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Dynamics 365 Might Already be the Biggest ERP – Here’s Why

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In 2016, Microsoft launched the upgraded version of Dynamics AX, its flagship ERP for large scale companies. Since then, with massive investments, adequate focus, frequent updates, a huge community of customers and partners, and power of the World’s 2nd largest Cloud, Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations stands out as the most advanced and functionally rich ERP available to date. Here are a few reasons why Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations has already become the Best ERP, leading others by far, and a safe bet for your next wave of Digital Transformation and invest your company resources and money,

Microsoft’s Promise

Systems like ERP having an average age of 15-20 years not just require commitment from the customer but also the vendor. Post 2016, Microsoft has shown 360-degree commitment to Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations in the Product, Value Addons, Support, and Community.


Other than the rich functionality, the modules offer ease of use, Office like ribbon panes and personalization capabilities,

  1. Financial Management and Reporting
  2. Supply Chain Management
  3. Human Resource
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Retail and Commerce
  6. Business Intelligence and Reporting
  7. Planning and Scheduling
  8. Project Management

Azure Cloud

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations is powered by Azure, which is a market leader in Cloud space. Microsoft has seriously invested billions in Data Centers, Support, expertise building, and pioneering technology. From personal contacts in Microsoft, Azure has been their commitment and priority for the last few years. That’s the reason Azure keeps on getting better and better by starting as a PaaS, then IaaS, and now pure SaaS. Since Microsoft understands how Organizations adopt technology and how to market and sell to them, Azure has received the perfect focus and investment. With Hybrid Cloud, Microsoft is opening up a new dimension that has been missed by AWS.

Power Platform

Power Platform is a low-code/no-code technology offered to make interacting with Microsoft’s products and services super fast and easy. Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations provides full support for Power Platform, opening it to enhancements by power users in the Organization.

Business Intelligence

Since data grows fast in an ERP, positioning PowerBI to be the BI platform for Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations was a smart move. In early days but certainly a very powerful and cost-effective platform for Microsoft customers.

Artificial Intelligence

Plugging ML/AI services with Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations has opened up a new world of Data Insights to an Organization, which they can leverage to uncover hidden trends and make smarter decisions, in-time, automatically.

Mixed Reality

Bringing AR and VR to Dynamics 365 is a smart move. Still open to your imagination, but Microsoft has pitched ideas and solutions around Remote Assistance, Product Visualization, Help and Guidance, and space planning.

Support Team

Microsoft has creatively put together one of the Worlds largest support teams and infrastructure around Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations. Considering this was non-existent a few years ago, the support is surprisingly effective and is getting better every day. Event the in-built support plan, which is free with Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, gives you access to their knowledgeable Technical support. If you ever have issues with your live environment, press the Production Outage button to trigger alarms.

History & Community

Since its first release in 1998, Dynamics AX now Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations has grown significantly not just in functionality but also through its large Customer and Partner community. Organizations like AXUG and D365UG hold regular events targeted to users and consultants. Dynamics Learning Portal (DLP) is an excellent platform for learning anything Dynamics.


To all CIOs, CEOs out there, who’re planning the next wave of Digital Transformation in their Organizations, we’re living in exciting times related to ERPs. Rather than living in the past with big, slow systems, it is time for a Change!

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