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Shopify ERP – 15 Best ERP Shopify Systems in 2024

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The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software is a software used by businesses to help them in optimizing and automating various functions, such as production, sales quoting, accounting, etc. One such revolutionary ERP software is the Microsoft Dynamics, powered by Folio3. This powerful software offers you all the solutions you need to transform your business into your dream business. Foilo3 and Microsoft Dynamics have partnered to cater to all industries, including retail and commerce, food, animal management, and agriculture and farms. This post discusses how to choose the best Shopify ERP for your business. Shopify is a well-known eCommerce platform that can yield better profits if paired with the right Microsoft dynamics partner company.

Folio3 is Your Best Shopify ERP Integration Partner

Folio3 is a certified Microsoft Dynamics partner that allows you to manage all your business operations without any hassle. Folio3 has partnered with Microsoft Dynamics to provide you with connectors for your Shopify store. These easy to use connectors allow you to manage and automate your business processes. You can manage your sales orders, shipping details, inventory, products, billing details, and customers, all from a single platform.  Folio3 offers the following integrations with Shopify:


  1. Folio3 Shopify Connector for Dynamics 365, AX and Business Central

Automate all transactions and sync all data from your Shopify store to the Microsoft Dynamics ERP, through a very smooth experience.

Key Features:

— Automate the syncing of inventory levels and billing details

— Automate the export of fulfillments and shipping information from Dynamics 365, AX Shopify Dynamics to Shopify and Shopify Plus

— Automate the synchronization of orders, refunds, customers and billing data

— Real-time sync of all the product details from AX, NAV, Business Central and Dynamics 365 to Shopify and Shopify Plus

— Support for matrix items, multiple pricing, and multiple warehouses in Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365

— Support for recurring orders, order cancellations, and refunds

  1. Folio3 Shopify Dynamics Navision Connector

Integrate Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Shopify with this connector, to manage all your data in one place. Bridge the gap between your offline and online activities to get a better insight into managing your processes.

Key Features:

— Automate the synchronization of inventory levels and billing details

— Automate the sync of orders, customers and billing data

— Automate the export of fulfillments and shipping details from Dynamics NAV to Shopify and Shopify Plus

— Real-time sync of product information from Dynamics NAV to Shopify and Shopify Plus

— Support for matrix items, multiple pricing, and multiple warehouses in Dynamics NAV

— Support for recurring orders, order cancellations, and refunds

  1. Folio3 Microsoft Dynamics CRM

This is one of the most comprehensive CRM systems available on the market. The rich functionalities and features provided by Folio3 Microsoft Dynamics CRM help you to improve sales and track the progress of your business, by analyzing all the aspects of your customer relationship management.

  1. Folio3 Microsoft Dynamics 365

Folio3 provides its users with the best ERP Shopify. This software helps to improve your business’s performance by optimizing all your tasks so that you can concentrate on improving your sales.

How to Choose a Shopify ERP?

Before you invest in a Shopify ERP system, brainstorm as to why do you need an ERP system? Which areas in your business lacking in? Once you know the answers to such questions, you can invest in an ERP Shopify and see how your business’s performance improves drastically. Back-office operations affect your business tremendously. Therefore, you should ensure a smooth and optimized running of these operations. There are a few things which you should consider before the implementation of the Shopify ERP. They are:

— How much are you willing to spend on the Shopify ERP?

— What is your main area of concern? Is it inventory management or order fulfilment?

— How many users will be allowed to log into a single system?

— What are your requirements from the Shopify ERP?

— What is your expected order volume?

— Do you use multiple drop shippers and suppliers?

— Do you sell on multiple sales channels?

— How will your ERP system integrate with Shopify and other systems, such as 3PLs or POS systems?

15 Best Shopify Plus ERPs

There are countless Shopify Plus ERP systems out there in the market. The user’s choice usually depends upon their requirements and budget. They all provide more or less the same features for your business. Below are thirteen of the best Shopify Plus ERP systems to help you get a better picture of this software.

  1. Microsoft Dynamics Shopify 365

This is one of the best Shopify ERP software, built with great integrations for the current apps you are using. It also has a built-in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 lets you enhance your operational efficiency by automating all your transactions between the ERP system and your Shopify web store. In terms of pricing, this ERP Shopify has a one-time installation fee, followed by a minimal annual license fee. You will not be billed based on your transactions or orders; thus, you can have unlimited transactions. 

