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AX Integration and Mobilty Solution
for a Mega Market in Kuwait.


Saveco is the latest subsidiary of Al-Qatami Group, and is an all-inclusive one-stop mega market in Kuwait, their retail stores offer a vast range of products and services. Saveco has their system on Dynamics AX which contains all the data of their Products, Users, and Retail Stores.


Saveco wanted to have a mobile app that can facilitate their customers to do online shopping and browse products. This mobile application was to be supported by admin panel containing all the required data for the app and support application when AX is down.

The Solution:

Folio3 suggested building an iOS / Android application and web admin panel that would facilitate Saveco consumers. The solution offered to Saveco comprised of the following components:

  • Consumer Mobile Application
  • Admin Web Application
  • AX Integration

Consumer Mobile Application

Folio 3 consumer mobile application for Saveco enables the consumers to do the following:

  1. Login/Register into the application.
  2. Users having loyalty card can scan their card to login into the application.
  3. Browse products and promotions offered by Saveco.
  4. Mark their favorite products and maintain the favorite list.
  5. Add and remove items from cart and checkout.
  6. View store locations and loyalty points of their loyalty card.
  7. Set language of the application in Arabic and English.
  8. Scan the products using product scanner.

Admin Web Application

Folio3 admin web application for Saveco performs the following activities:

  1. User management
  2. Validate users email address and phone numbers using validation links.
  3. Assign sales orders to staff.
  4. Admin staff can create the sales order using admin panel.
  5. Include all the products, categories, promotions and sales orders.
  6. Add new products and create promotions.
  7. View the user tracking over the application through mix panel integration.

AX Integration

Folio3 AX Connector, for Saveco, is a highly scalable and reliable component which performs:

  • Two-way sync between Dynamics AX 2012 R3 and the Mobile Backend System
  • Send out a notification to Saveco Back office users in case Dynamics AX is not available.
  • Provides detail logs of the ongoing sync that is happening.

Admin Web Application

Technologies & Programming Languages Used: