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Dynamics 365 Customer Voice – What it is and what makes it good for your organization?

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Last year, Microsoft rolled out the Dynamics 365 Customer Voice application. The application stirred some serious debate amongst tech geeks, where some touted it as the rebranded version of Microsoft Forums Pro, whereas, others still designate it as something different from the Microsoft Forums Pro.

Well, in this blog we will be looking in detail about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice. We will be looking in detail about what exactly this application is about, what are the features offered by the application, and how businesses benefit from it?

What is Dynamics 365 Customer Voice?

Customer voice by Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a feedback management system. The application is exclusively developed to regulate and automate the process of collecting customers’ feedback. The d365 customer voice is powered by AI assistant, thereby, enabling it to garner results in real-time, as well as, offer businesses a holistic view of customers’ corresponding views about products or services.

To put it simply, it’s a product designed for businesses to streamline the collection of customers’ sentiments. The AI algorithms powering the application also let businesses analyze customers’ feedback about their products and services, putting them in a better position to take necessary measures and build better relations with customers.

D365 customer voice can be used for both internal and external assessment by companies, with the prime objective of collecting the feedback or customers’ sentiments in real-time. The data collected by the application can subsequently be used to make smarter business decisions.

Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

  • Intuitive Dashboard:

Microsoft dynamics 365 customer voice comes with an easy learning curve. It’s designed with an intuitive dashboard, making it easy for end-users to have a holistic view of customers’ feedback. Customer executives can instantly access the customers’ data, tracking their experiences with the business. For instance, you can gain access to complete data of a specific customer who has rated your services to be less effective.

From the d365 customer voice, customer executives have access to customer interaction history, as well as, reasons for the bad rating. Based on this complete insight into the customer information, customer support executives are in a better position to take necessary measures to reach out and resolve the problems at the earliest, leading to happy and satisfied customers.

  • Predefined Templates:

As a dedicated feedback management system, dynamics 365 customer voice enable businesses to conduct customer satisfaction survey. The application offers various predefined templates or questionnaires that can help companies to gather complete feedback from customers. The app also enables companies to create custom feedback surveys or customize existing templates to include custom questions in the survey.

Also, dynamic 365 customer voice enables customer executives to add as many metrics as they want to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the services provided. The application doesn’t only offer survey questionnaires, but also offers customer voice application solution templates to resolve grievances of unsatisfied customers.

  • Third-party Software Integration:

While dynamics 365 customer voice comes with various predefined metrics and survey templates, the application can also be integrated with third-party software; to further expand the scope of the application. For instance, customer voice app can be integrated with other Microsoft applications like Dynamics 365, or with other third-party CRM applications.

Third-party integration enables businesses to consolidate the complete customers’ data under a centralized repository. This not only saves time for executives, as they don’t have to switch between applications, but also vastly improves the accuracy, and efficiency of the entire customer service function. Also, businesses can integrated tools like Power Apps, and Power BI with d365 customer voice, which gives them even more control to oversee and manage customers’ journey with the brand.

  • AI-Assistant:

Microsoft Dynamics Customer Voice is powered by advanced technology. The Artificial Intelligence-powered algorithms used in customer voice enable businesses to conduct sentiment analysis for the customers’ data. The application is able to fetch data from all integrated systems to conduct feedback surveys, thus ensuring insightful and valuable feedback collection and analysis.

Advantages of Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

With all the powerful features offered by Dynamics 365 customer voice, here are some of the benefits of using customer voice for businesses;

  • Predefined templates; ready to be used for quick feedback collection. Save time and effort in preparing feedback surveys with ready-to-use surveys/questionnaires.
  • Create custom surveys/questionnaires or customized template surveys to fit in specific questions about services provided to customers
  • Highly compatible with all devices, thus making it convenient for users to engage and connect with business
  • Easy integration with third-party applications including Microsoft CRM that helps to create and assess deeper insights about customers including; customers’ views, sentiments, and opinions
  • Get a holistic view of the customers’ data with advanced analytical tools for better business decisions


The prime concern for many businesses at the time of the d365 customer voice launch was how it was different from the existing feedback management systems available in the market. However, the in-depth review of the system reveals that it is a natural evolution of Forums Pro, which brings in advanced tools and features to help companies optimized their feedback collection mechanism.

Using the AI tools, dynamics 365 customer voice is able to not only collect key customer information but also help process the data for sentiment and opinion analysis. This helps executives gain better visibility and understanding of business performances. Subsequently, they can take appropriate measures to improve customer satisfaction and branding strategy.

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