digital operations and in-store operations.
  8. Retail analysis: Conversion rate calculation and analysis, store and product mix performance, shopping cart analysis.

Can the Dynamics 365 Commerce be classified as a Model driven app?

Dynamics 365 Commerce is not a model driven app. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is a sales module of D365. However, the Sale Hub app is a model driven app, and it is developed by Microsoft. Sales module is referred to as the “back-end” of D365 as it contains all the core functions. Sales Hub is referred to as the “front-end” as it is the main app.

How are Sales Hub and sales module interconnected? Once the Sales license is purchased on D365 and the Sales application solution is installed, it gives the user the Sales Hub app. On the app, the functions of sales module are used to further customize the user’s experience. Thus, the sales module is just a set of functions that are used to operate the Sales Hub app. The app cannot be installed in the absence of the sales module.

What are the key features of Dynamics 365 Commerce? Explain?

  1. Unified commerce: A unified shopping experience typically means to combine all retail experiences under one umbrella. This means combining the physical stores, digital operations, and call centers. D365 allows for customers to place their orders and pick them up from multiple locations and holistically optimize their shopping experience.
  2. Point of Sale (POS): D365 supports the use of Modern POS (MPOS) and cloud POS (CPOS). The MPOS caters to mobile devices and Windows while the CPOS carries out the POS functions in different browsers. Due to this feature, users can use a variety of mobile devices to fulfill their shopping experience. D365 also makes use of multiple simulators to further enhance the experience.
  3. Inventory and merchandizing: Prior to presenting the products on sale to the customers, they need to be configured on D365. The product functions, description, and categories should be defined by D365 Commerce. Discounts and price changes can also be applied to the items that are to be offered.
  4. - Clienteling tools: App integrations within Microsoft Dynamics 365 create strong customer relationships as data is widely shared on the platform. The use of the clientellng tools and customer insights help gain a detailed overview on customer preferences and establish a long-lasting relationship with them on the bases of their needs. The integral use of artificial intelligence also further enhances the relationship.
  5. Customer loyalty: Different rewards are offered on the loyalty programs in Microsoft Dynamics 365. This involves linking loyalty programs with the loyalty cards given to the customers. It also allows for a customer to combine all their points across the different loyalty cards that they may own and then get a reward for those. It also defines activities that will lead to earning more loyalty points.

What are the Key Functionalities of Dynamics 365 for Ecommerce?

Greater Customer Experience

  • Nonstop real-time self-service across all digital channels
  • Distinct pricing, terms and conditions and catalogs for specific customers
  • Augmented cross selling, as well as up selling through data-driven personalization

Better Growth Factors

  • Several B2C and B2B stores can be managed and operated from one platform
  • Multiple languages, currency, taxes and payment options are available
  • Significant increase in revenue with cross selling and up selling

Optimized Business Processes & Operations

  • Easy integration to Dynamics 365 (AX) on premise or cloud
  • Presence of self-service for areas including order history, reorder, and returns
  • Display of prices and discounts from Dynamics 365 for specific customer

What are the Benefits of D365 Integrated Ecommerce?

  • Greater than just a Connector or Shopping Cart
  • Implementing Dynamics 365 for ecommerce operations is the best choice for any online business as it provides a robust platform that helps significantly in abandoned shopping cart reminders, global selling, segmentation, B2C, B2B, and content customization.

  • Enhance ERP & Leverage Dynamics 365 Data
  • You can enrich product data across several languages, product fields and types of media with Dynamic web's Product Information Management. Share this enriched version of content with your sales team and customers like never before. You can segment customers by combining ERP customer information and onsite behavior to develop a highly targeted list. These customers in the targeted list can be then emailed automatically with built-in Dynamics 365 features.

  • Extensible Integration
  • Dynamics 365 works wonder for e-commerce store. The shoppers at your ecommerce store will enjoy real time access to inventory, historical orders and account management at the same time your office staff has the access to their ERP system, Dynamics 365 without any lags.

  • No Additional Coding
  • We make sure that there is no additional coding added to your solution, hence we can provide bi-directional access to Dynamics 365 with live and batch mode connectivity.

  • Nonstop Real Time Self Service
  • With Microsoft Dynamics 365, your customers can easily make transactions, place RMA requests, see historic orders and do online payments at any time of the day.

  • Gain Operational Efficiency
  • By integrating your ecommerce store with Dynamics 365 operations you can gain operational efficiency and grow revenue manifolds.

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