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    ERP is an acronym for the Enterprise Resource Planning system, that helps in the optimization of your business, by streamlining all the essential tasks in one place. These tasks include inventory and order management, Human Resources, accounting, etc. This ensures that all employees, from all the various departments of the organization, are kept abreast of the progress of all departments. 

    One such comprehensive Magento ERP system software is the Microsoft Dynamics, powered by Folio3, a certified Microsoft Application Developer. Folio3 has served over three hundred clients worldwide, and has more than fifteen years of experience, under their belt, in working with different Microsoft Dynamics ERPs, CRMs, and Modules. They have served big names, such as Honda, Growers Express, Citadelle, just to name a few. Revolutionize your business with the apps, provided by Folio3, for Dynamics 365, NAV, AX, and Business Central. This blog post discusses the benefits of a Magento ERP system software in detail.

    Benefits of the Magento ERP Integration in 2022

    Magento ERP integration has numerous benefits for your Magento business. All your daily, repetitive processes are simplified, and you get a better picture of the progress of your business. The benefits of Magento ERP integration are:

    —Tracking order status, item availability, and other queries are fulfilled for the customers, cutting down on the number of people hired to do so

    —Automate tedious processes, such as inventory status, order history, product categories, customer and shipping data

    —Product and price updates are simplified 

    —Automated tax compliance and financial reports that are generated help in making all the processes crystal clear, and ensure that all tax requirements are met

    —You can add multiple online and offline sales channels, without any compromise on operations, reducing the inventory costs 

    —Customers stay updated and happy, without using any extra resources 

    The Magento ERP integration helps in running your store as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Investing in a Magento ERP software would help save you from the monotony of everyday tasks. 

    Dont forget to check our ERP vs Accounting systems comparison in this guide.

    Key Practices before doing any Magento ERP Integration with Microsoft Dynamics

    Microsoft Dynamics would be one of the ideal options for choosing as your ERP software system for Magento. Before the ERP Magento integration with Microsoft Dynamics, there are a few things that you should consider. These are:

    —Be clear with your requirements 

    You must collect data internally to see where your business is lagging and identify the specific operational needs. This helps you to figure out which ERP Magento would be the best option for you. Although the ERP system software comes with numerous features, but you must know the requirements of your business to make the most of this software.  

    —Finding the right partner 

    Once you have chosen the perfect ERP system software for your business, i.e. Microsoft Dynamics, in this case, you require the help of a connector from a certified implementation partner. There are countless options available on the market, but you should always survey the market and do background checks to ensure you are in safe hands. Evaluating customer reviews and feedback can also be beneficial for you. 

    —Timing is everything 

    The data flow between Magento and Microsoft Dynamics must be smooth and quick. This ensures that the customer is updated via email or other platforms timely. Also, the inventory management data transfer must be swift to prevent any customers from being disappointed. Thus, a swift data transfer between both platforms is extremely important in improving the efficiency of your business. 

    Folio3 Provides the Best Magento ERP Integration Communication Tools, such as Connectors

    Folio3 is known to provide the best Magento ERP integration communication tools to help improve the efficiency of your business. Integrating your Magento store with Microsoft Dynamics has never been so easy. Folio3 provides you with the perfect communication tools, such as connectors, for a smooth Magento ERP integration. The Magento ERP integration communication tools provided by Folio3 are:

    1. Magento Dynamics 365 and Dynamics AX Magento Integration (ComAX)

    Folio3’s integration solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 provide a very smooth and fully automated data synchronization between Magento and the ERP system software. Save up on your valuable time and reduce the chances of data entry errors by almost 50%, keeping your Magento accounts in sync. Manage orders, carry out automated product synchronization, streamline the inventory management with unlimited transactions; only at the cost of a one-time installation fee. After this, you would only be liable to pay a minimal annual fee. 

