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Dynamics AX eCommerce Integration-Part II

Dynamics AX eCommerce Integration-Part II
02 Mar 2015

Hi guys,

In my last post, we talked about Dynamics AX eCommerce integration and some of the top ecommerce platforms that offer seamless integration with Dynamics AX, enabling you to save time and overhead costs by avoiding manual data entry in both systems. In this post, we’re going to delve into that discussion in more detail, by looking at the features that each of these ecommerce platforms offers, to see which one offers the best value for money

The table below gives a comparison of the features supported by the 3 ecommerce platforms we looked at in my last post, Sana Commerce, K-eCommerce and Magento. As you can see, all three of these ecommerce platforms provide support for the majority of features typically required in eCommerce platforms such as support for guest accounts, promotions and discounts, multiple web stores, social bookmarking, SEO, etc. But they do differ in a few key areas. For example:

  • Both Magento & K-eCommerce offer support for eBay listing integration whereas Sana Commerce does not
  • Sana Commerce and Magento offer support for Product data import & export which K-eCommerce does not
  • Magento supports both the 2Commerce and PayPal payment gateways while the other two do not
  • Magento and Sana Commerce support shipping calculation via both DHL and FedEx whereas K-eCommerce only supports shipping calculation via FedEx
  • For tracking of item shipments, Magento supports integration with both DHL and FedEx, while the other two only support integration with FedEx for shipment tracking
GeneralDynamics AX ECommerce IntegrationDynamics AX ECommerce IntegrationDynamics AX ECommerce Integration
Source code providedYesYesYes
eBay Listing Integration/ Order ImportNoYesYes
Dynamics AX integrationYesYesYes (by F3MAX)
Template EngineYesYesYes
Customer Related
Guest accountYesYesYes
Customer TestimonialsYesYesYes
Featured ProductsYesYesYes
Multiple Addresses for package sendingYesYes
Popular ProductsYesYesYes
Product Rating/ ReviewsYesYesYes
Quick SearchYesYesYes
Social BookmarkingYesYesYes
Wish ListYesYesYes
Membership DiscountsYesNoYes
Membership Only Products/ categoriesYesNoYes
Product Import / ExportYesNoYes
Stock ControlYesYesYes
WYSIWYG EditorYesYesYes
HTML CatalogYesNoYes
Meta TaggingYesYesYes
RSS FeedsNoNoYes
Access Control ListYesYesYes
PA/DSS CertifiedYesYesYes
Multiple Store Fronts/ Vendor SupportYesYesYes
API (Remote Management Functions)YesYesYes
Payment gateway
PayPal StandardYesYesYes
Shipping Calculation
Shipment tracking integration 


Wrapping Up

As you can see from the table above, in terms of value for money Magento is best option by far. Since it offers a far richer feature set than the other two, making it more versatile and far more useful out of the box, as compared to Sana Commerce and K-ecommerce. And with its integration with Dynamics AX (via connectors like F3MAX), it is the most suitable choice if you’re looking for a reliable eCommerce platform for your web store, that you can integrate with your Dynamics AX ERP.

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