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Microsoft Dynamics AX Service & Project Management Solutions

Services companies are pushed with selling an intangible product that is difficult to evaluate and ever changing. Productivity requires that tasks are estimated properly and finished on time and that they should meet or surpass the customer’s requirements. To be successful, organizations must follow services extensively for financial, operational and resource control methods. Services companies can follow these methods with technology (IT) facilities that allow people to work together and make effective choices. Microsoft and its partners provide solutions that can offer increased profitability and unrivaled customer service for organizations that offer services such as book keeping, legal and professional services to organizations.

As customers increase their national and global businesses, service companies must stay ahead to meet new business requirements and remain competitive. Changing work-force requirements and inadequate resource pools markets create sourcing difficulties. Meanwhile, customers are demanding higher visibility into companies’ operations, just as government authorities are demanding more responsibility from businesses.

Professional Services for MS Dynamics AX 2012 delivers project management solutions and techniques that equip you to proactively organize tasks and handle time, equipment, and employees successfully. With a solution of Microsoft Dynamics services that adjusts to the way your organization works, you can improve efficiency, offer unrivaled customer service, and speed up billing with help , while controlling expenses through tighter incorporation of customer and project-related details.

Project management solutions

  • Integrate resource, financial, task an other details to improve organization and project-related resources and improve accuracy
  • Increase productivity and worker efficiency
  • Configure work breakdown components (WBS) at the organization, customer, product, and project levels
  • Define matrix tables for expenses and rates
  • Establish payment guidelines and revenue identification techniques

Process management

  • Gain understanding into crucial business data and trends with combined customer and project data
  • Help ensure that teams follow corporate policies.
  • Follow industry best practices, customer standards, and government regulations
  • Centralize the control of and accessibility to crucial company data
  • Define accounting components
  • Drill down to any detail level
  • Manage accounts successfully
  • Track and assess transactions across the entire organization

Financial management

  • View customer, agreement, budget, and project management details to monitor efficiency and avoid cost overruns
  • Automate approval procedures for line items and documents
  • Streamline procedures for travel and cash advances and credit card reconciliation
  • Track estimated expenses vs. actual expenses

Capital management

  • Reduce the loss of valuable human resources due to worker attrition
  • Provide associates with access to intellectual capital and complete project information

Project analysis

  • Manage tasks and sources more successfully
  • Analyze expenses and tasks at any detail level

Client profile archives

  • Archive and retrieve historical budget reconciliations, staffing plans & more

Project billing

  • Manage provider and customer contracts more efficiently
  • Define recoginition at the project, organization or customer level
  • Pre-configure rules for time and materials, fixed fee, percent complete and completed agreement

Multi-company and multi-currency support

  • Operate smoothly across multiple countries, languages and currencies
  • Track transactions across the enterprise

Integration with acquainted software

  • Use familiar productivity tools like MS Excel and MS Word
  • Streamline financial processes with Microsoft Dynamics AX purchasing, receivables and GL applications

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