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    With the rapid development of technology, more and more businesses have opted for automation of their operating systems. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, limiting human interaction and working online has especially become a priority. 

    So, how exactly do companies, especially those in the service industry, successfully shift to working remotely and optimizing their businesses? The answer lies in field service management software. 

    Field service management (FSM) software is designed to automate your business and help you oversee all the factors involved in field service management operations. 

    FSM systems have helped make running a business more efficient, productive, and profitable. Not to mention, FSM is a perfect solution to working online in a pandemic. 

    Integrating technology like FSM software management allows businesses to keep up with the latest trends and maintain their competitive edge in their respective industries.

     What is Field Service Management Software?

    Field service management (FSM) software is a technology designed to help businesses automate all components of service management which include informing businesses about service-level agreement requirements, alerting companies about appointment deliveries, and overseeing warranties and contracts. In short, FSM software is an integral component of service management. 

    Field service management itself is essentially overseeing business equipment, assets, and systems outside of company premises, i.e., “on the field.” FSM includes streamlining the delivery of skilled services to clients and enhancing customer service. 

    Some common components of field service management are as follows:

    • Arranging the timeline of employee schedules and customer appointments
    • Coordinating the dispatch of a field service specialist when they are sent out to work
    • Tracking customer orders from when they are placed to the point that they are completed
    • Managing the inventory and financial costs
    • Overseeing worker contracts 

    Field management software automates field management solutions so that their efficiency and effectivity are maximized. FSM software helps provide solutions to field service management. The software automates the management process which reduces the need for manual labor and makes the process cost and time effective. 

    FMS software also integrates management with mobile technology so that operations can be overseen remotely. This saves travel costs and overcomes communication and networking issues. 

    FSM software can be distinguished into different types based on specific features. Whatever type you choose to use largely depends on your business and what would suit it the most. 

    Here we have compiled the general types of FSM software, 

    1. Enterprise Asset Management Software

    Enterprise asset management (EAM) software allows businesses to manage their resources and operations both on the field and off the field. 

    Data collected is presented in a centralized location and is routinely regulated with input from the field so that all decisions are made based on updated information. 

    The software also collaborates with AI technology, which makes it customizable for different scales of business.

    1. Inventory Management System

    Inventory management systems are FSM software that helps companies regulate their maintenance, repair, and operations inventory. 

    The software keeps stock of company resources and performs in-depth analytics based on these so that better-informed financial decisions regarding company assets can be made.

    1. Mobile Field Service Management Software

    This type of FSM software incorporates cloud and mobile technology to allow workers remote control over business operations when they are on the field. 

    Mobile accessibility makes this solution efficient and enables workers to access data in real-time and make accurate decisions based on credible information. 

    What is the Best Field Service Management Software in 2022?

    To maximize the benefits of field service management software, you need to find apps that cater to needs specific to your business. 

    Here we have compiled a list of some of the best field service management software in 2022 along with its pros and cons so that your journey to finding an app that is personalized to your needs is made easier. 

    1. Service Titan

    Service Titan is one of the best field service management software on the market. It streamlines all business operations via automation and aims to maximize efficiency, sales, and customer service. 

    Service Titan boasts an all-in-one cloud platform that includes scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, and marketing. 

    The app has special features that include the ability to make credit card transactions out in the field and the feature to record and track calls and store data. 


    • It is mobile-based and can be used practically anywhere
    • The app is very user-friendly
    • It is constantly advancing and new updates are common
    • The customer service team is very attentive and responds immediately


    • Users may find the app’s marketing program a bit overpriced
    • The control center lacks warning for entry of inaccurate or redundant data. If information is accidentally entered twice, there is no pop-up warning
    • Updates may sometimes reset the ‘permissions’ feature
    • Installing the software can be time-consuming  
    1. Jobber

    Jobber is an FSM app that focuses on making “home-service” more efficient and effective. 

    This FSM software is suited to all types of business because of its flexibility. The app is highly customizable and can be adjusted to meet your specific needs. 

    Jobber offers a mobile platform and allows customers to make instant, online payments. Furthermore, the customer history is highly detailed and can be accessed from anywhere, which helps make your customer care one of the best.


    • The app is available on mobile platforms
    • The app has a free 14-day trial that does not require any prior credit card information or contract 
    • It has an auto-reminder feature that helps you stay on top of all your orders


    • The search bar option for text messages may be faulty at times
    • The number of team members you can add to the app’s basic setting is limited
    • Adding any special features to the app’s basic layout can be costly
    1. monday.com

    monday.com is an FSM app that focuses on the collaboration of all business operations to ensure that your company runs smoothly.

    The app integrates office data with data from the field so that all your information is available in one, centralized location. 

    monday.com is highly customizable and also offers an in-depth analytics feature so that you can look back and assess your performance.


