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12 Best Business Process Management (BPM) Services And Solutions For Insurance & Finance In 2022

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No matter the size or sector of the business, business process management services software solutions could be a useful addition to the tech stack. A business can assist its teams in developing, navigating, and improving external and internal processes and workflows by providing the appropriate BPM solution. For businesses focused on banking and finance, these systems can be highly effective because they need to be open and adaptable in the face of quickly changing market trends.

However, selecting the best business process management financial services might be difficult. Businesses want a solution that can both immediately address their requirements and expand with them as procedures, the market, and customer expectations change. In light of this, we have put together a list of business process management consulting services with a focus on banking and finance. Based on their fundamentals of business process management solutions, prior experience dealing with smaller companies, general reputation, and client happiness, we chose these providers. The list is dynamic and subject to change in response to market developments.

12 Best Business Process Management Solutions For Insurance & Finance Software Solutions

  1. Appian

With a low-code platform equipped with (RPA), case management, AI, business process management (BPM), and other features, Appian assists enterprises in creating apps and workflows. For financial services and insurance businesses, the company provides a set of features and solutions aimed at integrating people, processes, and data across the organization. The lending and payment features, customer retention management, new company lifecycles, and other capabilities that can assist in lowering costs, managing risk, and ensuring compliance are among Appian’s business process management in financial services.

  1. Bizagi

Clients could help connect people, applications, information, and robots using the robotic process automation platform that Bizagi offers. With the financial services offered by Bizagi, businesses may increase customer trust, achieve operational excellence, shorten time to market, cut expenses, and more. Insurance claims, loan origination financial advisory, theft protection, credit decision making, and insurance administrations can all benefit from the platform’s automated features.

  1. Bonitasoft

In order to assist developers in creating business applications that can react to and adapt to real-time changes, UI adjustments, and other factors, Bonitasoft creates and provides an open-source solution. Businesses could use Bonitasoft to automate, analyze, and simulate business operations to improve cooperation, streamline overall processes, and make operations more visible. Financial institutions may improve customer service, deter criminal activity, adhere to regulations, boost digital security, and spur growth with the help of Bonitasoft.

  1. BP Logix 

An Artificial intelligence-based- based, low-code/no-code, intelligent technology automation platform is provided by the privately held business BP Logix to assist users in enhancing customer interaction, marketplace agility, and compliance. The platform from BP Logix, called Process Director, has a business process management engine, simple data stream integration, a collection of machine learning tools, pre-built application connections, and more. Process Director is a finance process automation tool that financial service businesses can use to optimize operations, assure compliance, and keep up with evolving market trends and legal requirements.

  1. Comindware

Global software provider Comindware offers Business Operations Management (BOM) solutions for digital banking, online education, logistics, transportation, and IT service management. The BOM solution for digital banking can assist users in automating bank procedures quickly, integrating them with other financial systems, streamlining decision-making, and responding to client expectations. Workflow editor tools, routing of approval requests, reusable workflow templates, total automation capabilities, and cost overruns based on inaction and due dates are among the features.

  1. FlowForma

For Microsoft Office 365, FlowForma offers no-code workflow and process automation solutions. Workflow management, sophisticated tools for reporting, automated on no-code, generate documentation, cross-functional related tools, governance tools, and more are all included in the FlowForma Process Automation package. With a range of client interaction, adherence, policy enforcement, insurance renewals, pension management, documentation, and risk management features, financial services organizations may utilize the solution to increase efficiency and offer better customer service.

  1. iGrafx

By tying strategy and execution together while reducing risk and guaranteeing compliance, the iGrafx Strategic Transition Platform facilitates transformation. By implementing a coherent strategy, implementing Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), and providing comprehensive Quality Management, the solution is a cloud-based platform that enables firms to manage today’s growing problems (QMS). Financial services organisations can utilise iGrafx to streamline operations, adhere to legal requirements, uphold corporation accountability, mitigate risks associated with organisational process changes, cut costs, and reengineer processes as necessary.

  1. Nintex

A no-code option enabling process management and automation is the Nintex Process Platform. Included in the features are process mapping, document automation, workflow automation, business analytics, RPA, and eSignature capabilities. Additionally, Nintex provides automated financial services that enable users to provide top-notch client experiences through sentient automated solutions for banking, financial advisory, loans, wealth management, financial information, policy underwriting, and other areas.

  1. Pega

With the help of visual tools, Pega’s Business Process Management platform enables users to put together an executable business application. Portfolio management, bots, DevOps, basic intelligence, case management, RPA, UX design, workflows intelligence, low-code development, and other features are all part of its solution offering. Using solutions for loans, onboarding, KYC, customer care, banking operations, and individualized customer engagements, banks can streamline their processes with Pega for Financial Services.

  1. Pipefy

Pipefy is a platform for low- and no-code process orchestration that was created to assist businesses in effectively managing business processes and workflow automation. Its features include data migration, workflow management, reporting tools, email templates, approval routines, email messaging, and a number of custom integrations. Users may automate operations, interact with stakeholders, interface with other financial tools, interact with suppliers, and manage their entire business from a single screen with the use of the company’s Finance Process Optimization Software.

  1. TrackVia

Several traditional business process management solution platforms are seen as alternatives to TrackVia’s user-friendly service. With a low-code platform, users may easily put up their apps to correspond to their particular business processes without requiring a lot of IT support or coding expertise. Real-time reports, interactive charts, intelligent charts, intelligent automation, and user permissions are all features offered by TrackVia. Financial-based businesses can utilize TrackVia to streamline procedures throughout the organization, coordinate departments, and produce real-time information.


A corporation and low-code business process automation and business process management solutions platform is provided by WEBCON, a software supplier, to assist businesses all over the world in increasing efficiency, streamlining procedures, and fostering overall corporate growth. Business process management, RPA, records management, workflow automation, business intelligence digitalization, no-code delivery, and support systems are all available on the WEBCON BPS platform. The company’s low-code automated platform can assist financial services firms in a number of ways, including by streamlining operations, reducing risks, ensuring compliance, and improving customer experiences.


A large, multimillion-dollar effort is not required to start a digital transformation finance and insurance business process management services. The most efficient and economical approach is to improve one crucial firm procedure at a time with an intelligent business process management solution.

With Folio3, anyone can construct and automate a process; expert developers or a significant IT team are not necessary. The best aspect is that you don’t have to wait months or years to start enjoying the benefits. Be sure to specify the process in detail, create and monitor KPIs, and choose the ideal business process management service.

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