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    Microsoft Dynamics AX is a powerful Enterprise Resource Planning Solution that has enabled businesses of all shapes and sizes to organize, optimize, and automate various workflow processes and systems. The powerful ERP solution comes with an easy to use and intuitive interface that enables businesses to achieve ROIs quickly after implementation. The Dynamics AX comes as part of the Dynamics 365 product suite and is meant to offer businesses a comprehensive ERP solution alongside with other Microsoft Dynamics Modules.

    What is AX ERP System?

    The AX ERP System is a business software developed by Microsoft as part of its Dynamics 365 Suite. It’s an Enterprise Resource Planning Solution that is meant to assist businesses in the effective and efficient management of backend operations, to keep up with daily routine tasks.

    Some of the areas covered by the AX ERP system include; financial management, business intelligence, e-commerce, retail, inventory management, project management, manufacturing & distribution, service management, business intelligence, and human resource management. Apart from offering comprehensive CRM features, the AX ERP system also offers various sales and marketing tools, to enable better business performance.

    The Microsoft Dynamics Suite was initially launched back in 2003 and comprise of five different modules including; Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Dynamics SL, Dynamics GP, Dynamics AX, and Dynamics CRM software.

    What is Microsoft dynamics AX used for startups?

    Microsoft Dynamics AX is ideally suited for startups, helping them to explore new business opportunities and reach a global audience through a unified financial management intelligence and advanced analytics. The system also offers country-specific localization options to help startup meets the compliance regulations of their country of origin. Some of the countries for which localization options are offered include; China, India, Russia, and Brazil.

    Here are some of the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics AZ for Startups:

    Boost Customer Satisfaction

    By implementing the Dynamics AX system, startups get to optimize their flow of goods; leveraging advanced logistics management, thus enabling startups to capture more market and get their products delivered into customers’ hands faster. Moreover, by leveraging the strong analytical features of the market, the startups get to optimize the products’ quality and resolve early issues.

    Gain Visibility

    The Dynamics AX enables startups to efficiently track assets and automate processes where necessary to minimize reporting errors. The system collects all relevant business data and offers predictive analysis for startups to give them better insights into business performance in all areas of business operations.

    Reduce Operational Costs

    By automating the financial management process of their company, Microsoft Dynamics AX enable startups to minimize their operations costs. Some of the financial management features offered include; encumbrance, 3-way matching, and budget planning and control. The system also enables startups to optimize their procurement costs by automating the entire supply chain processes optimizing efficiencies and reducing errors.

    Increase Productivity

    By offering startups insights into business health and performances, the Dynamics AX system enables employees and executives to make smart and well-informed decisions. The RoleTailored tool offered by the system is able to collect and consolidate information and insights from specific business functions and present them as insightful reports to the team, enabling the team to work more efficiently and smartly for increase productivity.

    Scale Smoothly

    Dynamics AX brings model-driven layered architecture to help businesses expand their operations, without worrying about the backend system support required to sustain the expansion. The unique layered architecture of the system ensures that businesses are able to improve and scale their operations without any technical glitches, and are able to meet the ever-evolving business requirements. The AX system comes with flexible architecture with low implementation time and can be scaled as the business grow.

    What is Microsoft Dynamics AX used for SMEs and Enterprise?

    For SMEs and Enterprises, the Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation means optimizing the workflow processes, minimize the training required, and maximum ROIs for the organization. The AX system enables SMEs and Enterprises to explore new opportunities, as well as, manage growth and changing business needs efficiently.

    By offering businesses with a centralized and unified collaboration and communication tools across all business functions, Microsoft AX delivers high-value solutions to build strong connections between employees, and customers.

    Some of the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics AX for SMEs and Enterprises include:

    Faster and Smarter Decisions

    In today’s competitive business world, the key to success lies in the company’s ability to innovate and offer customized solutions to customers.

    As a fully integrated ERP solution, the AX system decodes the complicated data silos, to help businesses improve their performance by making well-informed decisions. With advanced analytical and interactive reporting tools, Dynamics AX ensures leaders and executives are aware of business performance and able to make smarter well-informed decisions.

    Better Productivity

    The Dynamics AX comes with a personalized user interface that enables employees to keep focused on core business tasks and minimize waste of time and resources on learning new applications.

    By merging the business intelligence and task automation, the Dynamics AX system offers a robust growth engine for businesses to optimize their workflow processes and systems for higher productivity and increase ROIs.

    Moreover, with a centralized data repository, business leaders are able to better manage the operational performance of different functions with more transparency and real-time access.

    Flexible and Cost-effective

    The ever-evolving market needs make it important for SMEs and enterprises to implement a flexible ERP system that is able to meet the needs of the business, as well as, grow with the business.

    By implementing the Microsoft Dynamics AX system, SMEs and Enterprises get access to a range of consulting services that all add value to the business. Apart from optimizing operations for cost-effectiveness, the system also further reduces the operational costs by interconnecting with other systems and solutions from Microsoft.

    Satisfied Customers

    With the Dynamics AX system, SMEs and Enterprises are able to get access to real-time business insights, thereby allowing business leaders to recognize new sales opportunities and resolve any impeding customers’ issues.

    With an agile workflow process, the system is able to track the logistics, inventory, and finances for the company in real-time, while delivering insights in form of interactive reports to help leaders make faster and smarter decisions for higher sales and better customer satisfaction.

    What is Microsoft Dynamics AX used for inventory?

    The Inventory Control Module offered in Dynamics AX offers businesses support for efficient management and control of all aspects of inventory management including; inventory forecasting, tracking, classification, ax shopify, shopify navision, ax magento, nav magento, ax amazon, and purchasing. It offers the logistical flexibility required by the businesses to effectively manage the inventory at Omni-channels. The AX system is also able to integrate and exchange information with other Dynamics modules for efficient and effective coordination.

    Folio3 excels in offering integrated solutions for Dynamics 365 with other third-party platforms including Magento, Amazon, and others to offer businesses customized solutions that meet and exceed their needs.

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