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    Membership management can be time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive. However, it needs to be done (by hook or by crook) if you want to improve customer experience and increase your member count. That being said, it’s evident that businesses have to focus on membership management and better customer engagement. But again, manual customer and membership management can be tedious.

    For this purpose, using open-source membership management software is a viable option as it can help manage the customers and their memberships. Cutting the long story short, we are sharing the top open source membership management software (yes, they all have top-notch features!) that promise seamless membership management. So, let’s check out the best available options!

    B2B ecommerce Development by Folio3 To top the list, B2B ecommerce development solutions by Folio3 are worth mentioning since the company offers end-to-end ecommerce solutions for online merchants. Folio3’s ecommerce development services provide businesses with interactive and objective-focused membership management software solutions that help businesses achieve the maximum conversions and generate leads for customers and memberships. Folio3 can provide various CRM integrations, ERP integrations, and plugins.

    In addition, when you opt for their open source membership management software, they can customize the platform that helps you build customer-oriented systems. In addition, the software will be functional, and businesses will have the capacity to leverage the ecommerce platform for scaling and growing the business. On top of everything, Folio3 is a certified partner of Shopify, Shopify Plus, WooCommerce, Oracle, Salesforce, Magento, and Microsoft Dynamics to get you industry-specific solutions.

    With Folio3 at your end, you have access to front-end development, back-end development, website integration, mobile-friendly interface, and migration between different platforms. On top of everything, the extensions and plugins can be customized to meet the business needs and maximize the performance standards. As far as the support is concerned, they offer 24/7 support and maintenance services through email, phone, and ticket. That being said, all your technical issues will be cleared in no time, so you can work on your business sales, improve ROI, and increase the memberships.

    1. GroupSpaces
    2. As the name suggests, this software can run different groups efficiently and effectively. The primary function of GroupSpaces is to eliminate the frustration, stress, and challenges of managing the groups. In addition, there are special features that will streamline the management processes. For instance, it includes a well-designed member database, and web-based membership forms will be available. It can help collect the membership fees and clear up the pending fees.

      On top of everything, GroupSpaces will help control the list of members. The users can receive the new member registration forms through online forms, and there are various options available for creating the email lists. The best thing about GroupSpaces is sharing the email newsletters, keeping an eye on the prices, and eliminating the need for follow-up with cash. With this software, arranging the events and sending out member invitations will be highly convenient.

      What we love most about GroupSpaces is that it helps maintain the data of every member in one place, so data access is streamlined. Even more, a web shelter is designed for easier access. You can monitor the website clicks and openings while storing the online member activities. This is open source and free software, but a premium version is available as well.

    3. CiviCRM
    4. For everyone who is in search of cloud-based membership management software, this is a great option. In particular, this software is suitable for subscription-based businesses, charity businesses, and public sector businesses. The users can easily manage the data and connect it with Joomla, WordPress, Backdrop, and Drupal. It can easily support non-government platforms and brands. As far as customization is concerned, CiviCRM allows feature extension and customization.

      CiviCRM is straightforward to use, and the quality is exceptional. It is compatible with a wide range of devices and platforms, increasing the accessibility for brands and businesses. It can save the data of every membership and contact at one place (yes, everything will be done automatically). The installation can be customized according to your requirements. In addition, CiviCRM offers features that allow the members to pay and register for subscriptions.

      On top of everything, it allows the users to add gifts, design and control the management processes, and manage the email lists. Even more, it has an extensive range of tools for event management and captures the attention of targeted members. Lastly, the donations can be easily managed, and thank you emails can be automatically sent for making contributions. As far as the payment is concerned, it’s free software, and the pro version is available with a one-time payment.

    5. Wild Apricot
    6. Wild Apricot is the membership management software that allows businesses to streamline and automate the subscription process for every member. The security level of this software is pretty amazing because the data will be stored on the cloud, which means data will be readily available on every device, irrespective of your location. It has a mobile-compatible and online form development feature that eases things for members and the target audience.

      Wild Apricot allows the users to customize the app processing according to specific needs, and the memberships will be available for members, groups, and families. In addition, it offers customization for confirmation emails, and it can collect payments through credit cards and debit cards (yup, no need to deal with cash and checks). On top of everything, Wild Apricot allows the users to integrate the software with WordPress.

      As far as the renewal process is concerned, it will send automatic bills and alerts to streamline the process. The users can arrange the directives, set up multiple rates at a time, and implement the renewal strategies while allowing recurring payments. What we love about this software is that it enables the users to customize the member’s details. Also, if you already have a website, you can embed the subscription and memberships without revamping the entire website.

    7. Admidio
    8. Admidio is designed with an extensive range of free tools that are important for businesses. With this membership management software, the users can handle various essential features for companies, partners, and member groups. The user interface is highly intuitive, which means all the functions can be completed within a few seconds. There are multiple modules as well, and they can modify the homepages and landing pages.

