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Folio3 Dynamics Webinar

Developing Mobile Apps for AX 2009, 2012 & AX7!

There is a growing need for Microsoft AX customers to interact with the ERP across a broad set of devices. In addition, new technologies are facilitating new scenarios. In which, apps provide personalized information in context are becoming more important for improving employees’ productivity.

Despite of the new responsive front-end for Dynamics AX, the need for task oriented, focused mobile apps will always exist. This session focuses on getting customers who’re already using earlier versions of Dynamics AX (2009 & 2012) or even the latest Dynamics AX7, to start building mobile apps for their organization with minimal time & effort.


Learning Objectives:


  • Describe Mobility framework options for AX 2009, 2012 and AX7.
  • Build focused mobile apps for their organizations.
  • Authenticate users with AX and run queries on their data.
  • Understand the process of making AX Data available offline for field use.
  • Leverage their existing AX implementation to full extent for Mobility.