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    Sales managers and executives all over the world are thinking about sales enablement as you read this. A smoother sales enablement strategy might be one of the single largest differentiators in highly competitive marketplaces when it comes to beating out rival products and earning business. The choice of the best sales enablement platform can make all the difference, and the market is always changing as a result of new technology.

    Let’s examine what the expression means now and how businesses are using sales enablement solutions effectively.

    What Is Sales Enablement?

    The idea behind sales enablement is straightforward: It involves providing your sales staff with the strategic tools, technology, information, and other resources they need to succeed.

    With the aid of better clubs, superior training, and more information about the courses they play, even the best golfers in the world may raise their scores and rankings. The same idea holds true for sales enablement consultants, as even a highly skilled salesperson can gain from the correct framework and support.

    B2B sales enablement platforms are frequently buyer-focused in the contemporary digital environment, with the overarching objective of assisting sellers in identifying the appropriate customers and successfully engaging them throughout the customer experience. It involves reducing any obstacles that can prevent easy interactions and a flawless purchasing process.

    What Makes Sales Enablement Important?

    It’s challenging to sell. Often, at the start of a negotiation, your reps are presented with a sizable blank space. What is the plan, who are the stakeholders, and which deal specifics are crucial? They must comprehend the issue and offer a resolution. Sales enablement software is crucial because of this. Sellers will find it difficult to move prospects through the sales pipeline without training and direction. 

    1. Sellers Must Possess Expertise

    In a Salesforce survey from June 2022, 74% of sellers stated that their careers are shifting from being transactional to being more consultative. To add more value to each conversation, sales representatives need to have a deeper understanding of the market, the consumer, and the product.

    1. The Challenges Of The Hybrid World

    According to 58% of respondents in the same survey, selling online is more difficult than selling from an office. Yet only 29% have received the necessary training. Sellers need to develop their ability to be equally effective in front of and behind a screen.

    1. Uncertainty In The Economy

    The stakes are raised by market turmoil, and sellers are under pressure to maintain revenue levels. Nowadays, it’s not just about growth, but also efficacy. Sellers must work harder with less.

    If done correctly, enablement can save the day. The Harvard Business Review claimed earlier this year that “enablement in leading firms is entrusted with actual capability building — and not merely restricted to onboarding and training.”

    In other words, personalization is necessary for a sales enablement platform. Reps must be taught more than just the fundamentals. Giving them the knowledge and resources they require is essential if we want them to develop into closing machines in a world of question marks. We outline strategies for success below.

    What Are The Sales Enablement Best Practices?

    The main goal of sales enablement should be to improve your training by making it more personalized, data-driven, and relevant. Bring in technology to help you use your data more effectively. Then, provide your sales representatives with the training they require at the appropriate time, taking into account their individual learning preferences.

    Here are three recommendations to remember.

    1. Use a CRM to link enablement and customer information.
    2. Introduce sellers to the job flow.
    3. Train in bites, not feasts, and do your reps.
    4. To aid your reps in learning, compile a library of resources.

    Best Tools For Sales Enablement To Integrate With Dynamics 365

    Sales enablement tool for sales enablement comes in a wide variety of forms, with numerous alternatives available for each type. Here are a handful of the most well-known and well-liked productivity-focused sales enablement tools:

    1. Salesforce Sales Cloud 

    Salesforce’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) cloud-based application is called Salesforce Sales Cloud.

    Sales Cloud may assist you in closing more deals by fostering better client relationships, regardless of whether you are just starting or hoping to expand. With a single point of truth for all of your customer data, get up and running quickly. Automate manual processes to increase your sales productivity and free up time to concentrate on your clients. And when you’re prepared to expand, you can use a single platform to link your entire company to Salesforce, enabling you to create superior customer experiences.

    1. Wingman

    Wingman is made to assist companies of all sizes in adopting artificial intelligence (AI) technology to audit and analyze sales conversations. During continuing sales calls, sales personnel can use cue cards to answer client questions and listen back to and watch recordings of customer talks.

