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Technical Support

Making the decision to switch your company’s ERP system requires in depth understanding of potential solutions as well as your business’ specific needs. However, understanding the technology alone will not make you successful. In order to avoid potential business disruptions you will also require the right level of support i.e. timely response and help from skilled experts.

Folio3 provides 24/7 technical support to our Microsoft Dynamics AX clients. Our Technical support program is a 12 month agreement between Folio3 and our clients that ensures that our clients get the highest quality of support for their Microsoft Dynamics AX system. Our Technical support program is highly flexible and can be customized to our clients’ specific needs. Some of the benefits of our Technical Support program include:

High Quality Support

Our support teams have extensive expertise and experience in Dynamics AX and work closely with you to understand your requirements so they know how best to help you. Their deep industry knowledge and technical expertise enables them to understand the specific issues you’re dealing with which allows them to provide you with the best possible help.


Whenever you have a service request, our consultants will provide you with the exact answers you need. You’ll get the best possible solution for your problem and the personal attention you need and deserve.


We always put our customers first and we hold ourselves accountable for your satisfaction with our support. So you can expect the highest quality support from our technical experts. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

With Folio3’s Technical Support services, you can be sure of receiving the highest quality support from tenured experts that who will provide you with timely responses with maximum value, enabling you to make the most out of your Dynamics AX solution.

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