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    These days, disputes about which BI tools have an advantage over the others are rather widespread. Concerns and disputes over Power Bi vs MicroStrategy are very much in the news. So, here’s a quick comparison to help you determine if MicroStrategy or Microsoft Power BI is better.

    Power Bi vs MicroStrategy: Pros and Cons

    Here are a few pros to determine Power Bi vs MicroStrategy which one is better; 

    Microsoft Power BI MicroStrategy
    Data visualisation is a term used to describe the process of displaying data The platform’s drag-and-drop WYSIWYG builder, personalization and formatting choices, and prebuilt templates adapted to diverse needs are praised by more than 98 percent of customers who examine Power BI’s data visualization features. All users find reporting  feature in their reviews expressed satisfaction with the solution’s ability to build, automate, format and distribute reports.
    All of the users find interactive functions like custom filters, drill-downs or slice and dice say that they appreciate being able to dig deeper for self-service BI. Almost 100% users find Mobile access feature has strong responsive design and features that make it easy to access data on-the-go.
    Power BI’s seamless interaction with Microsoft systems is cited by 96 percent of users as a significant benefit over competitors, as data examined in Power BI has automated updates in other Microsoft products, such as Teams, Sharepoint, Excel, Office 365, and others. About 82% of users have expressed satisfaction with the solution’s ability to visualize data and build dashboards.
    Power BI data connectors’ automatic Excel integration is a benefit for 86 percent of consumers, as is the fact that it complement many ERP systems and easily connects to live warehouses. More than 87% of users find the platform user-friendly and accessible.
    Power BI is a strong solution that gives both scope and depth of findings with advanced analytics abilities, making insights available to all users within large and small businesses alike, according to over 97 percent of users.

    Here are a few cons to determine Power Bi vs MicroStrategy which one is better;

    Microsoft Power BI MicroStrategy
    Over 96 percent of Power BI users say the speed drains their resources. It has a lot of trouble computing large datasets and is prone to glitches, lags, and problems. MicroStrategy’s performance and speed are considered poor by 64 percent of customers, and it requires a lot of physical RAM to function efficiently.
    Approximately 44% of consumers consider it to be prohibitively pricey. Although Power BI has a free version, it is severely limited in capability, and licenses are necessary even to see reports made by subscribers. The pricing of the solution is considered to be quite high by all users.
    With great power comes great responsibility; around 85% of Power BI users find implementation tough, which, combined with the system’s various intricacies, contributes towards its steeper-than-average learning curve. It isn’t a plug-and-play system, and several of the advanced functions, particularly data searching, necessitate understanding of database systems and query languages that the common user might not have. Initial set-up and implementation, particularly for Linux operating systems, is time-consuming, costly, and complex for over 91 percent of customers.
    It’s difficult to manage all the licenses and users within an organization. MicroStrategy’s learning curve is relatively steep, according to 81 percent of users, and the available online resources are not comprehensive.

    Power Bi vs MicroStrategy: Customers Likes And Dislikes

    The following table contains customers’ likes for Microsoft Power BI and MicroStrategy;

    Microsoft Power BI MicroStrategy
    SQL Server Reporting Services has its best user interface for business intelligence purposes It has customizable dashboards, predictive analytics, templates, a good support model and a wide range of datasource connectivity support
    Power bi desktop allows us to have table view and relational view as well along with the visualization panel that helps us to analyze the data. It’s a great tool for analytical tasks, and data exploitation is built right in.
    it was easy to migrate from other legacy platforms such as Cognos and Business Objects.  MSTR’s semantic layer is tightly integrated, giving it a lot of flexibility for dependency tracking and lifecycle management.
    easy to get basic reports done quickly and when using SQL anyway as primary DB, it made things easier to implement and deploy. It is very simple to use, provides a straightforward answer to a simple problem. 
    Its VBA is extraordinary Analysis tools or macro in this platform works perfectly with real time insights Dashboards are something else that frequently attracts my eye. Its dashboards are more customizable, comprehensive, and quick to use than competitors’.

    The following table contains customers’ dislikes for Microsoft Power BI and MicroStrategy;

    Microsoft Power BI MicroStrategy
    Advanced analysis and the creation of complicated relationships between tables and visualizations have a steep learning curve. Ingestion of a huge number of data sets posed a hurdle.
    The user interface is really cluttered. Initial setup/configs are a little more complicated than with other programmes, and assistance is highly expensive.
    Even getting used to the way formulas are handled took some time for me to adjust to. The support cost is very high.
    Running it necessitates a high level of specification like it needs a large space of RAM.   The SQL IT generate isn’t as easy to view and manipulate as it is in other applications such as Power BI.
    Several of the data screening technologies are difficult to use. The interaction and user interface with dealing with a prompted report is less than acceptable

    Final Word!

    We have kept the Power Bi vs MicroStrategy debate relatively very short and concise and it is very safe to say that Power Bi is better than the MicroStrategy because based on 4795 reviews, Power BI has an analyst rating of 88% and a user sentiment rating of ‘excellent,’ whereas MicroStrategy has an analyst rating of 82 percent and a user sentiment rating of ‘great,’ according to 929 reviews. MicroStrategy stands on the15th rank; whereas, the Power BI has been ranked 2 in all BI tools.