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    Paid traffic might seem like an easy way to gain popularity on the web. Even so it cannot beat social media marketing and email marketing campaigns backed by CRM Email Integration. 

    Emails are more popular than both Facebook and Twitter combined and are one of the most preferred customer channels, and for good reason. Therefore, the chances of generating qualified leads are 50% higher via email strategies compared to other channels. 

    Email marketing tools like CRM email integration is helping business achieve more. Contrary to popular belief, the use of email marketing tools are not just confined to the management and creation of email marketing strategies. The tools provide businesses with in-depth data, including the number of customers who read the email and the proportion of users who just abandons it without looking. Indeed, CRM email integration sounds enticing, it’s crucial to start with the basics: what exactly are CRMs? 

    CRMs Explained

    CRM or Customer Relationship Management system is an umbrella term for all the techniques, tools, technologies, and strategies that businesses use for customer retention and acquiring customers. In short, this software is to boost overall profits by ensuring every interaction with consumers runs flawlessly and with optimal efficiency. 

    CRMs collect and store all data regarding customer information, purchasing behavior patterns, and purchase history. In addition to this, CRM email integration allows businesses to gather data even from visitors who open their site for the very first time. This includes detailed contact information, which can then reach out to prospects and increase sales. 

    Through CRM solutions, enterprises are automating business processes related to customer relations which streamlines business operations.  Additionally, enterprises can also get hands-on data that proves to be invaluable for improving their relations with the customer. 

    4 Reasons for CRM Email Integration

    Even with the plethora of benefits that CRM email integration brings to enterprises, they are reluctant to proceed with the integration.

    Although, CRM email integration can provide plenty of benefits to an organization, they are still reluctant to proceed with the integration. Thus, for businesses looking to get a clearer view of their customers and prospects must read below:

    • Get a Holistic View by Gathering Data from Every Channel:

    The key to retaining customers is to provide them with personalized content that keeps them attracted. CRM integration with emails help you do just that! 

    Email marketing platforms track all of your email activity through various channels. This means you get the entire picture of your customers’ preferences, allowing you to create content that specifically targets their interests. 

    The more the customer engagement, the higher the retention, which in turn maximizes sales. 

    If you want to benefit from this fully, it is crucial to keep an eye on your clients’ behavior on other channels. 

    In addition to email-specific data, integrating CRM with your email marketing platform provides you with data through other channels, including website behavior, interests, purchase history, and much more.

    • Automation Through CRM Email Integration:

    Automating business processes ensures they run seamlessly leading to a significant increase in ROI as seen. However, there is no point in automation without personalization. 

    As discussed above, we already know that CRM integration with email marketing platforms provides you with insights to personalize your email marketing. 

    Automation takes this a step further since automation can be programmed with predefined goals. Take the example of abandoned carts, upgraded plans, and even purchased items. 

    In any of these situations, an automatic email will be sent that coincides with the real-time behavior of the client. This encourages customers to take action, for example, to complete their purchase from their abandoned cart. 

    To be precise, automation allows you to benefit from opportunities as soon as you see them. 

    • Stay Updated with Valuable Insights:

    With a CRM platform, businesses can sync everything email-related, from their contacts to appointments. They can even gain access to many insights that can be highly beneficial for improving customer relations. But this is only possible with a CRM platform that allows the complete integration with an email marketing platform. 

    Through this complete integration, a business can gather comprehensive insights related to users’ interactions with their emails.

    This allows them to determine their thought processes, assess their intentions. The business can even decide how ready they are to make a purchase.

    Using the data available, important insights have been retrieved. This includes:

    1. Emails clients have opened
    2. Emails they clicked through
    3. Links that they opened
    4. The location and even the time they engaged with messages.

    This allows the personalization of an enterprise’s sales approach according to individual users. Since CRM tracks purchasing behavior, you can evaluate the purchasing preferences and send messages to clients accordingly. 

    • Real-Time Data Translates to Improved Customer Relations:

    Do you know why the popularity of live chat support in websites is increasing every day? Because customers get quick responses in real-time! 

    CRM Integration with email operations helps businesses make rapid responses to their clients in real-time. 

    Through this integration, you get to know what device customers are using, their location, and the time at which they engaged with your content. 

    This allows enterprises to create a highly personalized experience for their clients, which maximizes their retention. 

    Consider the case of cart abandonment. 

    Surveys have shown that approximately 70% of customers abandon their carts. That is to say they lost interest during checkout or simply because customers forgot about their purchase. 

    This is where cart abandonment emails step in and save the day! You can recover about 10% of abandoned carts just by sending an email to clients. For users that did not complete their purchase, automatic cart abandonment emails can be set which will be able to get 10% of the revenue that you would have lost otherwise. 

    Dynamics CRM Email Integration: The Best You Can Choose

    Dynamics CRM Email Integration is your one-stop shop that provides all email marketing solutions that you need to make your way to the top. 

    View all of your emails on the solution itself, thanks to the server-side synchronization. 

    You have everything you need to drive a successful email marketing campaign and communicate with your clients, from integrated mailbox management to synchronize appointments, tasks, and contacts.

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