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    With the technological evolution and the transformation of healthcare facilities, the healthcare industry is constantly striving to automate the processes to enhance value-based care and patient experiences.

    Moreover, healthcare is now progressively more propelled by value, under which the entire technological ecosystem is ultimately needed to become patient-centric.

    Therefore, immediate access to patient data can be helpful to identify the right times to provide proper support and care to patients amid appointments to get better health care outcomes. 

    Dynamics healthcare helps you create fantastic health care experiences throughout the patient journey. In addition, you can securely connect data, people, and processes to establish collective patient profiles, enable coordination of care, and make informed decisions across your foundation.

    What is Dynamics healthcare?

    Microsoft has been sharing updates for healthcare to seek some of the best practices for providing advanced patient care and experiences.

    So, it  can be achieved by leveraging a feature-rich platform known as Microsoft Dynamics 365. Being a robust solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can do great work for the healthcare industry. 

    Dynamics healthcare can offer an analysis of the internal system as well as database relationships. In addition, a full-fledged view of patients for you to figure out how you can provide each of your patients a personalized service. 

    How Does Healthcare Improve with Dynamics 365?

    Dynamics 365 Healthcare Accelerator, in combination with Business Application Platform by Dynamics 365, brings life to its first vertically directed set of extensions, the Common Data Model.

    Furthermore, Dynamics 365 Healthcare accelerator enhances the extensively productive Dynamics 365 suite with a robust set of features, particularly for healthcare.

    By plugging Dynamics Health 365 Accelerator into Dynamics 365 platform, you will be able to segment patients, optimize different aspects of care coordination, and manage the care continuum of all patients.

    Moreover, Healthcare with Dynamics 365 adds another layer to the fully-featured set in the base Dynamics 365 functionality core. 

    By adding a new ribbon, it helps you manage the unique needs of your healthcare organization. Moreover, the ribbon incorporates entities to record patient data, procedures, appointments, Care Plans, and many other functions.

    What are some of the vital security innovations of Dynamics 365?

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 has been providing some much-needed security innovations to the healthcare industry.

    Listed below are some of the key innovations which help ensure patient safety.

    • Improved Data Security

    The HIPAA law governs the medical privacy terms and has access to all of your medical records. In other words, healthcare communications security has been a significant concern, but with Microsoft 365, you are sure to comply with HIPAA regulations.

    •  Secure Messaging

    Medical emergencies need fast action. Therefore, doctors have to get patient information as quickly as possible. So, secure messaging becomes more than just convenient communication. Luckily, Microsoft 365 provides doctors with safe and convenient systems.

    In general, Microsoft teams offer a secure platform with incredible messaging capabilities for doctors. The messages marked as urgent notify the recipient every two minutes until they respond. However, if the recipient cannot deal with the query, they can assign it to other staff members.

    • Secure Workflows

    Healthcare professionals can develop customizable workflows using Microsoft Teams. Consequently,  to limit access of files, administrators can create role-based permissions (protocols). 

    Furthermore, each user can customize the layout of their portal so that the applications they use are available at their fingertips.

    Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Healthcare

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers lots of features and functionalities for organizations in the health care sector, including the following: 

    • Dynamic Health care Systems provide risk adjustment and member management solutions for care organizations participating in Medicaid, Medicare, and other exchange programs without risking their confidentiality.
    • Microsoft Dynamics is focused on CMS regulatory and compliance requirements to help you streamline operational functions, optimize revenue, and boost efficiency.
    • Dynamics manages your Health Plans CMS and regulatory compliance changes to control risk adjustment, operations, and reimbursement methodologies. 
    • Dynamics has a feature to help you examine multiple source data to recognize missing data, suspect, or inaccurately coded diagnosis codes, that are essential for accurate risk adjustment scores.
    • By automating the processing of reports, Dynamics eliminates the need for repetitive and duplicate data entry. Hence,  saving your time.

    What Advantages Does Dynamics 365 Healthcare Provide?