      It can help keep the data safe and protected from security breaches, and there won’t be any unauthorized access to the data. The membership lists can be easily configured and export the membership lists in various formats, such as CSV, OpenOffice, and Excel. It can manage the declarations as well as appointments with the help of the iCal export feature. In addition, it can help customize the functions and member groups.

      Admidio allows businesses to upload the images and manage the images. It has the most straightforward import feature so that you can add information about new members through a CSV file. In addition, the users can modify the website layouts through plugins. Not to forget, it can be used for adding remarks on specific members. As far as the price is concerned, this is an open-source system that’s available for free.

    9. Tendenci     
    10. To begin with, it has become one of the most popular membership management software solutions, especially if you want to involve the members and expand the business. It is mainly designed for unions and charity organizations. The user interface is highly convenient, and there are integrated communication features for improving business growth. In addition, there are several profit-making features and apps for improving sales funnels.

      The best thing about Tendenci is that it doesn’t ask for agreements or admin fees, making it suitable for organizations with tight budgets. With Tendenci, the users manage the registrations and keep an eye on the database, member associations, and renewals. Even more, there is a built-in event calendar for easier event planning. It can implement the online donation feature, and the donation process will be streamlined, promising its suitability for professional companies.

      Tendenci has various digital features that allow the companies to gather, systemize, and upload media content, such as videos and images on the website. As for the database, it allows the users to showcase the fundraisers. Also, the members can ask queries and gain replies. Last but not least, you can add articles, press releases, and blogs relative to their industry since there are SEO features available for ranking.

    11. Member Planet
    12. If you are looking for software that makes it easy for users to add associations, this is a great membership management software. It can monitor the activities and help review the reports. It can automate the renewal process, so you can save time and focus on administrative tasks; even more, you can utilize the saved time to extend the member group. It can automate the membership process, and various tools are available for increasing productivity while streamlining basic functions.

      With Member Planet, you can transform the event into a seamless experience while extending the purpose. It actually helps raise funds by developing the contribution page and ask the followers to support the cause. On top of everything, Member Planet allows the users to communicate and talk to the members through different mediums, such as websites, social media pages, emails, and texts. It can optimize the user experience and keep track of subscription payments.

      Member Planet allows users to design a well-formatted and engaging website that can support API, CMS features, and brand needs. In addition, you can develop a smartphone app that will make it easy to collect fees, share updates, and utilize membership cards. This is free software, but there is a pro version available. The pro version costs around $50 for one month.

    13. ClubMaster
    14. ClubMaster is an excellent option for businesses looking for open-source and free membership management software. The prime objective of ClubMaster is to allow the users to design end-to-end subscriptions (yup, everything is free of cost). It allows the users to show the member’s history along with the account profiles. ClubMaster allows businesses to manage the bills and pending payments.

      The software is designed with a seamless user interface for easier handling. In addition, the admin interface is easy to use. ClubMaster can optimize the event management, and team memberships can be streamlined. It can be integrated with E-conomic and QuickPay for your ease. Lastly, it’s suitable for managing clients.

    15. Zenbership
    16. Optimizing and handling business tasks can be challenging, especially when they keep piling up. That being said, this membership management software will deliver a central location for automating the business and enterprise tasks. The users can manage the contact directories and has the capacity to manage accounts of hundreds of members at a time. Zenbership offers assistance in managing the memberships because it can automate enrollment, invoice development, and payments.

      The best thing about this software is recovering the lost passwords, renew the memberships, and send out reminders. It can be connected with various payment gateways, such as Stripe, PayPal, and credit cards. Zenbership can support the cart feature, so you can allow the members to buy products from your website. Even more, this software is pretty flexible when it comes down to billing. As far as membership management is concerned, the users and members can easily manage the memberships.

      There are various pricing options available with Zenbership that promises convenient invoice development. All in all, it’s free software and has an open-source configuration.

    17. MembersGear
    18. MembersGear has all the essential features and tools available for managing subscription-based websites. It is designed with PHP coding and allows custom designing. Given the right design, the software can be integrated with other apps and programs. It can work with recurring and single memberships, and you can connect with your affiliate program to improve visibility. It can aid in payment processing, and website management will be streamlined.

      On top of everything, different member groups can be handled and have high-end support for the affiliate plans. It can be used to design the platform for selling the products, while group management is also pretty straightforward. All in all, it boasts a user-friendly interface and be integrated with Microsoft Excel. There is a variety of plugins and widgets available. To summarize, it’s a free membership management software and is available for everyone.

    Wrapping It Up 

    Ranging from membership management to engagement, businesses struggle to manage their membership category. If you, too, are struggling to manage memberships for your business efficiently, choose any of the suitable membership management software solutions mentioned in this blog, and we are sure you will be able to improve ROIs for your business significantly. So, which one will be your preferred choice?

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