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    Thanks to the massive volume of data being consistently generated across all fields, more and more businesses are looking for advanced analytics to get the real meaning and insights of their customers’ data. While, still in the amateur phase, more and more businesses are realizing the growing importance of data analytics and making intelligent business decisions based on the insights provided by the analytical tools.

    That’s one reason why we are seeing the rapid advancement of business intelligence (BI) technology. Over the past many years, business intelligence has undergone a significant transformation, getting matured along the way. Business intelligence services utilize advance disruptive technologies like AI, and ML to deliver powerful data analytics tools to businesses, enabling them to make better sense out of their data. And while previously many businesses considered business intelligence services as “complementary services”, today more and more are looking at business intelligence services as “essential” needs of the modern tech-driven business landscape.

    What is Business Intelligence Services?

    The business intelligence analysis services is an umbrella term that refers to various tools, architecture and processes meant to assist companies in the analysis and identification of crucial information from customers’ data. Companies are implementing business intelligence analysis services in order to unveil valuable insights from the massive amount of data being generated by various business functions.

    Companies can integrate business intelligence technology for both internal and external data sources. For the internal business environment, BI technologies deliver companies with the customers’ overview, along with the industry pain points, missed opportunities, and stakeholder requirements. Whereas, in the external environment, BI technology brings businesses the tools to collect information from various sources including; market trends, and competitive intelligence.

    While previously BI was largely associated with the IT field, the scope of BI has considerably expanded in the past few years. Today, technology has become a critical tool required to collect vital information from across business functions, get insights from the data, and make intelligent business decisions.

    Folio3 Is Your Custom Dynamics Business Intelligence Services Partner

    Businesses need a reliable partner for the implementation of business intelligence services, in order to leverage the complete potential of the powerful tools brought about by the technology.

    Folio3 has been assisting businesses in implementing disruptive Microsoft technological solutions customized to maximize the ROIs for businesses. The company has been a trusted partner for businesses across the world for Microsoft tech solutions for over the past 15 years.

    In line with its legacy of implementing powerful tech solutions, Folio3 is now offering businesses of all sizes and shapes with its robust and comprehensive business intelligence suite based on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, and Dynamics AX 2009. The powerful analytical solutions offered by the business intelligence suite enable businesses to view interactive graphs, and insightful charts right from their dashboards, giving businesses unified access to make insightful business decisions. Folio3 business intelligence solutions ensure complete integration of entire business processes and functions with its powerful BI suite, so you are able to view all the necessary organizational metrics and identify key trends that may impact the business.

    The Dynamics AX business intelligence services offered by Folio3 enable businesses to integrate multiple databases, along with an array of AZ modules. The solution supports all versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 with the security frameworks.

    What is Financial Services Business Intelligence?

    Financial services business intelligence services are specifically meant to enable banks and other financial institutions get access to insightful data for channel activity, product holdings, and other vital function areas, as a meant to maximize the ROIs from online campaigns, as well as, to make the funding process secure and more effective.

    The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Financials solution offered by Folio3 is exclusively meant for financial organizations, aimed to provide financial entities with a comprehensive view of the data and assisting them in the effective management of financial operations. The comprehensive Microsoft Dynamics financial management solutions from Folio3 provides organizations with flexible and agile business processes, they need to make well-informed and secure business decisions.

    What is Business Intelligence Analytics Consultant and Developer?

    Business intelligence analytics consultant and developer refer to the professionals trained & skilled in disruptive analytical technologies, as well as, experienced in handling complex databases. It’s a complicated and specialized role that needs much experience and expertise to be conducted efficiently. The role also includes the development and refinement of IT solutions including;

    • Coding
    • Designing
    • Debugging
    • Testing
    • Implementation assistance; and
    • Everything in between

    Some of the core job functions for business intelligence analytics developer includes;

    • Data mining, cleaning, processing
    • Identification of trends and patterns in data
    • Data evaluation and validation
    • Testing, implementation, and maintenance of BI systems
    • Using wide array of analytical tools to visualize and process data
    • Assessment and reinforcing of analytical systems

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