    With Wingman, management can monitor agent performance, train account managers and sales development representatives (SDRs) to increase client engagement, and track key performance indicators in real time. The software makes it possible for managers to speed up new hire onboarding and give feedback on sales conversations. Through KPIs and analytics, the integrated reporting module enables administrators to understand more about the performance of the workforce and the learning activities of students.

    A conversation intelligence technology called Wingman provides sales teams with real-time coaching, actionable insights, and pipeline visibility.

    1. PandaDoc

    PandaDoc has given the sales team the tools they need to enhance transaction workflow, analytics, and speed while providing a fantastic customer experience.

    PandaDoc’s all-in-one document automation software is used by more than 18,000 customers to speed up the creation, approval, and eSigning of proposals, quotations, and contracts. When you combine your current CRM, payment, and information storage apps into a unified workflow, PandaDoc enables you to streamline operations and boost productivity throughout the entire business.

    PandaDoc users in sales departments usually observe a:

    – A 28% rise in the closure rate

    – An 18% rise in the typical sales price

    – Reduced document creation time by 65%

    On review websites like G2, TrustRadius, and Capterra, PandaDoc is consistently regarded as the best proposal and contract software by its users.

    1. ExecVision

    ExecVision is a conversation intelligence platform founded on the straightforward, nearly uncontroversial idea that customer contact insights are significantly more useful when they can be applied to boost marketing, support, sales, and product team performance. Where other conversation intelligence tools fall short, we excel: enhancing performance through modifying behavior in people.

    The secret of ExecVision is a patented AI-powered engine that automates highly intelligent and powerful capabilities like Coaching Plans and Smart Alerts. This engine is loaded with all of the analytical thinking and human intelligence from ExecVision’s 15 years of insights-based sales coaching. These are all intended to assist you in bridging the Insights-to-Behavior Gap that is all too prevalent in B2B firms.

    1. PhoneBurner

    Without using any additional software, PhoneBurner’s Power Dialer and Sales Acceleration platform boost phone productivity by 447%. Our solution streamlines routine tasks and enables sales representatives to have three to four times as many live discussions. longer conversation. fewer tasks additional chances to close deals

    The software doesn’t require installation and is cloud-based. Any phone or our softphone can be used to conduct dial sessions, and users can log in from anywhere. 100% delay-free connections are provided. No awkward breather. No waiting. No calls were missed.

    Administrative controls, sophisticated real-time reporting and analytics, live call monitoring and coaching, LeadStream smart lead distribution, and automated content exchange, such as call scripts, disposition sets, emails, and more are all included with PhoneBurner team accounts. In accordance with the size of the team and term length.

    1. SPOTIO

    Several industries, including solar, healthcare, telecommunications, distributors, food & beverage, home renovation, property investment, advertising, insurance, and pharmaceuticals, were taken into consideration when developing SPOTIO, a field service management and sales interaction software. It assists businesses in centrally managing tasks including lead visit monitoring, route planning, customer communications, and more.

    Field workers can use SPOTIO to automatically record and save client calls, email communications, and visit details. Supervisors can organize lead- and customer-specific tasks by using the autoplay functionality to construct daily work sequences.

    Team members may generate leads, set up appointments, filter possibilities, and check the status of leads thanks to the sales prospecting module. Additionally, it provides a tool for sales territory mapping that enables administrators to set up role-based access rights, improve sales routes, and manage prospects according to particular regions.

    The Final Thoughts

    In sales enablement, the question has evolved. What are we teaching our reps? used to be the question. What commercial value are we now producing through our training?

    Create sales enablement strategies with a target in mind to locate the solution. To shift the right needle, concentrate on altering seller behavior. Introduce automation-powered technologies to scale the work of your sales enablement specialist.

    Create a path between effort and outcomes. It will start as faint, but as your sellers walk it, it will get stronger and deeper.