    Benefits of the Dynamics AX Magento Connector (ComAX):

    —Fully customizable

    —Fully supported on Magento 2.0 CE and EE versions

    —Manage the system integration from your Dynamics AX account 

    —Maintain a complete record of tasks performed through the ComAX dashboard

    —Get real-time updates of your inventory from Dynamics AX to Magento 

    —Better customer satisfaction with timely order fulfillment 

    — Reduced data entry errors 

    —Integrate multiple Magento stores with Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365

    1. Dynamics Navision Magento Integration Connector 

    Sync sales orders, inventory levels, customer details, payment and shipment details between Magento and Dynamics NAV with great ease. 

    Benefits of the Magento Dynamics Navision Integration Connector:

    —Get real-time updates within the Microsoft Dynamics Navision

    —Manage inventory levels efficiently 

    —Save time and money by the optimization of your tasks

    —Automate your sales cycle

    —Customize the connector according to your needs

    —Better scalability 

    14 Best ERP Magento Integration Solutions

    Out of the numerous ERP Magento integration solutions, we went through the hassle of finding the top ten ERP Magento integration solutions for you. These top ten integration solutions are:

    1. Microsoft Dynamics AX
    2. A comprehensive solution for your financial, Human Resources, and operations management. Export orders from Magento to AX, order status update and edit import into Magento from AX, and import product catalog into Magento.  Pay as low as $1500 and then pay the yearly maintenance and support cost that can go up to $3600. 

    3. SAP
    4. Initially designed to support large companies, now supports small and medium-sized businesses too. Get real-time inventory calls, best cart pricing import into Magento, catalog import, promotion pricing import into Magento, order export from Magento to SAP. The pricing depends upon the partner or merchant you choose for the SAP Magento integration. 

    5. NetSuite
    6. A cloud-based ERP solution to help improve the efficiency of your Magento store. Product data is managed in NetSuite and updated in Magento, customer and order data transfers from Magento to NetSuite. NetSuite gives its users the added benefit of an open-source code that gives the in-house developers total control of customizing the connector however they please. Pricing depends upon the NetSuite partner you opt for. Check out our detailed on-premise vs cloud guide.

    7. Aheadworks
    8. Experience a smooth integration of the Magento ERP system with this customizable integration solution. It lets Magento and the ERP system software to function independently of each other, preventing the breakdown of any one side to affect the other. You do not have to worry about any safety concerns as the data transmission is secured via HTTPS. Integrate with almost any ERP system and sync all key data automatically. This solution is priced at $4200, with installation and setup assistance costing an additional $1800. 

    9. Ebridge Connections
    10. This cloud solution comes with a 24/7 access to the Ebridge support team. You can reduce the need for mapping and ownership costs with the shared business rules. You can access eiCloud, a web-based application for data management and archiving. This solution has a custom pricing starting from $300 per month.

    11. Corevist 
    12. A good option for companies operating in multiple countries, states, or currencies. With this solution, companies can offer orders 24/7. They offer a custom quote for all clients, depending upon their requirements. 

    14. This integration solution offers integrations with numerous ERPs, at reasonable subscription charges starting from $223 per month, billed annually.  

    15. i95Dev
    16. A flexible and agile solution for syncing of data between your Magento store and your ERP system. Compatible with many ERP systems, it lets you automate and streamline orders across both platforms. Enjoy leverage credit limits and customer group details by extending support from Magento. Prices vary with the ERP system being used- For SAP B1, Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV, 365, Sage 100, charges are $5100, with an additional $9995 for installation services. For Microsoft Dynamics GP, charges are $4500 with an additional $8999 as installation services.

    17. Kensium Solutions
    18. Manage all your operations in one place and make better decisions regarding your business. You can use Acumatica’s order to fulfill the capabilities to supercharge your Magento store. Integrate customer-initiated returns to your Magento store and apply ideal price points to your products by using data from the inventory. Furthermore, you can schedule your data for an automatic sync or do it manually yourself. This solution is priced at $4995. 

    19. Visionet   
    20. Orders placed at your Magento store are forwarded to the ERP, with all the details, including shipping, payment, tax details, discounts, customer data, etc. This solution is priced at $50 and then installation services plus $5000.

    21. Odoo
    22. Odoo is an ERP solution that offers an extensive range of apps for different purposes. For instance, it includes human resources, sales and accounting, email marketing features, and more. Odoo has designed separate apps for every business category with seamless synchronization, which helps automate business processes c. Odoo allows users to choose apps according to their specific business needs.

