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A Quick Review of DynAX – the Free Dynamics AX 2012 CRM App for Android

26 Feb 2014

As a Microsoft Partner, we’ve worked with a lot of Dynamics AX 2009, 2012 customers who’ve been interested in tapping into the enterprise mobility space which has grown so rapidly over the years. Given the versatility that Dynamics AX offers in terms of support for both desktop and mobile apps in its eco-system and considering the overwhelming demand from our Dynamics AX customers for enterprise mobility solutions, we saw the perfect solution to this problem. That is why we decided to create DynAX, our free Dynamics AX 2012 CRM app for Android.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Android

Download URL:

DynAX is the all-in-one mobile solution for field sales personnel who need constant connectivity with their back office. The app’s UI has been carefully designed to facilitate quick access to data. Features like search filters save the user from scrolling through long lists to get to their intended records.

The Dynamics AX 2012 CRM App for Android works perfectly with all major Android phones and screen sizes. We’ve made sure that it’s easy for everyone to use, by just requiring a few details from the user to connect them with their Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 ERP. With real time access to Dynamics AX 2012 data, the DynAX app provides complete freedom of movement, while providing completely secure access to Dynamics AX data, as all communication between the app and Dynamics AX takes place on secure channels.

DynAX offers a powerful feature set to field sales personnel to help them manage their day to day activities, such as:

  • Super easy navigation and a smooth user experience
  • Total visibility into all the activities they need to perform including Actions, Appointments, Events and Tasks
  • Instant access to their Dynamics AX Contacts, Leads, Prospects, Opportunities and Customer data
  • Anytime, anywhere access to addresses, contact Info and general detail for all entities
  • A bird’s eye view at the latest updates in their CRM, via the What’s New section
  • Real time search for filtering data in each list
  • Easy and secure connectivity with Dynamics AX 2012 R2

Future versions of the DynAX app will provide extended support for Dynamics AX modules along with improved connectivity. Some of these upcoming features include:

  • Dynamics AX calendar integration with daily, weekly, monthly views
  • The ability to create sales order by selecting appropriate customer
  • The ability to update notes against Prospects, Leads and Customers
  • Tracking of the Sales team’s activities


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