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AX Integration UK

AX Integration

Unleash the Power of Microsoft Dynamics with Dynamics AX Integration

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Give your Business Increased Speed, Agility and Reach

Microsoft Dynamics AX Integration gives you the power to leverage Microsoft Dynamics for your front and back office systems to provide your consumers with access to additional up-sell opportunities and better customer services. Once deployed, Dynamics AX Integration will help you eliminate data clutter and inaccuracies by allowing you to easily connect your various disparate business systems and giving you complete data flow visibility.

Get More Out of Microsoft Dynamics AX Integration in UK

At Folio3, we understand your need for providing fast and reliable services to your customers which is why we will help you leverage the powerful Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system by syncing it with your webstore and CRM system. To-date we have built and maintained cloud-based AX connectors for hundreds of eCommerce platforms, trading partners and CRMs. Having helped these businesses in UK gain bi-directional data exchange through eBridge connectors in Magento, Shopify and Dynamics AX by automating their business processes of:

  • Sales order shipment and invoice synchronization
  • Integration of leads & campaigns with marketing automation tools
  • Connecting orders & distribution with warehouse management
  • Extract data to external reporting systems and data warehouses
  • Sharing POs and payments with suppliers and trading partnersAV

Open Limitless Opportunities for your Business with
Dynamics AX Integration

Folio3 is offering all mid-sized to large companies the powerful functionality of Microsoft Dynamics AX Integration in UK. Designed to give you a competitive edge in the market, Dynamics AX Integration of this comprehensive ERP software allows you to leverage the complete Dynamics platform benefits. Our expert Dynamics AX Integration team at Folio3 will make the entire integration process hassle free so you can quickly gain all the benefits this platform has to offer, including:

Complete Dynamics

Pre-built connectors for Microsoft Dynamics

Simplified Data Mapping

Automate your business operations to eliminate
manual data entry

Date Accuracy

Ensure data accuracy and streamline business
processes by syncing data

Absolute Support

Gain complete support for all custom fields &
objects defined in Dynamics

Customized Processes

Easily customize sales and marketing offers for
your customers

Speedy Data Exchange

vIncrease the speed of data exchange & improve
customer service

360 Degree View

Gaining complete view of customer and
product data

Accelerate Collaboration

Connect partner and customer systems to
accelerate collaboration

Real-Time Service

Gain real-time visibility in all business &
customer service aspects

Deploy the Power of Dynamics AX Enterprise Mobility

Through its Dynamics AX Integration Solutions for UK businesses and companies, Folio3 aims at delivering a reliable and scalable framework that significantly reduces the cost, complexity and uncertainty that generally accompanies mobile deployment with absolutely no installation required. Trusted by millions around the globe, Microsoft Dynamics AX Integration allows you to gain real-time contextual intelligence to achieve your company’s business objectives. Our Dynamics AX Integration Services have been specifically designed to enhance your business operations by extending productivity and efficiency through the single most comprehensive platform of Microsoft Dynamics, so you can offer your customers reliable and trustworthy services.

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