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    Famous is an ERP tool that manages business intelligence, inventory, and many more managements. It is regarded as an outstanding software ERP solution for the agricultural industry. 

    However, it can become confusing for users to understand the format of the software. You may face some difficulties with this software until you get used to it.

    You can also consider using other software for your enterprise if you don’t find the features you need in Famous Software. You may actually find the best solution for your enterprise while looking for an alternative software. In this article, we have listed some of the best alternatives to Famous Software. 

    Agriculture ERP Software

    Agriculture ERP Software is widely regarded as the world’s leading ERP Software for the agriculture industry. It has numerous features to aid you and your enterprise in the agriculture industry. It automates business processes, saves time and resources, and greatly improves business performance. 

    You can also integrate other apps or software with it to double up its effectiveness. It supports the integration of Microsoft Dynamics that provides you with an efficient operation of your business activities. Moreover, it simplifies the task management process by establishing a sequence of assignments and tasks which can be delegated to members of your enterprise.

    Furthermore, you can use this software on a mobile device as well. You can even track the performance of your business, such as attendance of labor or crop harvest yields. 

    Agriculture ERP Software has a ton of other features as well, and you can have a demo of it all too. You can test the software in a free trial, after contacting its company, to see if it suits your enterprise. 


    AgriERP is another software related to the agriculture industry. It has the best ERP solutions for vegetable and fruit farms, bulk crops, cattle and livestock, and indoor farms. It optimizes your farm’s operations by managing the inventory, planning seasonal cultivation and harvests, and managing the financial aspects of your business. 

    This software is also powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 and is specifically customized to make work easier for you. It fulfills all your managerial and operational needs. With AgriERP, you can analyze your business to look for improvements, assign tasks to your workers and employees, and monitor them from any device.

    Apart from crops, it can also manage your livestock and cattle. It constantly tracks progress, monitors herd health, and provides valuable insights. You can also track the lineage of your animals to ensure they remain healthy through proper care. 

    In addition to that, you can test this software by contacting the company and booking a free demo to see if it is suitable for your agricultural business. 


    Cropio is a satellite crop health management platform that allows you to monitor agricultural lands, and plan and carry out farming activities. It constantly updates you on field and crop conditions, determining vegetation levels and identifying problematic areas of the farm. Moreover, it updates you with weather forecasts of the agricultural lands and an overview of the relative market. 

    This software is especially useful if you are starting out as a new agricultural business and want to find the best land to carry out agricultural operations. It is equally beneficial for enterprises who want to moderate their farming land and the operations unfolding within. 

    Cropio tracks changes and performance in your business even if you are offline. The data is collected and saved for when you will get online. You will also get immediate notifications if something is awry in the business. 

    Overall, Cropio is a software solution best in monitoring your business and agricultural operations, giving you constant feedback, insights, and updates. However, it is not the best for assigning tasks to your employees and managing finances and inventory. Though you can always evaluate the software in its free trial (for 14 days) and ask for customization from the company to suit your needs.


    CropMetrics is a company focused on precision agriculture. It has developed its advanced agronomic software, CropMetrics, which specializes in irrigation management. It uses the concept of Irrigation Optimization, which is to know when and how to irrigate an agricultural land or field. 

    CropMetrics allows you to improve yields of harvested crops through proper optimization of water. It uses in-field sensors that analyze the soil and recommends water irrigation systems. These recommendations are based on data science, with a combination of weather forecasting, soil, and water dynamics. 

    CropMetrics may use advanced technology and data science to operate, but it makes the process simpler than ever for its users. Its Certified Partners network allows you to work with experts to assist you in your business. 

    Apart from irrigation systems, CropMetrics also focuses on soil fertility and crop harvest. It helps you in seasonally planning the cultivation and harvest of crops. Moreover, with the in-field sensors, it analyzes the soil fertility and the amount of nitrogenous matter and gives you a report of it, recommending the best plans for agricultural operations. 

    Unfortunately, this software solution doesn’t have a free trial or demo to guide you through its features in detail. However, there are testimonials and reviews from many notable users to help you. You can also contact the company for additional information regarding the software.


    Granular is an ERP software solution for farmers who want to focus on efficiency and productivity on their farms. Granular helps you manage your operations by organizing data in a system for great profitability. 

    This software is especially known for its aid to users in decision making. With correct data input, it analyzes the land records, soil composition, weather patterns, and machine data to come up with the best solutions to carry out agricultural operations. It uses data science, agronomic, mechanical, and statistical techniques to identify opportunities and recommend the best of them to you. 

    It also has the best support team with top-notch experts who have ample experience in farming activities. They will guide you throughout the process and will assist you in making decisions to reach your goal.

    The Granular website has a detailed list of features included in the software that might help you in sorting out the features that your business needs. 

    Vistex Solution for ERP

    Vistex solution for ERP is an excellent solution for marketing purposes and handling financial management. It is a cloud-based ERP solution developed by Vistex company to address complicated processes, such as price, incentives, trade promotions, and vendor. 

    It covers all your needs in pricing management, for example, price settings, promotions, and modeling. Apart from that, it helps you manage, track, and analyze your incentives programs, rebates, and overall business performance. It streamlines the maintenance of materials, customers, and data with its Data Maintenance Resources feature. 

    Vistex solution for ERP has an unmatched depth of knowledge in this field and extraordinary technical resources to serve its users in every industry. The farming solution supports field operations for managers, supervisors, and employees. It keeps track and analyzes all data regarding the agricultural operations occurring, keeping you constantly updated. 

    Although Vistex company does not give free demos or free trials, you can contact the company for additional information regarding Vistex solution for ERP. 


    AgroSense is an advanced ERP solution for the agricultural industry that, with the help of latest science results of irrigation and fertilization, improves farming technology. It has revolutionized the cultivation of crops by combining soil measurement, observation of plants, and irrigation with the latest scientific evidence on nutrient and pest control. 

    AgroSense has a meteorological station that continuously monitors the condition of the production land and characteristics of the area. Moreover, sensors, that provide multi-point data, allow the detection of overheating and frost hazards. It also provides crucial information regarding nutrient management and recommends you the best nutrition plan for your crops. 

    To control pest diseases, traps are set up that provide data on swarming of various insects and larva hatching. The irrigation system also works automatically based on soil moisture sensors from the root zone, weather forecast and soil database. 

    AgroSense has ERP solutions for orchards, open field vegetables, crop fields, and greenhouses. It has installed its systems in over 70 locations in 6 countries in a span of 7 years. You can check out testimonials from users to get an idea of how good AgroSense is. 


    It’s almost always better to try an alternative software because you would never know how good a software is until you check out alternatives as well. 

    While there are many alternatives for Famous Software, the best one overall is AgriERP for the agricultural industry. It has multiple ERP solutions for all sectors of agriculture, be it farming or livestock. 

    You can buy all the ERP solutions together or get a single solution that meets your business enterprise’s requirements. In the end, your choice will totally depend on what your business needs. 

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