  1. NetSuite

NetSuite is a well-known cloud-based ERP system used with Shopify. It has a wide range of integrations to offer and helps you in overcoming your business challenges. However, the license fee gets costly if you have a greater number of users using the ERP Shopify. The NetSuite Shopify Plus system allows you to have real-time visibility into your order status and fulfilment. 

  1. Oracle

Oracle is one of the oldest ERP solutions used by various big names to date. It offers a cloud-based ERP solution for an efficient production system. Oracle lets you boost your performance with the automation of tasks, such as data entry, providing you with real-time information for better insights, and it lets you incorporate new sales channels and other software packages seamlessly. 

  1. SAP S/4HANA

It is one of the well-known ERP systems globally. It will meet all your requirements, but it comes with a heavy price tag. It lets you automatically place an order with your selected courier service for a smooth delivery experience for your customers.

  1. Blue Cherry 

Blue Cherry by CGS provides the best solutions for businesses dealing with fashion apparel and footwear. 

  1. Sage

Sage 100 ERP and Sage 300 ERP are the right choices of ERP Shopify. It lets you optimize your inventory, ensuring that it is updated as accurately as possible. 

  1. Quickbooks Enterprise 

Quickbooks is primarily an accounting software solution, which can be used as an ERP for smaller organizations. Such integration would provide cost and sales transparency. Since it is well suited for smaller organizations, it is not heavy on the pocket. 

  1. Apprise

An ERP solution with all the integrated tools you need to run your business smoothly. No need to jump between spreadsheets, the non-integrated software, and the manual processes.  

  1. Sync

The perfect ERP system for the apparel industry that comes with a mobile app. Your whole business experience on the plan of your hand! 

  1. Acumatica

This cloud ERP system can be integrated with Shopify to provide you with all the essential tools you need for optimizing your Shopify business.  

  1. Odoo

Formerly known as OpenERP, you can set this one for free, but you would have to pay for hosting. It lets you customize too.

  1. Infor

Info is a global company that builds ERP software. It can be integrated with Shopify Plus to enhance your business activities and to help optimize your business processes. 

  1. Epicor

Another company that builds ERP software is called Epicor. They cater to numerous industries to help optimize their business to the fullest. 

Most of the ERP systems help in optimizing your business and cutting down on costs. Whichever ERP system software you choose for a store on Shopify Plus, you would be able to achieve the same results. However, it mostly depends upon your budget and requirements. Investing in the right ERP system requires you to thoroughly go through the options available on the market, and choose the best one for yourself. Most of them provide custom made software for your business too. The prices for each company and business is different. These companies charge according to your requirements, such as how many people would be using the ERP Shopify software.

Regardless of the ERP software you choose, you would require a bridge to help sync your ERP system with your Shopify Plus store. There are many options available for you on the market, that bridge the gap between the two. This allows you to manage all your eCommerce operations on a single platform. 

  1. Brightpearl

Brightpearl is a well-known ERP solution for online retailers if they are working with Shopify Plus. It is integrated with the native integration that’s properly maintained. With Brightpearl, the Shopify store owners can easily manage the after-purchasing operations because it offers practical and on-time inventory update. Brightpearl allows automated order management and financial reporting to promise better control on revenue and monetary forecasts.

Brightpearl is a great ERP solution for Shopify Plus because of its reliability and scalability. In fact, it’s an excellent option for Shopify stores that want to expand while keeping the operations efficient. In addition, handling the Shopify stores with different languages and currencies will be easier. It can also optimize the sales channel through a unified interactive interface while automating the backend operations, promising efficient business operations.

On the other hand, you should be aware of the fact that development language is pretty unique, and not many people are aware of it. However, the development language can be quickly learned and used. For the most part, Brightpearl has various notable features, such as retail management, sales order management, warehouse control, order fulfillment, inventory management, and it can simplify supplier management and optimize the marketing efforts.

  1. Aptean    

Aptean is the ERP solution that’s designed for the process manufacturers and related Shopify store owners. It can help fast-growing Shopify stores with the various ERP functionalities available to meet specific industrial needs. For instance, there is a JustFood edition available for food and beverage companies. Aptean ERP is the combination of Consona Corp. and CDC software. It can support the production processes because it can handle various categories.

Aptean can support different business niches and industries, such as financial, distribution, manufacturing, TraceExpress, and customer portals. It can be used for implementing the marketing campaigns in addition to handling the store and customers. Aptean provides inventory management, order tracking, and more feature. The best thing about Aptean is that it’s easy to use because it delivers control and flexibility in features.

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