    • Provides easy accessibility to field information
    • Is capable of catering to your specific business needs
    • provides in-context reports and analysis with visualization


    • Workers need to be trained before the app can be used, this can be time-consuming and costly
    • The news feed may be lengthy with excess information provided
    • The app is not very intuitive 
    1. Service Fusion

    Service Fusion is the perfect FSM software for small to medium-sized businesses that want to grow. The app focuses on improving the quality of customer service and has been programmed to be very intuitive. 

    The app offers real-time incorporation between field workers, office workers, and customers. Customer histories are also provided in a detailed inventory. 

    The app also integrates with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and QuickBooks. 


    • The app has a mobile version
    • It offers a customer web portal
    • The app has a time-tracking feature as well as a payroll feature and a GPS tracker


    • There are a lot of options and features available and this can make using the app a bit overwhelming
    • A negative invoice or memo cannot be generated
    • The app may suffer from viruses or workflow problems 
    1. Skedulo

    Skedulo is a great FSM option for companies that want to be fully automated and do not work in conventional settings. 

    Skedulo is used by companies like DHL and Sunrun. The app has multiple global headquarters. 


    • Provides in-depth analytics tools and data visualization features
    • Offers a mobile version
    • Very efficient and works at a fast pace


    • Each job’s location is not shown on the map feature
    • The button that leads to completing or progressing in a job often stops functioning
    • Customizations may lead to viruses 
    1. Field Nation

    Field Nation is an FSM app that focuses on streamlining work in the field. The app focuses on aligning you with skilled field workers who perfectly fit your job description. 

    Field Nation links clients with potential service providers so that you have a pool of field workers and customers to choose from. 

    After a job is completed, Field Nation manages all the tax documentation and paperwork, which helps simplify your job.


    • Offers a mobile version and is easily accessible
    • Very user-friendly
    • The platform is easily customizable and can be tailored to your specific needs


    • If there is a lot of activity, the app can crash momentarily
    • The app may not always filter down to the exact job specifications required by the client and the degree of the skillset of the field specialist
    • The app may glitch often
    1. mHelpDesk

    mHelpDesk is an online field service management solution that helps link field workers with company offices. This app provides a platform that automates all business operations in one, centralized location to maximize your efficiency. 

    The app is incorporated CRM technology that helps you track all your jobs and manage your invoice and delivery services. 

    mHelpDesk also has a financial analytics feature that helps you estimate job costs and profits so that you can plan your business accordingly. 


    • Offers intuitive versions on Android and IOS devices
    • The app has a built-in, multi-location inventory tracker


    • The inventory tracking option does not sync with Quick Books
    • The app may work slowly and has delayed connectivity issues
    1. Oracle Field Service Cloud

    Oracle Field Service Cloud is based on the latest, self-learning technology. It is a cloud-based software that collects data from the field, processes it in real-time, and makes predictions based on its assessments. These evaluations can help you budget and plan your business.

    The app offers multiple modules, ranging from forecasting, communication, customer service, and inventory management.

    The app is also highly customizable and can be adjusted to suit all types of businesses.


    • Very user-friendly and does not require a lot of prior technical knowledge to be used effectively
    • Integrates well with banking operations
    • Integrates with other Oracle systems
    • Very good at organizing data and allows you to use your template to store that data 


    • It is quite expensive, especially if you want to add in extra features
    • The app may function at a slower speed when there are multiple clients to cater to
    • The system may sometimes need to be rebooted, which is time-consuming
    1. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service focuses on maximizing efficiency and productivity while minimizing expenses. 

    The app is an all-in-one platform that helps to develop, license, and support your services. The app also provides users with a “no-code” option that makes it easier to implement.


    • The app is available on mobile devices
    • The app is highly customizable
    • It integrates with other Microsoft applications


    • Upgrades can be time-consuming and may require technical support
    • The interface is not very user-friendly
    1. Azuga Fleet

    Azuga Fleet is an FSM software that helps automate your entire business operation, from taking the order, all the way to its completion.

    Azuga Fleet is perfect for small-scale businesses and the app focuses on maximizing profitability and productivity while ensuring that any on-field risks are minimized.

    The app especially ensures that transport safety is guaranteed and vehicles are regularly checked to help prevent any sort of accidents.


    • The software has a mobile version available and is easy to install
    • The app offers a GPS feature that is easy to use
    • All vehicles are tracked and transport history is recorded in detail and can be accessed at any time


    • The app is difficult to install in buses that have wheelchair-lifts
    • The app’s vehicle maintenance portion is not intuitive


    Whatever type of business you run, fieldwork and customer service are sure to be an integral part of it. To help automate all your business operations and maximize their efficiency, field service management software is a great, all-in-one tool. 

    Our compilation of some of the best FSM apps of 2022 lists the benefits of each app as well as challenges that users found in each platform, along with its pricing details. 

    In the end, the type of software you use depends on the type of business you run. Luckily with the huge variety available in the market, you are sure to find an app that matches your individual needs.

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