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Farm ERP Software

What's AgriERP?
The best Farm ERP Software for growers and farmers

A Leading Smart Farm Management Software for keeping track of your produce, make effective
decisions and increase efficiency of operations


We leverage the powerful and innovative features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to bring to you a transformative large and small farm management software that can facilitate you in automating and digitizing your agribusiness and farm management. Our years of experience and powerful R&D have enabled us to become an essential player in the agribusiness management space. Leverage our innovative farm management software and its cutting-edge features to reach new heights.

From crop planning and harvesting to packaging and logistics, the AgriERP solution provides a 360-degree visualization and automation of all the business functions. Our custom farm ERP solution is the best you will find in the market with its advanced technology powered by Microsoft Dynamics, it is very scalable and it is flexible enough to be used by farms of all sizes. It helps in organizing data for procurement, farming and processing, supply chain, reporting and analysis, and even financial data management. Let our farm erp management system software facilitate you in automating your work to make it easier, more profitable, and more sustainable.

Who is our Farm Management Software for?

Our farm ERP solution serves as a complete farm management software. From crop planning and farm accounting to harvesting and distribution, our Farm Management software caters to small as well as large individual and corporate farms, research and development centers, agricultural laboratories and culture labs, government agencies, export agencies, contract farmers as well as anyone who needs an ERP software solution in the agribusiness space. Learn how to minimize your costs and maximize your yields and profits with our Farm ERP software.


Expand your Farming Business

Reduce farm management cost & manage workforce more effectively with AgriERP

Folio3's Farm Management Software Features

Our farm ERP software is a one-stop solution for all your farm management needs. It streamlines your operations and organizes your farm plans and records.

Streamline & improve Farm & Crop Management

  • Create and assign tasks for all your crop and farm management operations
  • Leverage our AI-enabled tools in order to clearly define field boundaries
  • Review field tasks in real-time with seamless syncing in Dynamic 365
  • View your daily reports in real-time and print them if needed
  • Plan your expenses for the following season and maintain financial records
  • Engage in precision soil sampling
  • Engage in structure mapping for your farms and fields
  • Automate your farm planning processes
  • Benefit from execution process and farm operation reporting
  • Benefit from packing house management and supply chain management systems
  • Benefit from custom farm logistics management solution
  • Benefit from advanced financial reporting and accounting solutions
  • Manage workers and assign tasks from wherever you are with our mobile app
  • Work offline in the field or at office and sync later
  • Manage your raw produce with the help of fruit mapping and tracking
  • Harvest your raw produce while it’s being tracked
  • Label and track your final products with barcodes
  • Record all your produce and related items and fields in one database
  • Forecast the future sales and profits with trend analysi

Effective Cattle & Livestock Management

  • Improve and streamline your breed management processes
  • Record and save details about your animals
  • Measure your key performance metrics accurately
  • Track the lineage and genealogy of all your animals
  • Monitor the health of your animal and manage it
  • Attain valuable key insights and analyze them
  • Streamline your grazing rotations to make them optimal
  • Secure critical information and records with passwords
  • Maximize your yield and profit
  • Manage the lifecycle and maturity of your animals
  • Leverage our mobile app and desktop dashboards to manage your workers
  • Leverage our smart drone software to trace your animals whereabouts
  • Improve your packaging and meat processing management
  • Improve your logistics management with the help of barcode tracking

Why choose Folio3's Farm & Crop Management Software?

We, at Folio3, provide you with a one-stop solution that empowers farmers with advanced technology and the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365. It enables them to engage in effective planning, tracking sales and managing their daily operations, and keeping records, all on a single dashboard accessible from anywhere on any smart device.

Profitability Analysis

Measure and analyze your farm’s profitability at the crop, field, and enterprise level.

Planning for The Future

Help your farm’s future by recording your knowledge for the generations to come.

Inventory Controls

Measure and analyze costs and usage and make future projections

Revenue & Future Forecasting

Forecast after comparing your historical data and plans

Crop Rotation & Field Planning

Create operational plans for your crops and fields with only a few clicks

Remote Teamwork

Assign tasks and monitor them from anywhere with an internet connection

Absolute Connectivity

Avoid all your manual work by integrating from various sources

Accurate Yield Variability

Observe current yields and future yields and what drives them

Transparency in Communication

Share your data and reports with stakeholders

Satisfied Agri Industry Customers using Microsoft Dynamics 365

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    Farm ERP Softwaare FAQs

    What farm ERP software is used by folio3?

    folio3 uses AgriERP, a multi-system crop management software that caters to a variety of farm operations. AgriERP has one of the most versatile research and development programs in the Agri-tech industry. This is because the software incorporates tools from Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics AX and can be personalized to meet the specific needs of each farm.

    folio3 farm ERP software does support startups and SMEs?

    folio3’s farm ERP software AgriERP enhances farm operations by offering multiple features that allow farmers to track the growth of their crops, plan for each harvest, and manage their finances. Because of the range and flexibility of its features, it can be used on any scale and serves startups, small farms, SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), and large farms.

    Microsoft dynamics 365 and ax is open-source farm ERP software?

    Microsoft dynamics 365 and AX power folio3’s farming app, AgriERP and give it its characteristic open-source farm ERP software. This means that farmers can automate their operations and have control over all farm data as well as possess the ability to share that data with outside sources.