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Table Management Software | Restaurant Reservation – The Complete Guide

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Do you go to restaurants? If you do, do long waiting times bug you? Do you have a hard time reserving a table at the restaurant? 

Well, these issues are prevalent, and that’s also one of the biggest reasons why many restaurants are forced to close their operations, since they are not able to streamline table reservation for customers. However, these damages can be reversed by using the table management and restaurant reservation software. Just like Dynamics AX Shopify Connector help ecommerce stores to improvise store operations for better efficiency, restaurants need table management software to improve the efficiency for table reservations. If this sounds interesting, we are sharing everything you need to know about these software solutions.

What Is Table Management Software & Restaurant Reservation System?

When it comes down to table management software solutions, these are exclusively designed to manage the never-ending influx of customers and reservations. In addition, it helps keep an eye on the available tables, which ensures every customer gets a spot.  Again, the table management software are pretty similar to ERP software for agriculture or other industries, which help optimize processes for better efficiency and productivity. Also, these software solutions allow the customers to book the tables online so that the resources can be scheduled according to the booking numbers. These systems are great for restaurants as well as customers because it helps them deliver top-notch restaurant experience and have an exceptional dining experience, respectively.

These systems have been around since the 2000s and are meeting the current demands of the existing businesses. The table management and restaurant reservation software help manage the customer’s demands, ensuring that the guest list keeps moving. Even more, it allows the restaurants to manage and make the reservations online and reserve the tables whenever they want. What’s best is that these systems are great, especially during COVID-19, when contactless systems have become the prerequisites.

Integration of Table Management & Restaurant Reservation Systems in Restaurants 

Not so long ago, the restaurant reservations were being made through phones, and the waiting staff would have the records in their notepads. Such systems were not only inefficient, leading to a waste of time for the staff but also leads to confusion and errors in the reserves and table management. That being said, these online software systems like food supply chain management, CRMs and table management software have played an essential role in bringing a revolution in the restaurant industry and streamlining the reservation processes, hence the efficiency.

Various restaurants offer waitlists for their reservation systems, and these software solutions can utilize technology to leverage the restaurant operation and satisfy the customer base. In addition, they allow the customers to make a reservation without interacting with the staff, and restaurants will be able to manage tables effectively. On top of everything, the software will reduce the standing time, accrediting to the management of waitlists.

The Must-Have Features of Table Management & Restaurant Reservation Software

While we have answered the question, “What is Table Management Software?” it is essential to consider which features must be added. For instance, such software must be convenient to use, and it needs to ensure proper management of tables to ensure the booking experience is hassle-free. In the section below, we are sharing the must-have features of the software;

  • Online Payment Solutions 

According to research, 32% of people prefer online payments whenever they visit restaurants, and 48% of restaurants have made online payment solutions an essential technology, and the numbers keep increasing. For this reason, the software should offer online payment options, and they must be secure to ensure customers’ data remains protected. Also, it’s best to have multiple payment options.

  • Interface

The table management and restaurant reservation software should have an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The software must have convenient navigation to ensure the booking information is readily accessible. Moreover, the customers should be able to see the availability of open timeslots and tables. Also, the policy must be transparent to ensure there are no clashes.

  • Calendar

When designing the software, having a calendar is crucial because it’s important for handling restaurant reservations. In addition, the availability of calendars will ensure that the schedule will be organized appropriately. In addition, if the timeslots and dates aren’t available for reservation, they must be shown on the screen.

  • Preordering Features 

The table management software should deliver the preordering feature for the feasibility of customers. It will ensure that customers get access to their desired recipe from the menu as soon as they reach the restaurant (it saves time). Even more, it reduces the chances of last-minute order cancellations and no-shows. That’s because if customers make a reservation and order something, they will ultimately show up.

Advantages of Table Management & Restaurant Reservation Software

Over the course of time, online software has become popular, and they deliver benefits for restaurant owners and customers. It can enhance the quality of customer services and many other advantages, including the following;

  • On-Time & Convenient Reservations 

With online reservations, the customers will be able to book the table and make a reservation anytime they want without compromising on convenience. In addition, it helps increase restaurant sales because the reservations can be made anytime. In simpler words, the customers don’t need to wait for the restaurant to open and visit to book a table.

  • Satisfaction Standards 

The screen shows the available reservation time, business hours, and deals to ensure the dinner experience is made convenient and appealing when it comes down to the software. In addition, these software solutions often save the customer’s previous orders, so when they make a reservation next time, it enhances their connection with the restaurant.

  • Higher Profitability 

With table management software, restaurants often fail to gauge the importance and render it useless. However, it’s one of the most profitable investments that drive more reservations, hence higher profitability on a monthly basis. The reservations increase because customers have access to the convenient reservation system. Also, you can sell reservation deals and packages.

Advantages for Restaurants

  • They can take online table bookings and make reservations around the clock because it’s available for customers at all times
  • The restaurant owners can manage various reservation lists simultaneously, which helps them cater to more customers and streamline the reservations
  • The workload can be easily tracked so that the staff will remain informed. In addition, the workload can be reduced automatically, which consequently improves the restaurant service
  • It reduces the chances of no-shows because the software sends notifications regarding the reservation
  • The table management and reservation software can help market the deals and loyalty programs to capture more customers, hence more sales

Advantages for Customers 

  • Customers don’t need to make extended calls or make visits to restaurants for making a reservation or for booking a table
  • The customers can check out the restaurant’s reviews before making a reservation
  • The customers can book a table anytime they want and also preorder from the restaurant menu
  • There will be online payment options available, so they don’t have to come in contact with anyone (advance payments are also available for a seamless experience)
  • The customers won’t have to stand in long queues, which means there won’t be any frustration on customer’s sides

Factors to Consider While Ordering Table Management & Restaurant Reservation Software 

With the availability of multiple software solutions available, it can be hard to choose the right one. However, rather than blindly trusting a brand, you should consider your options to see which software aligns with your needs. These factors include;

  • The software must offer different ways of generating profits for restaurants (the availability of advanced features will help attract the customers and increase profits)
  • The software must be reliable, and it must be able to able to handle customer load. In simpler words, it should not crash if more customers start making reservations
  • Not all your customers will be tech-savvy, which means the software should be easy to use, and the interface must be user-friendly. Also, the interface must be intuitive, and it should be easy to navigate through
  • There are multiple pricing plans available out there, so choose from monthly and commission-based pricing systems, depending on your budget
  • The software should be able to accommodate the most count of people, depending on the availability of open tables to ensure customers turn away satisfied
  • There must be multiple functions available, such as reminders, automated emails, membership, vouchers, and discounts to ensure customers have a good time

Folio3’s solution for Table Management in Restaurants

Folio3 Table management solutions for restaurants are custom designed to offer maximum efficiency and productivity for restaurants and hotels. We are a leading technology integration company based out of California, the USA offering streamlined, effective, and result-oriented integration solutions to businesses across industries. 

If you are looking to ramp up your restaurant reputation with effective and efficient table management, we can help you quickly and affordably integrate the right table management solution, automating the overall process. Get in touch with our experts today for any queries or assistance regarding improving your restaurant’s table management operations.

Wrapping It Up 

The table management and restaurant reservation software systems are known to offer reliable functions, improved customer experience, and an intuitive interface to optimize restaurant workability. In addition, it helps track the restaurant business. So, what are you waiting for? Waive-off to manual reservation processes and boost your business efficiency and productivity with our top-of-the-line table management solutions for restaurants.

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