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    For users currently using an old tool like Zendesk, it is essential to consider advanced tools which are not only easy to use but also are cost effective and offer a better customer service experience. Dynamics 365 can be a better alternative to Zendesk and here in this article, we will explain why and how you should consider migrating from Zendesk to Dynamics 365. 


    To optimize customer service experience and to make it a cost effective procedure, businesses try to incorporate the latest CRM tools into their software. Many users who are currently using Zendesk consider migration to a more focused tool. 


    For this purpose, many businesses and corporations believe Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an ideal choice for them to optimize their sales. Therefore, all the corporations and businesses that previously used CRM solutions other than Dynamics 365 have started migrating from those tools to Dynamics 365. 

    Likewise, companies using Zendesk have also considered shifting to Dynamics 365. 

    Why should you let go of Zendesk? 

    Here we have mentioned a few reasons for you to consider migrating from Zendesk finally.


    Challenges faced.

    • When using Zendesk, consumers may face certain challenges, such as data uploading and exporting information. Even worse, data may be erased or lost for no apparent reason.


    Not easy to use for a new user 

    • Zendesk is not easy to grasp and understand the system, especially if you have no prior experience with any such platform. 


    Tough system

    • Zendesk is unmanageable, uninteresting, tough, and unintuitive. It might be quite difficult for a new user to navigate without the help of a sales representative.



    • It’s a little costly for small organizations that have just started to afford this CRM tool. But it provides enough features and characteristics to warrant the cost. The professional package for the support suite is about $89 per month per user.


    Difficult Collaboration

    • Zendesk makes it complicated to work together with your coworkers. This tool delivers basic collaboration tools, but it doesn’t make it comfortable to complete a smooth discourse.

    Why consider Microsoft Dynamics 365? 

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 makes it easier for mid-market companies to interact with customers and clients, and team members. 

    It connects all of the CRM apps you employ, which makes the sales system much easier and more focused. It provides employees with the tools they need to enhance their customer relationships and customer experience and raise productivity and sales.

    Here are a few reasons to consider Dynamics 365 as an alternative to Zendesk. 

    • Easy to Use

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 has an intuitive user interface that is extremely clear and easy to use. 

    It greatly reduces the stress of new software implementation. 

    If your organization wants employees to have their own devices, this software is perfect for them. Employees will be able to have access to all of their information through its cloud-based functions.

    • Integrates with Microsoft Products

    Dynamics 365 entirely integrates with Office 365, authorizing the easy and simple use of Outlook, Power Bi, and SharePoint.

    It is fast and efficient to move between apps when you use Microsoft Dynamics 365. You do not have to be distressed about your workers taking more time and effort to input customer data into other platforms. 

    This software will give you a complete picture of your business that you can analyze and improve.


    • Better Customer Service Experience

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 amasses an extensive amount of data from customers. It can interpret how they interact with particular brands and what sort of websites they visit. 

    You can anticipate receiving information on brand allegiance and buying patterns when you use the BI tool, which offers invaluable assistance for customer service representatives.


    • Built-In Analytics

    With advanced tools like Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can get insights and witness hidden trends. The business application of these pieces of data is invaluable.


    • Data Privacy

    Data privacy is a growing concern for many customers, but it is one less thing you must consider with Microsoft Dynamics 365. 


    • Save Money

    With this software that allows you to lessen the sales cycle, you can get the work done at a lesser price. It proposes the real-time insights employees need to answer questions and make decisions during the sales process.


    • Customization

    Dynamics 365 has many built-in workflow tools. These advanced tools can assist you in automating functions and chores across marketing, customer service, field service, sales, and project service.

    • Scalability

    Like most other cloud-based Microsoft developments, you can alter your subscriptions every month. When you want to scale up or down, relying on your budget, project, or team size, you can do so very effectively and easily. 


    Keeping in view the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the disadvantages of Zendesk, if you are looking for an advanced yet simple-to-use system and tool to ensure a raise in your productivity and sales, that too at a less price, Dynamics 365 is surely a good tool for the purpose. If you are still a Zendesk user looking for such tools, now is the right time to migrate from Zendesk to Dynamics 365. 


    How to migrate from Zendesk To Dynamics 365? 

    Switching from Zendesk to your Dynamics 365 mandates practice and preparation before the actual procedure. It may look effortless and uncomplicated, but data migration is a complicated process that might result in data loss if you’re not prudent and cautious during the migration process.

    Here are the steps you need to follow to migrate from Zendesk to Dynamics 365. 


    Step 1. Connect your Zendesk and Dynamics 365 platforms to start the migration process. 

    Step 2. Select the data or the information you ought to import from Zendesk to Dynamics 365 or the information you don’t want to import. 

    Step 3. Map your data in Zendesk and Dynamics 365 and do the necessary if they don’t.

    Step 4. Preview the outcomes by starting Free Demo.

    Step 5. If the data migration looks alright, move on with Full Migration. 


    And voila! You are done. 


    To sum up, if a business or corporation wants to excel in the technology field and wants to keep pace with the ever-developing world of digitalization, they need to incorporate the latest and most advanced tools. And if you are a Zendesk user and wish to advance, you can consider Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the best alternative.