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What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has brought together its AX, ERP and CRM in an efficient software for HR Management creating a dynamic, exciting, and flourishing working environment. 

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The system acts as an important piece of transformation of businesses’ finance and operations as it aims to automate the HR functions such as payroll, leave management, recruiting, reporting, etc., increasing the organization’s agility and saving more time for teams to serve the employees in better and more meaningful ways. 

The HR software can be an on-premise, cloud, or utilized as a Hybrid option which makes it easy to use and gives quick access to information. 

HR comprises three main components which make up the entire HR system. HRIS Human Resource Integrated System and Management System are interchangeable. HCM is the revised parameter as it includes the features of HRMS, CRM, and ERP which makes it more comprehensive. 

The software is considered as the extension of the major ERP product of Microsoft Dynamics. It has an intuitive interface, optimizes the workforce with flexible configurations and streamlines integration through various app services in the model. 

Benefits of HR Management Solution:

The Microsoft HR software boasts vigorous quantifiable benefits for organizations that are bespoke to its success in the industry in such a short time. 

Some of its benefits are:

Saves time

The main purpose of the HR 365 management solution is to digitize the entire process, making it error-free, and time-saving; so that the HR personnel gets more done in less time. 

Values of company intact

The software is people-centered, it helps you provide exceptional services and value and thus adhering to the company vision of service. 

Employee retention rate increases

The burden of HR management reduces significantly due to an efficient MS Dynamics 365 system and hence employee retention rate is greatly improved. 

Evaluation of performance 

The MS Dynamics 365 HR management software helps teams and individuals to evaluate employee performance and behaviors accurately, maintain quality of operations and achieve desired results. 

Functions of dynamics 365 HR software: 

The Dynamics 365 capabilities are getting popular in various organizations because of their practical and robust functions. 

The major functions of the HR software are as follows: 

Manage employee information at your fingertips

You can manage information such as; employee training needs of the department in talent management, consolidate the data on a single platform, and make it accessible when the need arises.

Overview of leave and absence

The system gives you a complete overview of crucial information. This may include information such as which of the employees are on leave and why, the daily attendance, and absence or late arrival. 

Configuration of HR parameters

Each HR parameter requires individual attention and a manager to supervise it which can become quite costly. The MS Dynamics 365 HR management software comes with the complete configuration of HR parameters which can prove to be cost-effective for businesses by reducing human input. 

Organized workforce

The self-operating system keeps the workforce organized by bridging the communication among different departments. The operations management, learning and development, and all other departments equally benefit from the data and information acquired in the HR software.

Empower managers with the right tools

The software enables managers to perform routine tasks with speed and accuracy with the help of Dynamics 364 right tools. Talent management, leave management, employee administration and other HR functions become easy with automation. 

Industry-specific solutions on the Appstore

The Human Resource management tool got rid of all the tiring manual entries of the core operations providing managers a relief as well as an efficient approach to meet the tasks.

This mindset aids to recognize the gap between growth and retention of the best talent. The MS Dynamics 365 HR software gives a People-centered approach combined with industry-specific solutions for more agility and digitization. 

Recruiting for MS D365 HR: With this software, the success rate of recruiting the perfect candidates for an organization increases as the system provides many useful options such as auto-fill forms, matching the best candidate according to the job description, along with applicant tracking system.

The HR Power Extension Recruiting can help extend the module of a professional recruiting model. The integrated ATS (Applicant Tracking System) in the tool helps you track the information from application receipt to interview and hiring. 

Integration to LinkedIn’s various platforms such as Stepstone, Broadbean, XING, and BfA; Talent search pools, online interviews via Microsoft Teams, GDPR compliant, and vacancy management are a few of many useful functions of Dynamics Recruiting through the system. 

Ceridian payroll: is another great app for small businesses to pay employees on time and accurately. It allows you to import various Ceridian payroll transactions in a single interface for a complete overview. 

You can do much more with the app such as error-free and self-updating the data, by managing the history of the account, improving the efficacy of the data, minimizing redundant tasks, save and secure sensitive data, and other features. 

Universal Integration: With universal integration you alleviate audit headaches, avoid data duplication, auto-filling forms, and much more by establishing it as the only source of true data in the enterprise resource planning. 

The information of vendors, learning management systems, payroll, benefits, savings, a background check can be downstream for the organization.

Other than that, it also enables a bidirectional flow of information from vendor APIs in the MS Dynamics 365 HR management software, map the data in various available popular file formats such as XML, APIs, JSON, and others for easy access. 

HR Requests: Shared Services Centre (SSC) helps structure and monitor the cumbersome load of different requests received by HR and enables the managers to complete them through Web App HR Request without losing track. 

For example, you can submit the request with a single click, track the progress, leave relative commentary for each request status, configurable and auto-filling of request forms without confusion, and notifications for managers on the request status happening in the background and only a single click. 


The MS D365 HR management software is developed to meet your requirements in the day-to-day functions by connecting you with appropriate partners to do more with the Microsoft Power Platform. 

The all-new Microsoft HR management provides you with actions and the guide to work within compliance and regulations, gain workforce intelligence and enable HR with the next best action guidance. 

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