      You can use the connector solutions for connecting the Magento store to Odoo, which means there is no need for manual data entry. For reaping positive results, you can download the invoicing, sales, and inventory apps. As far as the information is concerned, the Odoo can easily integrate prices, orders, customer information, shipment, and stock information within the Magento system.

    23. ERP Integration by Firebar Studio
    24. This ERP integration is an excellent way of connecting the ERPs to Magento stores and is suitable for improving the export and import businesses. It can use various connection channels at once to optimize full data synchronization. The users can get the data connected in one-way and bi-directional connections, promising easier business management. ERP integration solution by Firebar Studio offers event-based, request-based, and real-time exchanges.

      It can help develop business solutions according to the business needs and also helps manage the workflows. The store owners will have control over transfers, and multiple connection channels are available. The best thing about this software is that it allows the Magento store owners to import the tier prices along with the products. In addition, the ERP integration solution by Firebar Studio also offers email notifications for export and import while offering log files.

    25. Epicor
    26. This is yet another ERP solution that can be integrated with Magento stores. This is a flexible system and has the features for making real-time and quick business decisions. Epicor can help develop cash receipts and sales orders, provide inventory updates, customer information, and update the inventory products. There are consolidated invoice features available for quick invoice development.

      In addition, Epicor delivers access to shipment export, outbound sales, and outbound invoices. The best thing about Epicor is that it can be easily integrated with other platforms, such as Infor, IBM, Eclipse, and more. On top of everything, Epicor helps support business growth because the features can be customized (yup, the integration solution is pretty flexible). The primary features include CRM, financial management, ECM, BI and analytics, supply chain management, and capital management.

    27. Magento Integration with Folio3 Dynamics ERP
    28. Folio3 is a California, USA-based technology solution agency offering ecommerce businesses reliable and consistent systems integration solutions. The company’s Magento Integration with ERP solution enables online merchants to automate all business functions and leverage greater efficiency and productivity for business processes.

      Folio3’s proprietary Magento ERP system integration solutions streamline the integration experience for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics AX. The out of the box Magento integration with ERP solution is designed to help businesses leverage the full potential of Dynamics ERP by automatic back and front office data synchronization, saving time and cost while minimizing manual data entry errors.

      The automated features offered by the company’s proprietary Magento ERP system integration solution allow the sellers to focus on increased sales and manage the order fulfillment. Folio3’s Magento integration with ERP eases the order management system, promising a reduction in processing time.

      There are various other features included in Folio3’s Magento ERP system integration solution, such as automated product sync, inventory management, and real-time fulfillment. The integration is fully customizable, which means the functionality can be personalized by changing the features. All in all, it can synchronize the product within the Magento store while automating syncing of inventory levels, customers data, orders, and billing data.

    Magento ERP Extensions- Bonus Tip

    The ERP system is an investment that comes with a heavy price tag, which not all businesses can afford. For this reason, Magento ERP extensions are available in the market for users who cannot splurge on the ERP system. The Magento ERP extensions cost much less the ERP system, and are better integrated. However, they may lack some features. There are many extensions marketed to help businesses that cannot spend on an ERP system, but want to get some features, if not all, of the Magento ERP system.

    How does Magento 1 and 2 integrate with SAP?

    The Magento 1 and Magento 2 stores can integrate with SAP through SAP integration and connector. The connector can be downloaded from the Magento marketplace easily.

    How does Magento 1 and 2 integrate with the ERP system?

    Magento 2 and Magento 2 can be integrated with the ERP systems through connectors. The connectors generally depend on the ERP system that you choose and help synchronize the data.

    Are Syspro and ERP systems for Magento?

    Yes, Syspro and ERP systems can be used with Magneto. They can be integrated and synced with your Magento store with the help of connectors. Syspro is also an ERP system for manufacturers and distributors.

    What exactly is the ERP for Magento 2?

    Magento 2 was released with new features, in addition to the bug fixes of Magento 1. There are many ERP systems marketed for Magento 2. A few of them include, Microsoft Dynamics, Infor, Oracle NetSuite, just to name a few.

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