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    Technology is becoming increasingly complicated and increasingly interconnected. It is very difficult to choose the best technological tool that best fits your demands, is easy to use and user-friendly. in addition to that you also need to look for the tools which are cost-effective which plays a very important role for companies that have just started or are working at a relatively lower level,

    Many businesses and corporations have been striving to integrate their businesses with such advanced tools and software with their companies which not only increase the productivity of their companies but also make them achieve excellence in their fields. 

    With so many options, knowing where to start can be challenging.

    When searching for the perfect software vendor for your corporation, it’s important to let your individual needs influence your final choice.

    And for this purpose, many corporations and companies have started migrating to software solutions that provide them with the best experience and have several advantages for the company. What can be a better choice other than Microsoft Dynamics 365? If you still use Netsuite, this may be the perfect time to migrate to Dynamics 365.


    A comparison between Netsuite and Dynamics 365

    It might be challenging for you to choose between Netsuite and Dynamics 365. But let’s first draw a comparison between NetSuite vs. Dynamics 365;

    NetSuite and Dynamics 365 have great value in the market and both of them attract a significant market share. Both these systems are regarded as game changers in the field of technology and Microsoft. But there are a few differences which can make Microsoft Dynamics 365 a much better option than NetSuite.

     The NetSuite ERP targets companies that are in their growing phases. They include 

    • Inventory management 
    • Order management 
    • Revenue management
    • Financial management and, last but not least, billing.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365, on the other hand, uses its traditional Microsoft Productivity apps like MS Office, MS Sharepoint, etc or many other easy to use applications easily available to everyone everywhere on iOS, Android or Windows. This enables its users to keep an eye on data and manage everything at the ease of their mobile phones. 

    NetSuite also keeps its pricing private, which is a major drawback for companies on a low budget and who cannot afford to integrate themselves with pricey software. Microsoft Dynamics 365, on the other hand, has more straightforward pricing.


    Why choose Microsoft Dynamics 365?

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows mid-market corporations to get involved with customers, team members, and prospects. It is the only cloud-based option that gives what a business needs in terms of CRM and enterprise resource planning (ERP).

    It combines all your CRM applications, making the sales procedure much easier and more streamlined. It provides employees with the tools to improve their customer relationships and experience and increase the company’s productivity and sales.

    It makes internal communication, as well as with customers, much easier.

    There are several reasons why you should consider migrating from Netsuite to Dynamics 365. A few of them are listed below:

    1) Easy to use – The user interface, being very user-friendly and easy to use, makes it comfortable for clients to navigate and locate the information they need.

    2) Cost effective – The monthly subscription fee makes it more reasonable than other business management systems on the market, with subscription fees so high, which makes newly started businesses or small-scale businesses afford the major upgrades of a system. 

    3) Customizable – Whether you require a system that can customize fundamental functionality or complicated integrations with other systems, Dynamics 365 can meet all your requirements. 


    How to Migrate From Netsuite to Dynamics 365?

    Now that you have migrated from Netsuite to Dynamics 365 let’s consider the migration procedure.


    Three Steps to Performing Migration from NetSuite to Dynamics CRM are;

    1. Selection of Data Migration Packages

    There are many Perfect-fit package choices for you to carefully and resourcefully crack on with your high-level migration. Choosing the best package template quickly imports data from your system to a newer framework.

    1. Connection Parameters for NetSuite Data

    For setting up a Data Sync Environment with the NetSuite data source, it’s optimum for you to first categorize the factors for connecting your NetSuite instances, such as specifying short descriptive names, installing NetSuite JDBC drivers, and so on.

    1. Connection Parameters for Dynamics CRM

    The connection parameters for the Cloud Dynamics CRM consist of the General tab, Mapping tab, and Advanced tab. Make sure you follow all the parameters before migrating to Dynamics 365.


    How To Avoid NetSuite Issues?

    While NetSuite offers an API, integration might differ from the organization’s proficiency. Mistakes can be costly if they affect an important client or financial information.

    The platforms are ever-updating in how APIs may change over time – Which may break the NetSuite workflows.

    Suppose the integration is between the web and mobile app. In that case, the API transformation service should turn the NetSuite SOAP API into a more developer & web-friendly REST interface.

    The bottom line is that integration can be extremely troublesome if the organization needs a better understanding of the end goal, significant experience in business process improvement, and a good understanding of the ins and outs of SaaS and Java development. To avoid issues, businesses that don’t have significant experience in these areas should use a supported API or work with a development partner rather than attempting to go it alone.



    Digitalization has taken over the world. The pace with which technology has been advancing is unbelievably fast. So to keep pace with this advancing world of technology, companies and corporations need to use advanced tools to their maximum potential, which is important because companies and businesses all around the world are trying to make their software and solutions as user-friendly and cost-effective as possible.

    Dynamics 365 has emerged as the most advanced tool right now. It provides users easy access to its user-friendly iOS, Android, and Windows applications and has revolutionized securing the customer’s information. 

    Consider migration from Netsuite to Dynamics 365, considering the issues you may face on NetSuite.