    With Dynamics 365 Healthcare, managing an organization and providing patient care is much easier. It allows health care teams to combine care efforts across multiple health care associations. 

    The enriched data from Dynamics solutions improve operational and clinical insights that enable you to predict risk and eventually enhance patient health. 

    Listed below are some of the advantages of Dynamics 365 for healthcare:

    • Dynamics allows your patients to explore, connect, and schedule care with their providers by giving your patients various tools.
    • With the help of personalized, nurturing marketing campaigns, Dynamics increases your reach and helps acquire new patients.
    • By developing more straightforward access through landing pages, mobile apps, call centers, kiosks, and secure patient portals, Dynamics 365 helps you extend to larger patient populations.
    • It reduces the number of call volumes waiting for a response with online scheduling portals and intelligent chatbot inspections.
    • Dynamics gives you a highly secured and controlled setting to make it easy to access the information to manage your staff and patients.
    • It improves collaboration giving you access to customer information in a collectively controlled environment.
    • Through any device at any time, it makes data performance metrics available to you to analyze and enhance your practice’s performance.
    • It ensures all data is kept highly secure, confidential, and compliant. So, you are at ease when Dynamics handles your operations.
    • Managing your patient base, Dynamics 365 gives your patients easy ways to book appointments and checkups and helps you store your customer information securely.

    What are the limitations and well-known issues of Dynamics Healthcare?

    However, Microsoft Dynamics for healthcare comes with certain limitations. It is not deployable in a Microsoft Dataverse setting with a database, a full Dynamics license, and appropriate Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications.

    On the other hand, the issues of Dynamics Healthcare include the functioning of its Microsoft Cloud Solution Center, which is responsible for deploying health care systems. However, it does not provide any information about the deployment status. 

    Furthermore it takes multiple hours to install healthcare systems in Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare. 

    Moreover, the place where Dynamics 365 Healthcare Accelerator is already installed, the installation of healthcare solutions can result in inconsistencies in the use of the system. 

    Therefore, before installing the patient access system, ensure that your target environment has a portal of a single Customer self-service type to avoid any issue. 

    Otherwise, if the patient access solution is installed in multiple portals, it can drive unintended system behavior and overwrite other portals operated in the environment. 

    Dynamics Healthcare Issues and Troubleshooting 

    •   Care Plan control


    While patients have care plans associated with them, Care Plan doesn’t load Care Plans.


    An entity used by the control is not accessible by the Security role.


    Updating the security role provides access to the entities such as:

    1. Care Plan Care Team
    2. Referral Request
    3. Goal
    4. Care Plan Activity Goal
    5. Codeable Concept


    Care Plan has an error as it doesn’t list relevant Care Team members.


    Care Plan has no record of relevant Care Plan Care Team. 


    Adding a new related record for Care Plan Care Team will connect the Care Plan to a Care Team.

    •   Care Team control


    There was an error confronted in the Care Team control; It failed to retrieve Care Team Participants or Care Team.


    The control could not retrieve the reports for the Care Team Participants or Care Team.


    Generally, this is the issue due to an incorrectly configurated security role.


    There was an error confronted in the Care Team control; It failed to open the quick form.


    The control was unable to open the Dynamics document for the record.


    This issue may be caused by the incorrect configuration of a popup blocker, the quick view form, or the safety role configuration.


    Due to the occurrence of an error in the Care Team control, participants could not be retrieved. 


    The control did not retrieve care Team Participants’ records.


    This issue is caused by incorrectly configurated security control.


    Most of the organizations have a lot of facilities at various locations. So, complexity management around all these establishments becomes challenging. However, you are always concerned about the number of users, approvals, coding the proper transaction to the exact facility, reporting by the establishment, and location. 

    To help you regulate your organization well, Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you the flexibility of managing your facility and location with a centralized system to let you access the information through any device.

    Moreover, with its future innovations, Microsoft Dynamics is looking forward to introducing more solutions for healthcare organizations to manage and expand their services securely.

    Therefore, dynamics 365 platform is the all-in-one solution to help you provide exceptional care and experience to your patients.

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